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Holiday in Hungary: the weather and temperature in Budapest in December

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Weather in Hungary in December comfortable. Strong frosts and winds almost never, due to the geographical position. The country is surrounded by two mountain ranges – the Alps and the Carpathians.

December in Hungary offers Hiking, sightseeing, visiting festivals.

What is the weather like in December in Hungary?

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Weather conditions soft. No chilling winds, occasionally there are heavy precipitation events, duration of loss is small, precipitation is quickly melting.

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The air temperature

In various parts of the country the temperature varies slightly, the exception is the mountain village.

  • In Budapest the average air temperature is kept at around +3-4 degrees during the day and -1 degree at night.
  • In Debrecen a day one degree colder than +2-3 degrees, at night the temperature falls to -3 degrees.
  • Thanks to the powerful mining system, cold winds are very rare.

  • In Szeged at +3 degrees, at night -1 degree.
  • Miskolc - cold city. The temperature does not rise above +1-2 degrees, occurs at night temperatures drop to -3 degrees.

Other weather conditions

inye klimaticheskie izmeneniya

Snow falls slightly, on average, 40-50 mm. In some areas of Hungary once the snow melts. in the highlands lasts all month.

The humidity is high, especially frustrating when humidity is combined with wet snow, it gets cold and chilly.

At this time it is best to visit museums, exhibitions, to stay indoors.

Christmas vacation

Vacation in Hungary in the last month of the year is fraught with many pleasant moments. December – prepare for New year and Christmas, you can see how local people prepare for these events, take part in the Christmas festivals, buy Souvenirs.

Advantages and disadvantages

plusy i minusy

Advantages of the December holidays in Hungary:

  1. comfortable weather - the climate is mild, without sharp change of temperatures with minimal rainfall;
  2. under the New year organizes contests, festivals, concerts;
  3. hotels offer a wide range of prices.

The disadvantage can be considered a large number of cloudy days and high humidity on some days.

Where to relax?

  • Those who first visited Hungary be sure to go to Budapest. The capital of the country is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. A large number of attractions, parks, squares.
  • Lovers of nature will please the Tihany Peninsula. Conservation area, lot of lakes.
  • You can visit Debrecen. People call Debrecen, the Eastern capital. The city is rich in attractions who wish to improve their health come for treatment in the thermal springs.
  • Ski lovers prefer to try your hand at resorts in the mátra, bükk, Nograd.
  • Hévíz will appreciate the lack of fuss and worry. Quiet town, which come to bathe in the thermal lake.

How to dress?

Tourists should bring a winter jacket, insulated pants. Rainfall is low, so the umbrella to take there is no need.

Shoes are best to wear in autumn, you can take winter, if the vacation is planned in the mountainous areas of the country.


What to do this month?

kuda otpravitsya v etom mesyace?

Hungary has many attractions, thermal baths and Spa resorts.

Excursions and entertainment

In Budapest it is worth to visit Parliament and the Royal Palace, Margaret island is a large arboretum of Europe, lying in the middle of the Danube in the capital of Hungary.

Water excursion along the Danube will allow you to look at the city from the other side.

Want to improve health arrive at the thermal lake. Water temperature all year round is kept in the range of 25-30 degrees. Resorts offer complexes palliative procedures.

Festivals and celebrations

In December in the cities of Hungary are held Christmas markets. Square set the main Christmas tree of the city and celebrate the opening procedure.

December 25, the whole country celebrates Christmas. You can visit the festive service, enjoy Christmas food.

Throughout the year there are festivals of classical music.

December in Hungary is shrouded in preparation for the Christmas and new year holidays. Comfortable weather will delight the tourist. A wonderful country with beautiful nature and a large number of medicinal lakes and baths.

A walk through Christmas in Budapest - in this video: