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Holidays in Goa: what is the weather, temperature and where better to relax in February?

pogoda v Goa v fevrale

Goa, one of the States of India, attracts tourists from all over the world. This place has a pleasant warm climate, stunning scenery, attractions. If the traveler is going to visit Goa in February, you should be aware with the weather conditions.

What is the weather like in February in Goa?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce zimy?

Each month has its own characteristics. If they do not study, the tourist will not be ready for the trip. The weather in Goa need to learn as much as possible. This will avoid unpleasant situations.

The temperature of the air and water

South Goa is characterized by very warm weather. The average temperature is equal to 32 degrees above zero. At night the temperature drops to 28 degrees. The sea water cools down in the winter.

Tourists can swim even in February. The average water temperature reaches 27 degrees.

South Goa is very little rain: 0,3 mm. Humidity is 70%.

North Goa is slightly different. The average temperature in this place is slightly below, equal to 28 degrees Celsius. The temperature at night can drop to 20 degrees. The sea water is warm, its temperature is virtually indistinguishable from waters of South Goa. The difference can be 1-2 degrees, to reach 25 degrees. A little more rain: 0.5 mm. the Humidity is 75%.

The particular weather conditions

Weather in Goa in February, warm and Sunny. Rains practically does not happen. Cloudy days are very few. The wind was very weak. In cities it can be quite hot. The farther away the city from the sea, the drier is the air. Coastal cities are much more comfortable to stay: the air is humid and slightly cool. Hot weather is transferred more easily.

Most warm cities with the least amount of precipitation are: Sangam, Cotigao, Margao, Benaulim.

The cities where rains are more frequent, and the temperature rarely reaches 30 degrees: Alorna, Mapusa, Sanquelim, Saligao.


For some reason in the winter to relax much more pleasant and more profitable.

zimnij otdyh v shtate

Where better to relax?

It is recommended in this month to relax in the following cities:

  • Arambol. A very warm resort with many Sunny days. Will appeal to young and active tourists, as there are many night clubs, there are often entertainment events;
  • Candolim. A city with a warm pleasant climate. The infrastructure is developed, there are many shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. The presented hotels with the highest level of service. Never get bored in the city, even in February;
  • Ashvem. Located in an amazingly beautiful place, characterized by clear water, deserted beaches. Here prefer to play the wedding lovers.

In February there is almost no rain and cloudy days. You can enjoy a beach holiday.

How to dress?

Tourists should take with you:

  1. T-shirt;
  2. Shorts;
  3. Summer dresses;
  4. Light summer pants;
  5. Swimsuit or swimming trunks;
  6. Capor hat;
  7. Sandals, sneakers;
  8. A jacket in case of cold or rain.

What fruits grow in this month?

Goa has many fruits, but in February represented the largest number of the following fruits:

  • Mango;
  • Pineapples;
  • Grapes;
  • Bananas. Ripen in the end of February, and sometimes earlier;
  • Papaya.

What to do at this time?

Even in the winter in Goa presents manyentertainment.

Beach vacation

Plyazhnyj turizm

In February beach vacation in Goa is an excellent opportunity to spend great time. The beaches are deserted. Tourists can relax, relieve nervous tension. The sea water is warm, so that you can safely swim, and the sun allows you to tan.

Among the best beaches in Goa are:

  1. Arambol;
  2. Anjuna;
  3. Mandrem;
  4. Agonda;
  5. Palolem;
  6. Cooking.

We must not forget about a protective cream to avoid burns. Winter in Goa and the wind is weak, so that large waves do not exist. This enables the tourist to swim in the sea without any discomfort.

Excursions and entertainment

Among the most interesting excursions should be allocated to visit the following attractions:

  • Big Foot. The bicentennial Museum. Can tell a lot about the culture and traditions of local inhabitants.
  • A walk along the river zouari. This is an amazing place with exotic nature. In the river there are crocodiles, so you need to stick to only a strictly defined route;
  • Reserve Catego. Remote from civilization place, where guided tours several days a week. It is impossible to depart from the guide and the group during a visit to the reserve, because it is home to wild animals;
  • For entertainment, it should also be noted bars, cafes, restaurants and leisure activities. Lovers of history and cultural attractions should visit the temples and museums.

Holidays and festivals

The main festivals and holidays in February are:

  1. February 2 - the feast of our lady. In this day there are magnificent processions and Church services;
  2. The end of February - the Grand Carnival before lent. Entertainment and festivals are throughout the country.

In February, Goa offers many activities for tourists. The rest will be bright and unforgettable, and will bring only positive emotions and impressions.

We recommend you to see what the weather in Goa in February, in this video: