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Is it possible to swim in December: what is the weather and temperature in Tenerife?

Tenerife (Spain) – the perfect destination for people who want to spend time on one of the finest Spanish holiday resorts, enjoying the magnificent scenery and excellent service.

Especially the weather

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Canary Islands unique location, which largely determines the climate of this archipelago – several Islands situated significantly to the South of Spain, namely off the coast of Africa. For this reason, the rest are available all year round and even in December, when in other countries there comes a full winter, and the sun do not have to dream, to rest here is pleasant due to the nice warm weather, reminiscent of spring.

In the winter season in the Canary Islands the sun is less active, and in the midday heat subsides, but in comparison with the autumn period, in Tenerife the temperature in December varies not much. A huge difference in the weather is significant only between the Northern and southern part of the archipelago.

The temperature of the air and water in Tenerife in a month

In the Northern part of the island daytime temperatures pleases indicators +19°C, evening – +16°C. Although the temperature of ocean water happy high figures +21°C, but because of the strong windstypical of this region, the Dec is considered to be an unfavorable time for a beach holiday, especially if the travelers are children.

No wonder Tenerife is known as the miniature continent – the Northern part of the island is humidity, light winds and a luxurious greenery, and the South choose the traveling to this resort for the sun.

In the southern part of Tenerife in the afternoon the temperature reaches +22°C, at night +17°C, but that is no reason to abandon the warm clothes, because December is very rainy month for the Canary Islands. However, the short rains is not a reason to abandon the sunscreen, since it is likely fine to sunbathe in the gentle rays of the sun on clear days. The water temperature at this time in the South is +20°C.

Stay at the resort in December

The island of"eternal spring", part of the Canary archipelago, is equally interesting to fans of beach vacations and water activities, lovers of active trips to ancient sites, fans of the richest plant and animal world, as well as connoisseurs of Mediterranean cuisine.

How amazing were the views on the journey to Tenerife, holidays in December on the island will be saturated with the most vivid colors and best moments.

The benefits of winter holidays

Travel in Tenerife is always a feast for the soul and body, but it is in December on this island, despite the weather variability, the most full of resort life.

All the tourists are waiting for a relaxing funand exciting walks for sightseeing and exotic programs to the national parks, participate in the colorful festivities (Christmas and New year), which can be combined with a daily tasting of delicious and wholesome dishes in the cosy restaurants.

For children provided by the water parks and theme parks with a special atmosphere. Adults will enjoy shopping, playing Golf, visiting museums and fantastic panoramic views of the whole island, the views from the volcano Teide.

In addition, Tenerife does not cease to conquer the hearts of travelers with a huge number of sandy beaches of black and Golden sand, romance and peace. For this reason, the island became one of the most privileged resorts in the world,but accessible to the common traveler.

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What clothes to bring?

Although December is not the coldest month in Tenerife, going on a trip to this resort, should take care of warm clothes. The month is characterized with Sunny weather, but occasionally it will spoil a little rain.

If you plan to beach, entertainment or sightseeing vacation, the day you can walk in light clothing – a t-shirt and shorts, but you can also grab a light sweater, waterproof shoes and an umbrella. For those who want to reach the top of Teide, you must bring warm hat, winter boots and a warm jacket, because in December the temperature on the range reaches -10°C.

Things to do on vacation?

In Tenerife prefer to drive families with children, newlyweds , and touristswho choose retreat and youth, for which the island has a wide range of interesting entertainment and entertainment agencies. All that remains to travelers to decideon which part of the resort worth to stay during your vacation.

Beach vacation

Many tourists who travel to the ocean in winter, ask the question: "is it Possible to swim in the pond at this time?".

In the Northern part of Tenerife due to strong winds , a beach vacation in December not provided for in the open ocean, and in the small bays the water is incredibly cold, though, and shows +20°. If you want to swim, it is better to choose a hotel with a poolthat has heating.

Breathe in the healing ocean air, standing on the healing volcanic sand , a very pleasant and useful employment.

The most attractive resort towns in December in the Northern part are:

  1. Puerto de La Cruz;
  2. La Orotava.

Travel to the southern part of the island in the popular resorts of Las Americas or Los Cristianos – cannot guarantee that a beach vacation or even a short swim in the most Sunny days possible.

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December in Tenerife – a great time for fans of excursion tourism, experience local customs and life of the inhabitants of the island. First and foremost, is to see the pyramids of Guimar – the great monument of a long vanished civilization, built of volcanic tuff and with absolutely correct aspect ratio.

A special pride of the island, Tenerife museums, among which stands out the Museum of Thor Heyerdahl , the great traveler and archaeologistwho devoted his life to interesting research.

Then it is necessary to highlight a few unique natural attractions of the island:

  • The top of Teide volcano;
  • The rocky shores of the town of Los Gigantes;
  • Hell's gorge in the Adeje.

The most popular is considered the excursion to the capital of Tenerife – the city of San cristóbal de La Laguna – the place, where such illustrious sights as the Cathedral of the same name, as well as the Royal Church "of Christ of La Laguna", the most famous churches and monasteries. Walk through the ancient streets surrounded by historical monuments turn into a beautiful final point in the tour of this city.


December in Tenerife is incredibly saturated with all sorts of interesting events. At the beginning of the month, residents celebrate the Day of the Immaculate Conception.

Then, starting from 24 December and 6 January, on the island everywhere you can see a huge number of Christmas trees, decorated shop Windows, Christmas Nativity scenes and colorful craft fairswhere you can buy products of local craftsmen. Such festive paraphernalia symbolizes the onset of Christmas.

In the new year's eve , the tourists and the locals do not sit at home. Once traditionally eaten 12 grapes to the chime of bells, they go out on the street, drinking champagne and enjoy the colorful fireworks.

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Vacation with children

Incredibly interestingwill a vacation in Tenerife with childrenas for the youngest tourists on the island is provided:

  1. amusement Park Siam;
  2. Botanical garden;
  3. zoo Laura Park;
  4. jousting at the castle San Miguel.

Younger travelers will surely be something to do with the entertainment.

Tenerife guide

If you are planning a romantic or family trip, it is best to book a hotel, but it is important to remember that not all hotels have private beaches, but they have heated pools, which is much nicer in December. For large companies it is much more profitable to rent apartments.

Use the form below for quick search and booking of hotel. You need to only enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Tourists who prefer a quiet and peaceful stay in Tenerife often choose the North of the resort island, as this half is less inhabited. The southern part is densely populated, but there are also many beaches and entertainment.

Regardless of what part of Tenerife will be a holiday, in any case, the weather in December on the island is great to tour, because there is always a realm of spring and beautiful weather.

How to get to this Paradise? On Tenerife you can go on direct flights of different airlines or use chartered planes, and to reach the island with transfers (this method is much cheaper). The planes are in one of the two airports, located in different parts of the island near the major resorts. The flight only takes 7 hours.

Otel Tenerife

And buy tickets on a plane and go to this beautiful island will help you form ticket search. Enter the city of departure and destination, date of departure and arrivaland the number of passengers.

What is the weather on the volcano Teide? See the transfer of a volcano in the following video: