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Holidays in Jordan: what is the weather and the temperature at the Dead sea in February?

pogoda v Iordanii v fevrale

February in Jordan is the low season, with all its attendant features. Weather in February in Jordan is unstable and changeable - Sunny day can suddenly overshadow the dismal clouds.

What is the weather like in February in the resorts?

pogodnye usloviya v gorodah strany

The main feature of the February weather in Jordan is the instability and unpredictability.

You can never say with certainty what the weather will be today or tomorrow.

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How many degrees the temperature of air and water?

The average temperature in February is +12-13 degrees Celsius in the day and +3-5 degrees at night.

  • In Petra and Jerash day temperature is +14-16 degrees at the beginning and the middle of the month, and by the end of February , the temperature rises to 18 degrees. The night the air temperature drops to +6-7 degrees.
  • In Amman at the beginning of the month in the afternoon the air warmed up to +15 degrees, and at the end of the month to 19 degrees. Night in early February, the air temperature is +7-8, and by the mid to end of February, this figure increased to 9 degrees.
  • In Aqaba the day temperature also varies depending on current month: in early February - 19 degrees, in the mid - +20-21 degrees, and the end rises to +25 degrees. The night air temperature is equal to +9 degrees at the beginning of the month and +12 degrees at the end.

temperaturnye pokazateli Akaby

The water temperature in the Red sea at the beginning of the month equal to +19 degrees, and by the end of the month rises to 22 degrees. In the Dead sea water is heated to 21 degrees at the beginning and the middle of the month to 23-24 degrees at the end of the month.

February in Jordan rich on the "whims" of nature - a sudden beginning of the rains in all parts of the country, penetrating wind in the North, a series of Sunny and overcast hours during the day.

Despite the frequency of cloudy days, rainfall is relatively small - about 75 mm.

What's better in February - UAE or Jordan?

In February, the UAE air temperature is +24-26 degrees during the day and 12-16 degrees at night. It is much warmer than in Jordan, but in the Emirates in February, the rainy season and high probability of sandstorms.

At the end of February in UAE starts the sales periodbecause the price of leisure is democratic for tours in Jordan.

Winter trip

zimnee puteshestvie

The tourist season in Jordan is year-round, but in winter the flow of tourists significantly reduced.

Should I go?

Like any holiday, vacation in February in Jordan has its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. comfortable temperature for sightseeing;
  2. low value for travel services (including the cost of accommodation and flights);
  3. a small number of tourists.


  • adverse weather conditions - strong winds, low air temperatures, frosts in mountain areas.
  • the impossibility of a complete beach holiday.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

The water in the sea on the coast of Jordan is pretty cool, so swimming in it the bravest and hardened.

Talk about a beach vacation is appropriate - the beaches are filled if not for swimming, for sunbathing or walk along the linesea.

Best beaches in Jordan are located on the coast of the red sea - in particular, the popular resort of Aqaba.

Which fruits ripen?

kakie plody pospevaut?

In Jordan in February, ripen the following fruits and berries:

  1. strawberry;
  2. dates;
  3. some citrus;
  4. bananas;
  5. tamarind.

The fruit can be found in the markets of the country and in the kitchens of hotels and restaurants.

How to dress?

In February, Jordan is still a bit cool, so the trip must have warmed things light jackets and trousers, closed shoes and jeans. Shorts and t-shirts are better left at home.

What to do in this period?

February the vagaries of nature can't confuse the plans of the guests, because in addition to stay on the beach and on site, this country can provide loads of fun.

What to see and do?

The almost complete lack of a beach holiday does not exclude diving and dive in the beautiful coral reefs of the red sea. Jordan is also the famous red desert of Wadi Rum, which is more like Sands of Mars than of the Earth.

kuda sezdit, i kak provesti vremya?

In Jordan many of the sights, which any self-respecting tourist should visit: ancient city of stone in Petra, ancient Jerash, mount Nebo, Amman citadel, the Umayyad Palace and many more. All the items followed by a tour.

Pilgrims specially sent to this country to visit Holy places - the city of Pella, Madaba, Makaira, valleys of the Dead sea and others.

For entertainment, you can also highlight the healing mud baths and Spa treatments at the Dead sea, as well as shopping in Eilat, markets which will help to dive into the mysterious atmosphere of the East.

Many couples prefer to relax in Jordan with the kids and no wonder: the healing air of the Dead sea has a positive effect on the child's body, calms the nervous system and enriches bromine and iodine. In each hotel there are playgrounds and a pool for children.

Holidays and festivals

In February in the Wadi Rum desert is international women's festival for rock climbing. Participants come from all over Europe and Asia.

Also in February in Aqaba is the Festival of traditional artsdedicated to the culture of the Bedouins.

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