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Weather, temperature and what to see in Athens in February?

pogoda v Afinah v fevrale

Attica is world famous for hot, long summer and cosy in winter. Weather in Athens in February pleasing – not bothering heat and frost at this time – a rarity. Tourists are met by a mild climate and plenty of entertainment.

What is the weather and temperature in February in Athens?

fevralskie pogodnye usloviya i temperaturnye pokazateli v stolice Grecii

Weather conditions of the second month of winter, almost no different from January, but this has its own charm for visitors to the city.

During this period, not so crowded, the air is clean and fresh, there is a possibility to get acquainted with the architectural sights.

Compared to January and February is warmer, the humidity in this month is not so high. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to 6-18 degrees with a plus sign. Sometimes the temperature rises to +22


At night the thermometer shows 0 to +10. In a period of frost in the night air masses are cooled down to -5, but it's rare for Athens.

Water in February for bathing unsuitable. Her temperature is 14 degrees.

Precipitation in the last month of winter for 1/3 less than the previous – approximately 40-50 mm. Sometimes the snow falls, but most often intermittent rain – every few days. However, the indicators of relative humidity in the daytime is 58%, and in the dark – up to 74%.

Dominated by northerly winds. Their speed is from 6 to 8 m/S. a few clouds In the sky. The wind raised waves of medium height.

February vacation

fevralskij otpusk

Before heading to Athens at the end of winter, it is advisable to evaluate all the pros and cons of the February holiday there.

By modern standards it's not the biggest city, but the weather could not be better suited for exploring the local flavor and Hiking.

Should I go?

It all depends on what the purpose of recreation. The list of features for each will be different, because the interests are different. Among the shortcomings of the February tourism are the following:

  • the lack of cheap offers for air travel;
  • the sea water is not suitable for swimming;
  • in rainy weather, some museums do not work;
  • fans of noisy companies can be boringbecause they will have only night clubs.

sleduet li priezzhat?

But for some, this weather will seem like Paradise. This has its advantages:

  1. you can go shopping – there are plenty of interesting offers and sales of accessories, fur products;
  2. almost every cafe has free access to wireless Internet and book corners;
  3. around everything blossoms and turns green, doesn't bother to heat;
  4. there is an opportunity to look at the Athenian arcade, visit museums, art galleries;
  5. work ski resorts.

If you hire a personal guide, visiting city sights become more interesting and more productive.

How to dress?

If you wish to visit the Church institutions need attire more modest men it is advisable to wear long trousers and women to dress with sleeves.

For climbing the Acropolis and exploring the narrow streets of the useful comfortable shoes durable shoes or boots.

Will definitely need warm sweaters, jackets. If the day is relatively warm, during the evening festivities in the city need clothesthat protect from the chill.

What to do this month?

Lovers of chic coats will appeal to seasonal sales, where you can also buy interesting Souvenirs. Also you can take time to get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage to explore the ski slopes and steep slopes. In February, gaining momentumcarnivals, holidays.

What to see?

kuda shodit?

In late winter you can visit a number of excursions to expand the horizons, panoramic views and spectacular photo. Pleasant impressions are guaranteed for you if you:

  • rise up on the Lycabettus hill, which offers a gorgeous view of the city;
  • visit at least one of the 250 museums, churches and monasteries;
  • go down to the local metro, where each station is a work and monument art;
  • walk through the caves, blossoming gardens;
  • look closely at the ruins of ancient Athens.

If you are not afraid of Northern wind, you can ride on a yacht or a boat along the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

Holidays and festivals

Colorful and fun celebration starts on February 12. With the arrival of Lent, is celebrated Maslenitsa. This is accompanied by costumes, jokes. The people at this time, walks, sings, eats delicious food.

Also the start of a Wine festival in honor of the God Dionysus. It lasts two days and takes place in the Palace of Zappeion is one of the architectural gems of Athens. Visitors can taste the wine, to talk personally with the producers and to receive a gift of a glass in memory.

Mild February weather does not prevent tourists to enjoy their holiday. Fresh air and lack of crowds on the streets allow you to get acquainted with a local flavor, to plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Greek city-centenarian.

See in this video, what is the weather in Athens in February: