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What is the weather in Venice in December - photos

pogoda v Venecii v dekabre

Winter cold is no reason not to gather in a trip to Italy. Weather in Venice in December gives the city a special charm, despite the rain and General humidity of Venice remains one of the most romantic villages of the world.

What is the weather in October in Venice?

pogodnyj rezhim v nachale zimy

December in Venice is a constant humidity and torrential rains at a fairly warm winter-time air temperature.

In December there are almost no tourists, and nothing hinders sightseeing in the city.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature of air in December - +7-9 degrees Celsius. A day in the beginning of the month the air temperature is +10-13 degrees, and at night - +7-9 degrees. By the end of the month, the temperature increases a little: daytime temperature equal to +14-16 degrees, at night - +8-10 degrees.

In early December the water temperature in the Adriatic sea off the coast of Venice varies from +11 to +14 degrees. By the end of the month this drops to +10-11 degrees.

Other weather conditions

drugie sinopticheskie yavleniya

This time of year in Venice often go heavy long rains, so clear, Sunny days in the month are small – no more than 7-8. Often the water in the canals rises and floods the streets and squares.

December in Venice is peculiar to high humidity, so even the zero temperature is perceived slightly colder than in a dry climate.

The wind at this time slightly, but along with the rains can cause severe discomfort.

European winter vacation photos

The December Venice is good for those tourists who are not a hindrance to cloudy weather and heavy rains. At this time, almost no vacationers, visiting attractions, and a simple walk through the streets will take place without interference.

Should I go?

est li neobhodimost priezzhat?

Visiting Venice in the first month of winter has its advantages and disadvantages. To the benefits of a stay in Venice in December include:

  • a small number of tourists, free visits to cultural and historic sites;
  • low prices for travel services, including flights on the plane;
  • not on-winter warm weather.

The main drawback of visiting Venice in December is rainy weather and high humidity and coolness that makes it difficult to enjoy the beauty of the city. There is also a danger that the water will overflow its banks and flood the promenade and surrounding streets. Although, some fans of extreme sports only for the observation of such a "flood" and come to Venice in December.

What clothes to take?

To unspoiled your journey in Venice, you should carefully consider your wardrobe. In the suitcase necessarily need to put:

  1. a pair of waterproof (preferably rubber) boots;
  2. umbrella or raincoat;
  3. winter jacket;
  4. a couple of sweaters or sweatshirts.

What to do at this time?

Venice in December as any other month of the year, is open to tourists of different varieties and colors.

Here you can see the sights and have a fun time in street cafes or bars.

What to see and do?

chem zanimatsya i chto posetit?

Among the attractions of Venice canto explore the Piazza San Marco, the Doge's Palace, stroll along the Grand canal, to visit the Accademia gallery, the library of Marciana, St. Mark's Cathedral and other cultural sites.

We should also mention the walks along the canals of Venice, where a themed photo shoot. It is imperative to eat real Italian pizza and drink wine at the outdoor restaurant.

Moving away from the historical part of Venice and plunged into the outskirts, you can get into a different era – the life here has not changed for centuries and the customs of the locals may be of interest to the daring tourists.

Also, some travelers prefer to explore Venice not on foot, and on water buses.

Holidays and festivals

In the new year a month Venice offers residents and guests of the Christmas concerts, festivals, theaters, and sales. Christmas decorations from Venice is one of the best Souvenirsthat you can bring out of the country.

On 25-26 November in Venice is celebrated the Catholic Christmas. That night the streets of the city are the magnificent festivities.

In this video you can watch on a winter trip through the canals of Venice: