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Vacation in China: weather, and whether to go to Hainan island in February?

Hajnan: pogoda v fevrale

Hainan, where the weather in February does not prevent to be given to all forms of recreation, even in winter, is the "Hawaii of the East". Here you can not only sunbathe, but also to actively spend time to go on trips, join the local culture and religion.

What is the weather like in February on the island?

fevralskij klimat na ostrove

For the island is characterized by a subtropical climate. However, February can not boast of stability the weather.

The daytime temperature can drop to +15°C rise to +28°C. And the average temperature is +19°C.

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The temperature of the air and water

Temperature readings of water in the South China sea are - from 21 to 25°C. the air Temperature in different parts of the island is different:

  • in the North in the afternoon to 22°C, night 15°C;
  • in the South to 25°C during the day and evening from 17 to 19°C.

On average the island in February, the air temperature at the beginning of the month is about +21°C, in the mid - +23°C, after to 26°C.

Weather phenomena

prirodnye yavleniya

To the South is dry, there is always a lot of Sunny days, but the precipitation are rare. The wind increasing towards evening.

To the North of the island is often visited by the icy wind. The sky is always overcast with thick clouds.

The rains are short (20 minutes to half an hour), but regular. They often come in tandem with thunderstorm and lightning.

For the whole territory of the island is characterized by dense fogs.

February vacation in the South of China - photos

Before heading to Hainan this time of year, you should consider all the advantages of this holiday and to explore the peculiarities of the island.

Should I go?

mozhno li priezzhat?

The advantages of a holiday in Hainan in February:

  1. a rich cultural program;
  2. low prices on hotels, food;
  3. health clubs and fresh air.

Cons of hanging out:

  • unstable weather conditions;
  • scarce a beach holiday;
  • insufficient level of service in most hotels.

How to dress?

In addition to the summer things should be laid in the suitcase warm clothes: jackets, coats. During the rains, of course, you will need an umbrella or a raincoat, also could use some waterproof footwear.

If during the journey planned a dinner party, or just "going out", taking evening gowns.

Which fruits ripen?

The island is rich in exotic fruits:

  1. mango;
  2. durian, aka the "stinky fruit";
  3. mangosteen;
  4. dragon fruit;
  5. longan;
  6. papaya;
  7. coconut;
  8. Annona - "sugar Apple";
  9. cane is not a fruit, but is also suitable for human consumption.

All the fruits before buying, you can taste. Sellers at markets are willing to clean and cut the fruit for the sample.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

The island has all the conditions to improve their health:

  • colorful landscapes for the harmony of the soul;
  • fresh air for the health of the respiratory system;
  • thermal springs, they help you relax and get rid of rheumatism, gastritis, hypertension;
  • centers Chinese medicine (massage, acupuncture).

Beach vacation: can I swim?

Hainan in February – not a place where you can surrender on the beach 100%. To sunbathe, play outdoor games on the sand – Yes, but the full swim will turn out hardly. Changeable weather creates unsuitable conditions for swimming – it is very cold.

If you still want to swim, tourists enjoy hotels with swimming pools where the water is heated. The best hotels are located in the Yalong Bay.

The only person that is not a hindrance nor wind, nor cold – surfers. In the Eastern part of the island, they organize professional tournaments.

The best beaches in these places Dadonghai, Shimei Bay.

Attractions and entertainment

Tourists are Hiking and car rides at the attractions. For the latter, you can rent a car. Culturally enriched in Hainan is:

  1. Visit the ancient Center of Buddhism. In the Nanshan many Park alleys and temples. There is a huge statue of a local goddess of mercy and the bell of happiness. According to the legend, touch the bell – wealth and fortune;
  2. ekskursii i dosug

  3. To go to the Dolphinarium. There are constantly hosts shows with trained dolphins, sea lions and even crocodiles. In the building there is a swimming pool, where you swim with tropical fish and turtles, which are about 300 years;

  4. Clearly acquainted with Thailand. On the island opened Thai Park – themed place where you are introduced to the culture of the country. There's Thai music and folklore, pig races;
  5. To diversify the tour program by using the Golf and tennisbenefit on the island in abundance, Golf courses and tennis courts. Are also shooting ranges, where target speakers as conventional flying saucers, so the set of live objects (chickens, ducks).

Holidays and festivals

In February, Hainan notes 2 colorful holiday:

  • The Chinese New Year. Within two weeks the streets are organized theatrical performances, carnivals. To escape from the sounds of firecrackers and fireworks - the task is impossible – they're everywhere;
  • The festival of lights. It comes after 1.5 weeks after the New Year and is celebrated not less rapidly. Everywhere hung lanterns and light bulbs of unexpected shapes, sizes and colors. In honor of the feast arranged boat race.
  • The squares are performed authentic dances of dragons, which can take anyone.

To restore health, to try exotic fruits and a big way to celebrate the New Year – all this can be done by going in February on Hainan.

See in this video review the island of Hainan in February: