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Stay in Tunisia: what is the weather and water temperature in December?

pogoda v dekabre v Tunise

Going to Tunisia in December, it should be remembered that weather conditions this month have certain characteristics. You should be ready to "African cold". Weather in Tunisia in the beginning of winter you should know in advance that the trip did not bring unpleasant surprises.

What is the weather like in December in Tunisia?

Kakie pogodnye usloviya v dekabre?

In this state, in December, is pretty cool. With the Russian frosts it is not to compare, but without warm clothes is still not enough.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

In December the air temperature is 10 degrees Celsius in the day and 5 degrees above zero at night. The wind is strong and gusty. If the tourist will go to the South of the country, we will face warmer weather. In Sousse, Monastir air temperatures in December can reach 18 degrees above zero. At night it drops down to 10 degrees Celsius.

Often at this time there are rains. Rains can last for several hours. Local residents were warned in advance about the upcoming rains.

At the end of the month the temperature can drop another 3-5 degrees. If at the beginning of December, many tourists can walk without jackets in the middle of the month to do it, as the cold can be quite strong.

In early winter the water is very cold. Bathe only a few: the most courageous, strong tourists. The water temperature in December is 15 degrees above zero. It happens often storm, so bathing should not hurry.

The particular weather conditions

Osobennosti pogody

Despite the cold snap that the country is a lot of greenery. In December, the locals harvest the olives. The sun is not scorching is observed with slightly overcast.

The cool wind makes the tourists to dress warmer. Occasionally in early December, are surprisingly warm days, when tourists could sunbathe on the beach.

What clothes to bring?

Very important is the question of clothing. In December, the traveler must be ready for anything. Need to bring swimsuit, summer dresses, t-shirts, shorts, and more warm clothes. Experts strongly recommend to take:

  1. Hoodies, sweaters;
  2. Warm pants, jeans;
  3. Coatsor jackets;
  4. Warm shoes.

In addition to ballet shoes or sandals in case of bad weather, you should bring boots or sneakers.


In December vacation in Tunisia could be unforgettable. Despite the cold weather, the traveler will not be bored for a minute.

The benefits of recreation

Osnovnye preimushestva otdyha zimoj

There are many advantages of holiday in Tunisia at the beginning of winter:

  • The temperature is never too high, and the sun scorching. The risk of getting sunstroke is minimal;
  • Cost of tours is reduced. To buy a ticket to Tunisia in December, at a more affordable price;
  • In December there are no crowds of tourists. This means that when you visit museums, galleries do not have to stand in long queues;
  • At the beginning of winter blooms Tunisia. Tourists can enjoy the picturesque landscape.

Where better to relax?

At many resorts of the country gets cold in the winter. In Hammamet, Sousse temperature decreases. However, tourists from the Nordic countries the weather does not seem cold at these resorts. In Hammamet and Sousse in December the air temperature is 15 degrees above zero.

Experts advise in December to go to the resort of Djerba. Rainfall here is relatively little.

Even in December the temperature in Djerba does not fall below 17 degrees Celsius.

What to do?

At the beginning of winter in Tunisia is a rich entertainment program. Tourists will not be bored. The main occupations in Tunisia in December are:

  • Visitmuseums, galleries, attractions of the country. This is a great time to discover;
  • You must visit the festival of Sahara in Douz and the festival of the oases in Tozeur;
  • In December you need to visit the SPA-centers of Tunisia. A unique treatment called thalassotherapy help to restore the power;
  • Shopping. I need to go shopping Tunisia, to buy Souvenirs.

Despite the cool weather, tourists will have a great time in Tunisia is very interesting and exciting. December is the time of harvest. Tourists can try fresh fruit. He will get acquainted with the culture of the country, visit historical places, enjoy the nature of Tunisia.

Finally, I advise you to see a video clip about Tunisia: