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Whether to go to Georgia in December: leisure, weather, temperature in Tbilisi

pogoda v Tbilisi v dekabre

Weather in Tbilisi in December is a comfortable, little snow falls and it melts quickly. December – prepare for New year and Christmas. Georgia is not left behind from the pre-Christmas hassle and all sorts of holidays, so a visit to the capital will bring a lot of pleasant memories.

What is the weather in Tbilisi in December?

temperaturnye pokazateli v konce goda

Weather conditions are fairly easy to carry, no severe frosts, rainfall is little, there are very warm days.

The air temperature at the beginning and the end of the month

December in Tbilisi can be called warm. The average temperature in the beginning of the month is kept at around +4-6 degrees during the day and about +2 degrees at night. Gradually, the air begins to become colder and the end of the month, the average day temperature is around +2-4 degrees and at night around 0 degrees.

There are days when the air warms up to +10, residents get more than light jackets and boots, it becomes warm.

The average temperature throughout the territory of Georgia is +7-9 degrees in the afternoon and +2-3 degrees at night. The water temperature off the coast resorts of the Black sea is 12.6°C.

Weather phenomena

In early December, the precipitation was practically falling out, the weather is dry. Closer to 20-30 numbers can snow or freezing rain. Precipitation value is 7-8 mm. the Snow is melting quickly.

klimaticheskie yavleniya

The wind on average blows at a speed of 5 m/s, a couple of days the character is choppy, and the speed reaches 15-16 m/s.

Sunny days make up more than half of the month. Because of this the amount of sun and heat the flow of tourists increased by several times. Daylight lasts about 9-10 hours.

Vacation in Georgia in early winter

Arriving in Tbilisi in the last month of the year, the tourist will not be disappointed. Weather conditions are good, it is possible to have a great time.

In December in Georgia is not difficult to find a suitable hotel or Inn, you can buy Christmas tour where housing will be included.

Should I go?

sleduet li priezzhat?

Pros stay in Tbilisi are:

  • comfortable weather, you can walk around the city, enjoying the warm air and flavor of the country;
  • travel companies offer various tours, tasting of local wines;
  • finding housing is not difficult, there are many small and large hotels and private homes.

The disadvantages include a possible increase in prices for housing.

But whether to go this month to Georgia, up to you, but the advantages of this trip is still more than minuses.

How to dress better?

In the case of rainfall is to have an umbrella or a raincoat. Tourists should pack in the suitcase:

  1. winter jacket;
  2. sweaters;
  3. insulated pants;
  4. thermal underwear;
  5. accessories - hat, scarf and gloves.

Shoes select comfortable and aproposmedia moisture.

What to do this month - photo

December is full of different holidays, festivals, excursions in ancient and famous places in Tbilisi and surrounding areas.

What to see?

kuda shodit?

In December are starting to make churchkhelafrom different grape varieties, the choice is great, you can purchase for yourself or as a gift.

Traditional sweet gifts will be as follows:

  1. brittle;
  2. pelamushi;
  3. dried fruits ofFig;
  4. med.

The markets sold juicy and tasty tangerines, they will become delicious and fragrant decoration of the Christmas table.

Excursions to the ancient city Mtskheta, located 6 km from Tbilisi. In Mtskheta tourists visit the city's main attraction – Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, according to tradition in the Church was buried the robe of Christ.

In Tbilisi you can visit the Old town area of Vakhtang Gorgasali, Marionette theater of Rezo Gabriadze, Narikala fortress, Botanical garden.

For those wishing to improve their health a must is a visit to the complex of sulfur baths - Abanotubani. Expert advice is desired.

The inhabitants of the Nordic countries will be surprised by the beauty of the river Kura, it does not freeze in December, but should not go near, the air from the river is cold and there are periods when the river goes out of its banks. It is best to observe the movement of the Kura embankment.


At the end of December we have the celebration of the New year. You can visit the Main tree of the country, in many parks of Tbilisi organized their Christmas tree, entertaining, humorous contests. Local wine and chacha available to absolutely every tourist.

December in Tbilisi – the perfect time to visit. Gorgeous weather, lots of holidays and excursions. The capital of Georgia will long remain in the memory, and tourists will want to return again and again.

The December streets of Tbilisi you can see in this video: