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Island China: weather, temperature and whether it is possible to swim in Sanya in February?

pogoda v Sane v fevrale

Sanya is a resort city on the coast of the South China sea in the South of Hainan island in China. In the Chinese town of Sanya weather in February really summer: the air temperature does not fall below 25 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the mild climate and the purity of the local air, the city became a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

What is the weather like in February in the resort?

temperaturnyj rezhim v gorode vo vtorom mesyace

In Sanya all year reigns , warm weather, and the last month of winter is no exception.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average daytime temperature is around +25 degrees, at night – not below +20. The temperature of the sea at the beginning of the month is quite comfortable – about +23 degrees. By the end of month figures rise by 1-2 degrees: up to +26-27 degrees during the day and 21 at night.

The particular weather conditions

specifika pogodnogo rezhima

In February, precipitation falls only about 9 mm making it the driest month of the year. However, the humidity rises and the level reaches 85%, the atmosphere becomes stuffy. Wind speed – 3 m/c. In February Sanya generally cloudy, but the sun can gladden you with its warmth.

The sea is calm and warm, they will fully be able to enjoy even a small city.

Winter holiday in China

In February ends the rainy season starts and warm Sunny days. Rest in late winter, perfect for those who don't like the heat, but wants to relax on the beach and get a good tan.

Should I go?

The last month of winter offers a great number of advantages:

  • comfortable temperature: warm day and cool night;
  • the right time to discover and explore the natural attractions
  • in February, ripens a large number of exotic fruits.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy surfing, walks on boats and enjoy other water sports.

To the downside of holidays in February can be attributed to the instability of the weather at night is cool. In addition, at this time in China the New year, so February cannot be considered a low holiday season: the influx of tourists is quite high, the price of the tour can not be called budget.

How to dress?

chto vzyat s soboj?

For travel only summer – not the best idea. After sunset the sea breeze knocks the temperatures of air to chilly +17.

In addition to easy to wear dresses, t-shirts, summer pants, bring a sweater or jacket.

But the umbrella and raincoat is unlikely to be needed. Feel free to take a bathing suit – even if the sea will be cool, in Sanya, a lot of healing thermal springs.

What to do this month?

Nature and friendly locals, stunning views and many scenic attractions – all in Sanya contribute to an excellent and varied holiday.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

The water temperature is quite conducive on the beach, rarely falling below 25 degrees.

  1. The sandy beach of Sanya Bay, 15 minutes drive from the centre is one of the most popular: across the street from the beach are the hotels and the beach itself, especially its Western part, very clean and cozy atmosphere.
  2. The beach of Yalong Bay is the tranquil beach at the resort. Clear water, quiet, no crowded places conducive to relaxation. The length of the beach is about 7 km away.
  3. The beach of Dadonghai is located a few kilometers from the city center and is suitable for a beach holiday and for exploring the many and varied cafes. The water here is warmer than in other bays, since the beach is surrounded by mountains.

Attractions and entertainment

kakie mesta posetit, i chem zanyatsya?

Near the town is the Park of Buddhism Nanshan is a place with amazing energy, culture of East Asia. Deer nursery in the Park "Deer turned his head" will be interesting for both adults and children. Various educational tours are conducted by the Museum of pearl diving.

Another attraction of the resort – the healing thermal springs. For shopping lovers always open shopping center "Leto", and connoisseurs of fabrics waiting for the famous silk shop with a rich selection of textile products of the island.

Holidays and festivals

In the middle of February, China celebrates New yeara luxurious two-week celebration, followed by a parade, with the traditional fireworks, theatrical performances and exhilaration.

The date of the holiday in China is changing every year and depends on the phase of the moon in late winter.

At the end of New year celebrations the Chinese arrange no less spectacular celebration – a Festival of Chinese lanterns. Residents decorate the streets with colorful lights, people festivities.

See in this videowhat the weather may be in Sanya in February: