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What is the weather, temperature and how to dress in Barcelona at the end of February?

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Barcelona – the largest commercial and industrial city in North-East Spain. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, the weather in Barcelona in February has many Sunny days, moderate coolness and lack of rainfall.

What is the weather in February in Barcelona?

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Comfort temperature promotes active sightseeing holiday, allows you to calmly stroll through the cozy streets of the city, gaining their unique energy.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average daily temperature of the air in the Catalan capital does not exceed 13 degrees. Night the figure is +7 degrees. The sea is really warm and barely warms up to +14 degrees. By the end of February the temperature readings rise a bit.

In rare winters the air in Barcelona can warm up even to +19-20 degrees.

The February weather is not sustainable: sometimes the air temperature may fall below its average.

Other weather conditions

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In February in Barcelona is dominated by Sunny and dry days. As a rule, for a month is not more than 20 mm of precipitation. This kind of weather, with an average humidity of 50-60%, making the last month of winter one of the driest months of the year.

February Barcelona pleases moderately windy weather: the speed of movement of air masses – 3 m/s, but gusts of wind can sometimes reach 10 m/s.

For coastal areas the typical chilly wind, raising small waves, but not as intense as in the warmer time of the year.

Vacation in Catalonia in winter

Vacation in February is well suited lovers of cultural activities: the lack of rainfall and moderately cool temperature contribute to excursions and sightseeing.

Should I go?

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February holidays in Barcelona has many advantages:

  • February is low season. Tour prices are falling, and the streets not crowded and no annoying sweltering heat;
  • At the end of winter tourists do not face long queues and high prices in local museums;
  • Beautiful mountain landscapes and intricate architecture, bathed in the light of the awakening of the sun – a Paradise for art lovers;
  • Fans of shopping will be able to indulge in the traditional annual sales.

Cons rest – unstable weather and the inability of beach activities. Before you travel be sure to check the short term weather forecast in order not to spoil the experience.

How to dress?

Before you meet in Europe in winter, you should know what is the go this time of year. For a holiday in February would suit demi-season clothes: windbreaker, hooded jacket, coat, warm and lightweight jeans, sweaters or hoodies, shirts. Shoes – comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. Not too much in the suitcase would be an umbrella or a raincoat.

For the publication will be useful to cocktail dresses and suits, swimsuit will need only a dip in the hotel pool.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

This month's beach vacation is not available. Rare occasion when in February temperatures contributed to the dip or cruise travel. Basically, the winter sea – purely for aesthetic enjoyment. In windless days on the beach you can arrangepicnic or stroll along the coastline, enjoying the fresh sea air.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

Barcelona is beautiful at any time of the year and has a great amount of entertainment for every taste.


February Barcelona – the Mecca for lovers of shopping. At this time reached their limit in the final stages of sales, prices are considerably lower. The most popular shopping centers of the city – El Corte inglés, located in the heart of the city, and the family center of Pedralbes.

Also popular suburban outlets, the most popular is the La Rocca village. It is 40 minutes ' drive from Barcelona. Please note the street markets – Sant Antoni, Boqueria, craft Fair and many others.

What to see and do?

Architectural buildings, parks, squares and neighborhoods of Barcelona, good in winter and summer. The masterpieces of the great Antonio Gaudi boggle the mind:

  1. La Pedrera;
  2. Casa batlló;
  3. the temple of the Holy Family.

On montjuïc is represented by a set of attractions: Picasso Museum, national art Museum of Catalonia, with rich collections of world masterpieces and the famous singing fountains, striking in its beauty at night. The abode of Catalan culture – the Gothic quarter, concentrating the history of Catalonia.

In the Gothic quarter located in the preserved old buildings of the eras of antiquity and the Renaissance.

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The mount Tibidabo, perfect for visiting with children – in addition to the attractions and most beautiful temple on the top with a breathtaking view of the city, there is a beautiful amusement Park.

Another stunning landmark of Barcelona – a giant aquarium with 80-meter underwater tunnel, where you can walk, admiring the exotic fish.

Park Guell is another construction of the hand of the master gaudí is the place where it is best to purchase tickets in advance, as at the entrance often accumulate a large queue.

You can make a memorable photo on the background of a gingerbread house, enjoy nature from the observation deck and just have a great time.

For lovers of nightlife opens its doors to the quarter, the Port Olympic. In the second half of the week here are the famous DJs and musicians, music clubs for every taste – from classic salsa to modern techno.

Holidays and festivals

The main event of the February in the capital – the annual Carnival. Before the beginning of lent, the streets are held mass celebrations, dancing, people are entertained by musicians and orchestras, played out biblical scenes.

The time of the Carnival depends on the date of Easter, normally it is the second half of February. In 2018 it will be earlier: from 4 to 10 February. At this time the streets become crowded, it should be considered when selecting dates for vacation.

The beginning of the month – the time of the festival of light. Buildings, streets and parks are illuminated with lights and unusual installations – a spectacle that is worth seeing for every tourist.

A complete list of events in Barcelona in February see in this video: