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Holidays in Israel: the weather, the temperature in Eilat and how to dress in February?

pogoda v Izraile v fevrale

Israel is quite a popular destination for adventurous journeys. This country visit is to get acquainted with ancient culture of the region, traditional cuisine or to visit the most interesting sights, and the weather in Israel in February is excellent for that.

Weather in February in Israel

temperaturnye usloviya v konce zimy

Israel is located in the region, in which never are not is cool. Even in February in the country remains positive temperature, so the tourists continue to visit the country this month.

The temperature of the air and water where it's warmer to relax?

Israel is on a fairly large area, so the weather in different areas is a bit different.

In February, according to the standards of the country, it is cool, overcast and rainy, but not as much as in January.

Most high temperature readings observed in the South of Israel – a day in Eilat, the thermometer rises to +20°C, and in Ein Bokek to +22°C. At the end of the month in the two regions, first there is the early arrival of spring, especially due to the large number of clear and Sunny days. The nights are still pretty cool – the temperature descends to +12°C, for this reason, you should take a warm clothes and shoes.

Slightly cooler in the Central part of Israel – in the heart of these popular cities like tel Aviv and Netanya. The air temperature in February reaches +17 degrees and at night drops to +10-12 degrees. Towards the end of February becomes by 5-6°C higher and a little more clear and warm days.

The cool February is observed in the North of Israel – in Jerusalem and Haifa. In these cities in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +16 degrees, but the feelings seem a little less. At night the thermometer freezes at around 7 degrees, but by the end of the month it's getting a little warmer. The rains and strong winds beset the region more often than others.

srednyaya temperatura - gde luchshe otdyhat?

Israel, surrounded by several seas, attracts tourists with beach tourism, but in February will have to take a walk on the beach. The most favorable conditions are observed on the coast of the Dead sea. Despite the winter, the water warms up to 21 degrees, so on clear days, some tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to plunge into the sea.

A little cooler on the coast of the red sea. In February, the waters warm up to around +18-20°C, which is not suitable for water treatment. A little cooler on the Mediterranean sea. In this region, the temperature of the water has only 16 degrees.

The cool breeze from the Mediterranean sea is not a very pleasant feeling during a beach holiday.

The particular weather conditions

In General, the weather in February in Israel can be quite comfortable, because it is much nicer than in the previous month. Compared with January throughout the country the days are a bit warmer, especially noticeable towards the end of the month, when the southern resorts in the whole of blooms blooms and lush greenery.

Sudden rain and cloudy weather is observed only in the first half of February, and by the end of the month becomes dry and Sunny, so you can count on a comfortable stay, especially if the trip is planned to the South of the country. In Northern Israel at mount Hermon, located in the resort of Ramat Shalom in February accessible for the tourists and ski resorts.

February vacation

zimnij otdyh

Despite the cool and rainy weather, and lack of beaches, many tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit Israel in February.

The pros and cons

Israel is interesting at any timeyear, thanks to a large selection of interesting excursions and activities and opportunities offered to tourists who came to this country. In February, the South coast has to offer guests a pleasant relaxing holiday on the Red sea, because this region is much less rain.

A big advantage of staying in Israel in February – the lowest prices on booking rooms in hotels and tickets, as well as at various cultural events and sightseeing tours. In this period, the country festivals celebrations and colorful festivals.

Of the minuses is worth noting only the changeable weather, typical only for the first half of February. By the end of February, you can not worry about a comfortable environment for guests.

How to dress and what to bring?

For holidays in Israel useful warm clothinge.g. sweater, jacket, warm trousers and comfortable waterproof shoes, what go the majority of tourists. Also do not forget about umbrellas or raincoats.

If the trip is planned for the ski resorts, you should take care of the ammunition.

What to do this month?

While the swimming season in Israel has not yet come, and the ski vacation is coming to an end, the tourists book coastal hotels have their own pool, as well as find an exciting excursion around the country.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

plyazhnyj otpusk - stoit li kupatsya?

Many of Israel associated with first-class beach tourism because the coast of the country covers the three most beautiful sea. Although in February to swim in the reservoirs is not recommended, but many tourists flock to the South of the country to the Red sea. The vacationers in Eilat can not only sunbathe but also to swim.

If he wasn't lucky with the weather, on the coast you can find lovely hotels with pools, which have seawater.

Excursions and entertainment

Israel is the world-famous attractions and pilgrimage programs, allowing to get acquainted with all these historical sites. Resting in any part of the country, you can discover something interesting. In February you should look on vacation in tel Aviv, where is the old city of Jaffa.

From the same city is very easy to get to Jerusalemto see:

  • The Wailing Wall;
  • The dome of the rock;
  • The mount of olives;
  • The path of sorrow;
  • Church Of The Holy Sepulchre.

Also from tel Aviv you can go for such a popular excursion in the desert all day.

Holidays and festivals

For the entire month in Israel, held a momentous event. For example, 4 February, residents celebrate the Day of trees. Then in tel Aviv held a festival "Jazz music", and February 14, all celebrate Valentine's Day. Valentine.

Israel attracts tourists even in February, when the resorts of the country is rather cool.

See this video, what's the weather like in February in tel Aviv: