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Stay in Italy and Sicily: the weather is much better to go in late Feb?

pogoda v Italii v fevrale

Weather in February in Italy are cool and humid, frequent rain and even loss of wet snow. The weather did not deter tourists, on the contrary, because this month in Italy takes place the famous carnival of Venice.

What is the weather in Italy in February, and where is the heat?

fevralskie klimaticheskie usloviya

Weather in Italy in the last winter months will differ depending on the region - the closer to the sea, the softer and more comfortable weather conditions.

The temperature of water and air

The average temperature in the country varies from -3 to +8 degrees Celsius.

In early February the weather is cool and wet, and by the end of the month tangibly feel the onset of spring - the air temperature rises a few degrees compared to the beginning of February.

  • In Verona and Milan daily air temperature is 6-8 degrees, and night - +1-0 degrees.
  • In Rome the air warms up to 12 degrees and at night drops to +5 degrees.
  • In Palermo reigns Sunny weather the day temperature here is +11-15 degrees and at night drops to +10 degrees.
  • In Sicily the day temperature reaches up to +13 degrees and the night drops to 8 degrees.
  • temperaturnye pokazateli

  • In Naples and Florence in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +13 degrees, and at night drops to +3 degrees.
  • In San Remo and Genoa in the afternoon the air temperature reaches 11 degrees, and at night - +4-5 degrees.
  • In Venice in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +8-9 degrees, and at night the temperature drops to zero.
  • In Bormio and the Turin daily temperature is equal to -3 degrees, and night - -9 degrees.
  • In March, the temperature in these regions increases by almost 10 degrees.

The average water temperature in February is +10-14 degrees. In the Tyrrhenian sea and the Mediterranean sea water temperature is equal to +14-16 degrees. In the Adriatic sea water is much cooler the water temperature is +10-11 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

February in Italy is characterized by high humidity around 70-80% depending on the region. Rain falls infrequently, but in the North and in mountainous areas is observed deposition of wet snow. Overall, the average precipitation for the month is about 120-160 mm.

osobennosti pogodnyh yavlenij

For Feb typical chilly, cold wind with high humidity. In the last month of winter off the coast of observed high waves.

February vacation - photos

February in Italy is considered the low season because of low temperature air and water. However, this period has several advantages for travelers.

Should I go?

Holidays in February in Italy has its advantages and disadvantages, which you need to carefully consider before you travel.

The benefits of relaxation:

  1. low prices for tourist services;
  2. the lack of a large number of tourists and the opportunity to visit popular attractions without long lines;
  3. the opportunity to visit famous Italian carnival;
  4. the opportunity to go skiing in mountain resorts.

Of the shortcomings can be noted the cool weather, low temperatures of air and water, the impossibility of a beach holiday and high humidity.

Where better to go?


The choice of destinations depends on the purpose of the trip to Italy. For those who arrived in Italy to visit the sights of the country, it is better to go to Rome, Florence or Milan. Tourists wishing to see the carnival, it is better to go to Venice.

Lovers of ski and recreation 'd better head to the North of the country to the resorts of Piedmont, Lombardy, Valle d'aosta.

How to dress?

February in Italy is hard to call beach season, so to relax this is the time of year you need to collect warm clothes - closed, waterproof shoes, pullovers, winter jackets or parkas. It is also better to grab an umbrella or a raincoat.

What to do this month?

If tourists are not confused with the vagaries of the February weather in Italy, he will be able to relax and enjoy all that winter has to offer Italy - visit attractions without the crowds of travelers who vacation at ski resorts presence at carnivals.

Beach vacation

Relax on the beach in February in Italy is almost impossible - the water temperature does not rise above 14 degrees, and the sea with cold winds. This time of year there is a danger of flooding in Venice. If you still have a desire to walk along the sea coast, are advised to bring a warm jacket, a cap and a scarf and waterproof shoes.

What to do and what to see?

chto delat?

Italy in February is the height of ski holidays. Resorts of this type is possible not only to ski and snowmobile, but also Hiking, dog sledding, and enjoy relaxation in the Spa complex with thermal water.

February - not a good time for sightseeing, but it has two significant advantages: it is an almost complete lack of tourists and low cost on the tour.

The most popular places for sightseeing are Naples, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Milan and Venice.

Also the last month of winter is the perfect time for shopping. In this period you can buy quality branded stuff on sale and manage to buy clothing from newest collection for a nominal fee. Of course, shopping in this period is Milan.

Holidays and festivals

The main event of the Feb in Italy is the Venice carnival. The event program includes not only dressing up in costumes but also street performances, the Parade of Marias hold balls in suits in the palaces.

In addition to the Venice carnival takes place in other major cities of the country. Often, the carnival stretched to early March.

The Italians are widely celebrated Valentine's Day - this day in many places competitions are held and kisses and streets are decorated thematically.

The end of the month, and winter is marked by the holiday called the Battle of Oranges. Traditionally, the battle involved several thousand people, divided into 9 teams. During this large-scale spectacle destroyed about 200-300 kg of fruit.

To see the streets of Venice in February, you can in this video: