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Holidays in Cyprus: what is the weather, temperature, how many degrees in February?

pogoda v fevrale v Kipre

Cyprus – one of the most interesting and affordable destinations for tourism. In this small country come to relax on pristine beaches, engage in outdoor activities, visit ancient sites or improve their health in the best resorts of the island.

What is the weather like in February in Cyprus?

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Thanks to the climate, relaxing on Cyprus is possible all year round, even in winter, when, by the standards of locals, cool enough, and the sea water not suitable for swimming.

How many degrees this month?

Despite the fact that February is a winter month, this time in Cyprus is becoming much more comfortable compared to previous months. It was during this period here starts in spring, as everything around them changes.

While on the mountain slopes cool and the tourists hone the skills of skiing, by coastal resorts nature changes colors and is filled with aromas of a flowering almond, Jasmine and lemon trees.

February is considered the rainy month. Compared to December and January, rainfall here is much less, but even 10 cloudy days can ruin a vacation, especially in this country. Less rainy are in the mountainous area and the West coast of Cyprus. If the weather on the coast are not lucky, you can always go to the center of the island, where it is possible to have fun in ski resorts.

The temperature regime in Cyprus in February is improving within one month. The first two weeks on the island is cool. The thermometer in the day does not rise above the level of +17°C, and at night drops to +5°C. towards the end of the month the temperatures begin to rise, reaching the level of 20-22 degrees during the day and +12° by night.

Weather on resorts

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Cyprus is a small territory, but even so, weather conditions in the country may vary depending on the region. The most comfortable temperature observed on the coast, where even the simple walk can be fun.

  • The highest temperature in February was observed on the coast of Paphos and Ayia NAPA, where by day the thermometer reaches +17°C, and at night the air cools to a very cool 10 degrees. Water temperature in these regions is +17°C, but it is still not suitable for swimming.
  • A little cooler in February, the Limassol and Larnaca. Precipitation and wind in this period are not rare, so the storm causes discomfort in the daytime. The daytime temperature reaches 16 degrees, and at night drops to +7°C. however, the sea is still cool, but this is fully compensated by the heated pool in the hotel. The water temperature is +17°C.
  • In Kyrenia and Nicosia February feels stronger than at other resorts. At this time the day temperature is only 15 degrees, and at night drops to +9°C.
  • The inability to relax on the beaches kompensiruet high service in hotels and a big variety of excursion programs.

  • The slopes of the Troodos mountains will delight lovers of winter sports – snow will be here to stay until March. The day temperature at this resort reaches +9°C, which makes it possible to ski, not freezing. At night there is cool, but the air cools down not so much to 0°C.


There are many reasons to visit Cyprus in February, and the perfect weather conditions contribute to this even more.

The pros and cons

Features February the weather gives more of an opportunity to be outdoors without the sweltering heat, enjoying the coastal walks and the extraordinary blossoming nature. Especially in Sunny days you can go on the tour, which is on the island quite a lot, and in cloudy – to move to the mountains and enjoy the slopes.

The main advantage of holidays in February – the lowest prices on all services. Despite the fact thaton the island this month is not a resort, many hotels continue to receive tourists, providing them with first-class leisure.

How to dress?

Weather in February is characterized by variability, so you should bring light clothes, bathing suit, warm sweater and comfortable shoes.

Where better to relax?

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Weather conditions last winter months perfect for relaxing on the slopes of Troodos. This is the only place on the island where you can have a good rest, devoting his active sports. Database of Cyprus aimed at those who are planning a family trip.

Here there is a lot of light trails and schools, but also for the adventurers there are many challenging trails.

What to do?

While in Europe, cloudy and cold, Cyprus weather changes all around, giving tourists an opportunity to spend the holiday resorts of the country.

Beach vacation

Not many travelers dare to plunge into the cold water of the Mediterranean sea. Besides this month the storms here are not uncommon. If it is impossible to imagine the holidays without a trip to the sea, you should choose the resorts of Paphos. In February here is quite Sunny and warm, and on a holiday of All Lovers from local residents, decided to go into the water, but not too far. According to legend from these shores where Aphrodite came to land, so those who on this day, bathe in the sea, waiting for a strong relationship.

Excursions and entertainment

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February is ideal for excursions and exploring the ancient sights of the island. To stay was interesting and rich, it is enough to visit the following places:

  1. The old village, where you can buy honey and wine;
  2. The stately ritual of the building;
  3. Masterpieces of defensive architecture;
  4. Museums with a wide variety of exposures;
  5. Natural beauty;
  6. Monuments.

Traveling around the island, almost every city you can find something interesting, so many tourists for convenience lease a car.

Holidays and festivals

Until February the sea is not conducive to swimming, tourists have the opportunity to see Cyprus on the other hand. This month on the island begin a fun festive processions and carnivals, which are treated to delicious meals and the famous Cypriot wine. All of these holidays occur on the eve of Great lent, at this time, the whole island is filled with sense of celebration. The most ambitious carnival "Apokreo" is held in Limassol and Paphos.

Cyprus is able to please the tourists even in February, thanks to the great weather and a great selection of entertainment during this period.

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