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Holidays in the Maldives: weather, temperature, and fruit in the month of February

pogoda na Maldivah v fevrale

Maldives located in the Indian ocean near the equator. The archipelago is composed of 1192 small coral Islands, 26 atolls. The highest point of the archipelago (Addu Atoll) is 2.4 m above sea level.

Here is sub-Equatorial monsoon climate, always hot. The most comfortable conditions for rest provides weather in the Maldives in February.

What is the weather like in February in the Maldives?

fevralskij klimat na ostrovah

Even there, where it is always summer, sun, ocean and rest, there are periods when all the conditions are especially comfortable for tourists. That is the month preceding the onset of spring, the Feb.

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The temperature of water and air in the resorts

In February, hot and dry weather, which only slightly differs at different resorts:

  • in the capital malé and South malé in the afternoon the air +30°C, at night - +25°C, water temperature - 28°C;
  • at Ari, BAA and Addu atolls in the afternoon the air 31°C, +24°C, water 27°C;
  • in North male, Dhaalu and recently presented the atolls by day +28°C, water temperature - +27°C.

At night on the North male +26°C, Dhaalu - +25°C, recently presented - at +24°C.

The particular weather conditions

meteorologicheskie osobennosti

February in the Maldives - one of the driest months. Rainfall of only 39 mm, and they fall normally at night and evaporate with the first rays of the sun. The number of rainy days of about 5, the rest of the time it's Sunny, sometimes the clouds appear. The rains characteristic of the South-Eastern Islands.

The sun shines 10 hours per day. But to solar procedures should be approached carefully, because you can get burnt.

People with sensitive skin even worth it before going to the Solarium, the rest is recommended to stock up with protective cream.

February is divided into 3 periods:

  1. the first third is characterized by bright sun and a faint wind;
  2. in the middle appears a light breeze;
  3. by the end of the month the winds and the waves are already quite visible.

The average wind speed for the month was 5.3 m/sec. Off the coast are dangerous currents that do not mind experienced divers.

February vacation on the Islands

fevralskie kanikuly

If the holiday falls in February, and the financial capabilities can dramatically change the situation and leave the chilly winter, a few days spent in the resorts of the Maldives will help to stock health and optimism for the whole year.

Should I go?

February is a popular month for holidays in the Maldives. At this time, a wide range of impressions get:

  • fans of scuba divingbecause the ocean water is calm and transparent, allows you to enjoy the undersea world without interference;
  • those who prefer peace, they admire the nature, swim, make boat trips, watching the underwater world through the water with mask and snorkel (snorkeling are);
  • surfersriding the waves in February is nicer than in the summer when the winds and the waves strong;
  • romance, who have a special reason to travel to the Maldives in February - Valentine's Day.

Where better to relax?

On the North and South malé there are all conditions for diving. Along the Northern pass of the Atoll currents that experienced divers are using for a more comfortable experience underwater "attractions".

Beginners best diving in Addu Atoll - there movements less.

  1. For families with children a nice little island withseparate houses.
  2. For a beach holiday Islands with a wide strip of sand.
  3. The larger Islands suitable for fans of club life, there are hotels and more civilization.
  4. Everywhere there are conditions for sailing and surfing.
  5. For a romantic getaway with their special options.

How to dress?

chto nadet?

For protection from the sun and comfortable stay on the Islands will need:

  • clothes made of light natural fabrics with long sleeves, long skirts, trousers. You need to consider that a Muslim country with its own rules and traditions;
  • hats to protect from the sun;
  • special Slippers for swimming;
  • bathing suit;
  • easy shoes;
  • if a scheduled social life, you will need appropriate outfits.

You need to consider that in the humid air everything dry for a long time, so better to take a few sets.

Which fruits ripen?

Year-round growing coconuts and bananas, they are the main fruits on the Islands, and still have:

  1. Noni;
  2. papaya;
  3. from January to may collect mangoes.

On fertile ground, brought from India, under the bright sun, the fruits grow delicious and healthywithout any chemicals.

What to do this month?

This is the place where little civilization and beautiful nature. Come here to relax, those who want to enjoy the peace, solitude and pristine beauty.

Beach vacation

plyazhnye zony

A large number of islets allows you to choose the most suitable option beaches, from the civilized, with the presence of neighbors on the white sand and evening disco, to "own" deserted island.

All experienced tourists say several sandy beaches, which in their opinion, the best of the Maldives: Naladhu, the Banyan tree, sun, nick.

The Indian ocean in February is quiet and transparent, the water is warm, it is possible to stay long.

It is interesting to observe the marine life. Often swim to the shore, the young stingrays and small sharks, which are accustomed to get from the food.

What to see and do?

ekskursii i razvlecheniya

In February, the Islands nature begins a new cycle – a lot of plants with their blooms painted all around with bright colors, migratory birds flock here to visit. Such an abundance of shades can hardly see anywhere else.

On the Islands there are antiquities and vibrant nightlife, so the main fun associated with the ocean. People come here to work out:

  • diving;
  • snorkeling;
  • surfing;
  • sailing;
  • flying on seaplanes.

Interesting boat trips on boats with transparent bottom, and special dive excursions for divers.

In Spa offers Wellness treatments. Fishing enthusiasts can take part in fishing for exotic fish.

Excursion to the capital of the Republic malé gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the country to see the mosque, beautiful Park and visit interesting national Museum.

Holidays and festivals

The most popular festival for tourists is February 14. Valentine's Day on Maldives couples come from around the world to spend it in the most romantic place. Specially prepared for them a festive entertainment program and activities.

Some lovers even order a wedding ceremony, however, the marriage in other countries is not recognized, but the action itself is very beautiful and romantic.

Public holidays in February in the Maldives not, but sometimes it falls the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, which is calculated according to the lunar calendar.

The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad is a purely religious holiday without the festivities and special fun.

Holidays in the Maldives in February, when Russia raging winter, without exaggeration, the present heaven!

See in this video, what is the weather in the Maldives in February: