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Holiday in Bali: what is the weather in February and where better to relax?

pogoda v Bali v fevrale

In Bali all year round summer reigns all year round and the temperature difference is quite small. Weather in Bali in February unexpected, because this is the last month of the rainy season, therefore, as a rule, during this period, tourists on the island a bit.

What is the weather like in February in Bali?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce zimy?

In February, the weather in Bali is quite unpredictable. It is characterized by frequent torrential rains and high winds, but sometimes issued when the weather is dry, Sunny days and even weeks.

The temperature of the air and water

The average daily temperature of the air at this time of year on the island is equal to +27 degrees Celsius.

In the afternoon the air temperature in average is +31 degrees, night - 22 degrees.

Depending on location the temperature may slightly vary:

  • in Denpasar , the air is heated up to 28 degrees by day and 22 degrees at night;
  • in Kut , up to +30 degrees during the day and 26 degrees at night;
  • in Ubud – to 29 degrees by day and 24 degrees at night.

The water of the Java sea off the coast of the island is heated to 29 degrees, which is almost equal to the air temperature. The water temperature off the coast of the Pacific ocean, tend to be slightly lower at +26-27 degrees.

Other weather conditions

inaya klimaticheskaya obstanovka

In February, the island drops a large amount of precipitation is from 28 days 16-18 days pour torrential rains. Mostly it rains at night and not disturb the tourists to rest. In total, this month is about 700 mm precipitation.

Because of the abundance of rain the humidity rises to 95%, so even at night it creates the effect of the heat.

The sun in February appears rarely, but it does not protect people from sunburns, so even in cloudy weather you need to be careful.

Features of the February holiday

Stay in February in Bali – not the best choice for holidays because of the unpredictable and often unfavorable weather conditions. But the holiday could go well if you know all the advantages and possible disadvantages of the February island vacation.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

Of the advantages of visiting Bali at this time of the year are the following:

  1. a small number of tourists;
  2. low prices for hotels and services – below summer prices by 30-40%;
  3. a high level excursion programs;
  4. comfortable temperature of air and water.

From minuses of the February holiday in Bali are the following:

  • high humidity, which is poorly tolerated by people with certain illnesses;
  • cloudy weather most of the month;
  • the inability to engage in active recreation on the water.

Overall, the unpredictability and variability of weather can become a disadvantage, and advantage. It all depends on what purpose people decided to visit the island.

Where better to relax?

The best place to stay in February is Kuta – here rests the most comfortable temperature and least amount of precipitation, which significantly reduces the rate of humidity.

On resorts Denpasar and Ubud also falls relatively little rain, but a cyclone coming from the ocean increases the humidity significantly.

In Lovina and Ubud temperature, even at night rarely below 28 degrees.

How to dress?


In addition to typical summer clothes (shorts, t-shirts, dresses, and so on), you must also bring a pair of waterproof footwear – summer shoes with thick soles or even wellies. Also it is worth putting in a suitcase for a tube of sunscreen.

What to do in this period on the island?

Despite the vagaries of the weather, leisure to Bali in February promises to be exciting. The emphasis this month is not on a beach pastime, and the expedition exploring the sights and experience the culture.

Beach vacation

Relaxing on the beach is quite difficult – because of the strong wind and waves the water in the ocean is heavily clouded and swimming is only possible at the coast. View of the beach, too, leaves much to be desired – on the beach by the waves pushes debris and algae, which, in spite of cleaning, not decrease.

Fans of active rest will also have to refrain from their favorite activities – surfing, water skiing and diving at this time of year in the ocean is unsafe and can lead to negative consequences.

Excursions and entertainment

February in Bali is a time for excursions and various entertainment programs. But some area attractions also associated with the vagaries of nature. For example, a visit to the rice fields may overshadow the sudden rain.

  1. Besakih temple is a multifunctional building which includes the features of over 80 religions of the world.
  2. ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

  3. National Park Bali Barat can be called an unofficial branch of Paradise on earth here is mixed plants of different climatic zones, which together constitute a beautiful picture.
  4. In rainy weather you can visit the Renaissance Museum in Ubud, where the works of outstanding artists and sculptors of Indonesia.
  5. In the Park of reptiles you can meet a real Indian elephant.
  6. In the forest of monkeys in addition to apes you can see many exotic plants.

Impossible to visit Bali and not try the national Indonesian cuisine and to visit the famous flea markets, where, in addition to all other Souvenirs, you can purchase mystical amulets and charms.

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In February in Bali is celebrated Chinese New year, the exact date of which varies from year to year. The festival is accompanied by the lush festivities in fancy dress, fireworks, fairs and dances in the open air.

Also in February is celebrated the day of Odalan is the opening of a new temple of a particular deity. The festival is accompanied by ritual songs and dances in fancy costumes.

How is your vacation in Bali in February, see this video: