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Tunisia: the weather and temperatures on the island of Djerba in February

Dzherba: pogoda v fevrale

The white sand beaches and the sea is crystal clear – so you know the island of Djerba, located in the South of Tunisia, the tourists here in high season. Those who choose to stay the winter Djerba, weather in February can surprise us. Pleasant or not – it all depends on what you expect from this trip.

What is the weather like in February in Djerba?

kakie temperaturnye usloviya v konce zimy?

Three winter months in Djerba tour operators are referred to low season. In February it is windy and cool, but slightly warmer than in January.

And certainly much more comfortable than any of the Russian regions at this time of year.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average daily temperature in Djerba is 16.5 degrees, at night - +13 degrees. The Mediterranean sea off the coast of this Tunisian island - 14 degrees.

Sometimes nature gives travelers a pleasant gifts: for example, in February 2017 recorded the highest daytime temperature is 27 degrees. Freezing temperatures, meteorologists are not recorded even in the cold by local standards, winter.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti klimaticheskogo rezhima

February is considered the windiest month of the year, the average gust speed is 6.2 m/sec. The wind direction is predominantly from West and South-West.

The sea is quite calm, the maximum wave height 0.3 m.

Rains in February – from 17 to 21 mm, this is much less than falls on the island in October-January. Sometimes for a whole month we have only one rainy day. As for humidity, it is an average of 72 percent, and night figures are significantly higher day – they can reach 100 percent (day – 49).

Winter holiday on the island

Djerba is called the Paradise on Earth. It is here that Odysseus fell under the spell of the nymph Calypso and forget about everything.

These places are admired even in the winter: a beautiful olive, palm and Fig groves, flocks of pink flamingos, the purest, though cool sea.

Should I go?

February is not suitable for those tourists whose main purpose is bathing in the sea, the opportunity to sunbathe. This situation, incidentally, not only in Djerba, but in Tunisia as a whole.

trebuetsya li ehat?

However, there are advantages:

  • the holidays in February will cost cheaperthan in the high season;
  • the climate is favorable for those who can't stand the heat, but from the Russian cold and want to relax;
  • in February, not as crowded and bustlingas the summer;
  • in nature, felt the approach of spring – the trees have new shoots, bloom, exotic flowers;
  • resorts in time become the centers of cultural life of the island – concerts, exhibitions;
  • actively work with centers of thalassotherapy, the treatment of waters from the underground sources.

Where to relax?

If you choose a holiday destination in Tunisia, it is only on weather conditions to navigate is not necessary - in February they are about the same in all parts of the country.

The day temperature in Sousse, Hammamet, Port El Kantaoui, Mahdia, Monastir and Djerba is characterized by 1-2 degrees, no more. However, the nights are quite cold (6-7 C) in Hammamet and Sousse, and because of this there in the mornings chilly until the sun warmed up the air and the ground.

With the choice of hotel in Djerba will be no problems, there are more than a hundred for different categories of vacationers. Most of them concentrated in Houmt Souk (main city of the island).

Always ready to receive guests at the resort Midoun (the South-East of Djerba). Have a classic five and four star (by the way, most) hotels and hotels with local flavor Barbary.

In five star hotels it is possible to pass the thalassotherapy sessions (e.g., Movenpick Ulysse Palace, Radisson Blu).

As an economy variant suitable hotels with three stars: Garden Park, Miramar.

How to dress?

vo chto odetsya?

For February the weather suitable clothes, which we call winter: coats, sweaters, jackets, jeans, pants, shirts long sleeve, sweatshirts. You will need comfortable closed shoes for walking, sightseeing, dressy things for cultural events. It is advisable to bring an umbrella to the rainy weather (although in February it does not happen often) does not catch you by surprise.

In the absence of any article of clothing, is not difficult to find it in the markets or shops on the island.

What to do?

If you like to discover new places on Earth, meeting with an unusual culture, nature, Tunisia and in February very interesting.

Beach vacation

In the Mediterranean sea in February ready to experience the only people hardened. But sunbathing may be issued few days. Kind of substitute for a beach holiday in winter can become a variety of health treatments, well-organized at all the major resorts:

  1. wraps;
  2. hydrocolontherapy;
  3. different types of massage;
  4. peeling.

Excursions and entertainment

chem zanyatsya?

The island of Djerba is the largest in the Mediterranean coast of Africa, with an area of 514 sq km If you stay in the main town of the island, Houmt Souk, visit on the tours are located within its boundaries the ancient Medina, consisting of a maze of streets, shopping malls, buildings in Arabic style.

And yet the city has a rich Museum, and on the coast – the Fort, built in the XIII century.

In Djerba you can also visit the village of potters to Guellala and purchase unique dishes, pitchers, to visit the crocodile reserve, the largest in the Mediterranean and the nature reserve "Laguna", where live pink flamingos.

Tourists also enjoy trips to attractions of the mainland, you can, for example, to visit the place Tatawin, where the shooting took place the famous Saga "Star wars."

Experienced tourists are advised to travel on their own program without joining the tours, but warn that the price of a taxi in Djerba is higher than on the mainland.

Holidays and festivals

February in Tunisia marked the International instrumental festival. Concerts involving orchestras and ensembles from different countries, held in many cities, including Djerba. The festival lasts for a week.

See in this videowhat beaches on the island of Djerba: