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Holidays in Montenegro: weather, temperature and what to do in Tivat in February?

pogoda v CHernogorii v fevrale

The territory of Montenegro covers three climatic zones: mountain, continental and coastal. Temperate continental zone is located in the North of the country. Closer to the coast, face a more humid and warm Mediterranean winter.

Weather in Montenegro in February will bring snow to the North and the cool rain with winds in the South. The low season, many hotels are closed in anticipation of spring.

What is the weather and temperature in February in the resorts of Montenegro?

pogodnye usloviya v strane v konce zimy

On the Balkan Peninsula in the area of Montenegro at the end of winter you can catch some pretty cold days. In the mountains there is snow, freezing temperatures and more significant.

The Adriatic coast the weather softens, making February a couple of degrees warmer January and bringing in cool air masses.

Average temperature of water and air in early-late February:

  • Budva – day +7-10°C; at +2-4, the water is about +14°C;
  • Podgorica – +5-8°C during the day; -2-1 at night and the water is +12°C;
  • Tivat – day to +7-10; night 1-3; water - +14°C.

On the Adriatic coast in the summer is dry and hot, and a short winter will bring a significant cool (from +3 to +7°C). In the mountains here in November-December fall the snow lies until the end of March, provided that the thermometer from +5 to -10°C.

For February, there is 150 mm of rain. At the foot of the mountains from the coast, this figure doubles. Waves, summer is almost there, but in the winter when the wind is strong the sea is not very calm.

February vacation - photos

foto s fevralskih kanikul

In the last month of winter carnivals are held frequently, and exhibitions of arts and wine festivals.

Should I go?

The advantages of holidays in February in Montenegro are low tourist season. The prices are divided in half, and if there is a year round hotel with indoor swimming pool with heated water – excellent conditions for rest in your hands.

In Montenegro there is no Central heating, so carefully choose accommodation, so you don't have to settle for sluggish split-system heating.

All bars and restaurants closed prior to the season are the ones with the locals. Large shopping centers is not as fashionable shopping in principle. But there are no problems with Internet access.

From minuses it is possible to list also the lack of gentle sea, as the bulk of the guests prefer to bask in the winter on the beach. Lack also the abundance of rain, they pour generously, the sun is rare in the sky, breaking through the thick veil of clouds.

Where to relax?

kuda poehat?

Fans of winter sports will find the most attractive in February, the areas ski resorts of Zabljak or Kolasin. There are many different trails with ledges and pristine slopes.

Riders who prefer sailingin February with the rush to catch a strong wind in the South-Western coast of the country.

The highest temperature and minimum rainfall in February:

  1. Bar;
  2. Dobra Voda;
  3. Sutomore;
  4. Budva;
  5. Herceg-Novi.

How to dress?

Without warm winter clothing in Montenegro in February is not enough. In rare Sunny days you can stand out in a spring jacket, but most often you will wrap up the cabbage from jackets and sweaters.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

Beach tourism just no. Adriaticthe sea is stormy, the waves are strong, often rains and the wind blows continuously. The beaches are deserted, like many small resort towns. Quite cold. No tourists – the life has stopped.

What to do this month?

If you move from the coast into the highlands, it is possible to arrange a RAID on the winter sports.

Many slopes in the ski resorts of Montenegro are ideal for beginners, so do not waste time in vain.

What to do and what to see?

kak skorotat dosug?

Historical past of Montenegro is rich in monuments of centuries. 9-11 Not all of them survived until our days, however, many fragments of buildings and picturesque ruins. Here is a small part of them:

  • The Cetinje monastery;
  • Ostrog Monastery;
  • The old town in the vicinity of Budva;
  • Ruins of the ancient town Duklja;
  • The Church of St. George in Podgorica.

If you don't aim for the extreme and exploring the attractions, I advise you to do the introduction to local cuisine. The culinary traditions of the Mediterranean countries have a tendencies. Delicious snacks, trout, crayfish, lobsters, mussels and many other dishes of seafood will not leave you indifferent and will win by simplicity and harmony.

One of the few places open all year in Montenegro is the cinema. However, all films are in English with subtitles. A great simulator to practice their communication skills.

Holidays and festivals

The Mimosa festival is in early February. It is a kind of folk festival. Residents flock to the shore of the Bay of Kotor on wine-tasting fish with a good mood.

Watch video about rest in Montenegro in winter: