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What is the weather in China (Beijing) in February: holidays, beach holidays sea views

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The Chinese land of diverse landscapes and climatic conditions. This area is quite extensive. While in Northern areas, cold winter in the South with snow and does not smell.

The culprit is a smooth transition from continental Tibetan plateau to the sub-Equatorial zones to the resort island of Hainan. It is worth noting that the weather in China in February is changeable, without warm clothes, sometimes not enough even in Sunny Sanya.

What is the weather like in February in the resorts of China?

prognoz na kitajskih kurortah na konec zimy

The far Eastern regions of Russia the winter is very similar to its weather conditions with the North-Eastern and North-Western regions of China. The same bitterly cold wind, virtually no rainfall and frosts from -10 to -18 degrees.

If you are a fan of snowy landscapes and picturesque mountain slopes – February in China you will delight them.

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The temperature of the air and water in the sea

  • Ski resort Yabuli is different in the last month of winter, the excellent conditions for skiing on all tracks. In the first week of February here in the afternoon from 10 to 15 degrees below zero, at night the thermometer shows -20 degrees. The closer to March, the more frequent thaw to -5 in the afternoon. In the night hours is still not above -15. These are great conditions for the descent from the snowy slopes.
  • In areas of the Tibetan plateau is a sharp difference in day and night temperatures will cause tourists to choose a closet warmer. And even under conditions of positive daily temperatures the cold wind will not relax. In early February, the day is about 0 degrees at night and -10, and then a couple of degrees warmer in March and by +5 during the day and -5 at night.
  • If in the last month of winter, the sky over Beijing is overcast, it will not last long. Sunny days ahead prevail. The air temperature does not fall below -5 degrees. Almost no rainfall.

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    February – the driest month of the year, but also the most windy. The average temperature at this time is +4-5 degrees. But the day is approaching 12-15 degrees high.

  • At the end of February in the capital in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +8 degrees, at night about 0.

  • If you walk down the coastline from northeast China to the South, in February, the temperature ranges from 5 to 20 degrees above zero. The water temperature near Guangzhou will be about 18 degrees.
  • So in the vicinity of Tianjin in early February average daily readings of thermometer at night and in the day 0 and +5, respectively. The temperature of the water of the Bohai Gulf is not above 2 Celsius.
  • In Shanghai throughout the month of February is not warmer than 10, and at night frost is possible. In the last decade winter day to +12, and in the dark +4.
  • Hong Kong is not familiar with snow: in February during the day to 22 Celsius during the night is not lower than +17, and the temperature of the water only 1-1. 5 degrees below ambient.
  • temperatura vozdushnyh i vodnyh mass v Gonkonge

  • If you are drawn to the South, Sanya, meet the sunshine and dry weather. In the first half of February here from +20 to +22, then up to 27 degrees. Water is not the most comfortable for swimming – its temperature from +15 to +23 degrees.

    In the North of Hainan the day in February is not above 22 degrees, no sun, overcast and constantly blowing nasty wind, which heat is not felt. Often there are thunderstorms, drizzle. The reason of unstable weather is subtropical climate.

The particular weather conditions

A distinctive feature of China is a complex rugged terrain. This creates, on the one hand, barriers to moist air masses from the North of the continent in winter, but does not penetrate the warm air withthe South-West.

Three climatic zones: continental, moderate continental and subtropical, allow within the country from winter to get soft in the summer.

The February trip

In anticipation of spring throughout the middle Kingdom is dry weatherdominates gusty North wind, cloudy days interspersed with Sunny, but due to the cold air flow special the heat is not felt even at 25 degrees.

Should I go?

Prices for tours to China in February the budget, so I advise you not to miss this time and spend it with benefit for the memories in fabulous China. Especially because along the way you can strengthen your health and spirit.

In the southern provinces there are many ancient sitesfor their inspection in February the weather is most suitable: there are no exhausting summer heat and crowds of tourists.

One of the advantages of the February holiday in the South of China lies in the abundance of exotic fruits, you can get vitamin nourishment, getting acquainted with the gastronomic delights of the local cuisine.

Of the minuses list the harsh climate in the North of the country for a beach holiday not the best season even in the South.

Where to go and where to rest?

kuda otpravitsya?

Visit in February Yabuli - a major training center and the venue of the annual international ski festival. It is comfortable for adults and children. There are restaurants with traditional and European cuisine, SPA and plenty of winter fun.

Rental you can rent cross-country and downhill skiing, toboggan, snowmobile. Mountain lake frozen so that from January to March on its surface can be cut on skates.

For lovers of the exotic at the resort include skiing, dogs and horses.

Hainan in February remains a popular destination for tourists, the home of which at this time pronounced winter. Here in this time, you can discover Chinese medicine in all its glory. The abundance of Wellness treatments, swimming in waters with healing thermal water.

The island is famous for its concentration of centenarians per square meter. They say that the air itself is heals and energizes. The healing power of local hot springs attracts tens of thousands of people wishing to strengthen the body and get rid of many ailments.

How to dress?

chto nadet?

If you plan to vacation in a tropical area of China, beach equipment should capture, issued a rather hot days, especially in the middle of the last month of winter. The sun will provide sun tan, sensitive skin can even experience burn – use protection.

Swimming in the hotel pool in the suitcase it is useful to prove a bathing suit. And on the street more useful for shorts and t-shirt, but in the evening can not do without a jacket or sweatshirt.

In the mountainous regions of China will certainly need a set of warm clothes: jacket, pants, hat, scarf, gloves, waterproof boots. If necessary ski clothes can be rented.

What to do this month?

Even in the off-season in the vastness of China, there is a lesson for any tourist. Someone wants to spend time in a snowy area, some in the sun, and someone viewing ancient sights.

Beach vacation

The water in the South China sea North of Hainan will be no higher than 22 degrees to the South warmed to 25 with a plus sign, but on windy days swim will not work, because the shore is very cold. It offers hotels, equipped with pools for adults and children. Such a lot especially in the Yalong Bay.

On the East spots in the winter tend to sailing surfers. There are often professional competitions.

What to see?


Lovers of cultural travel is to take a car. Its cost is quite reasonable, this service is very popular for its accessibility in all areas of China.

  1. On Hainan island is the historic Center of Buddhism Nanshan. Here breathes the Eastern culture. A number of existing Buddhist temples surrounded by a huge tropical Park is a great opportunity to touch the roots of traditional rituals. The Chinese appreciate the goddess of mercy Kuan Yin statue which is located in the revered by the people.
  2. Local Dolphinarium nice variety to your holiday show performancedolphins, seals, crocodiles. A large aquarium with exotic fish and turtles is right there.
  3. New Thai Park was established as an area of Thailand with a special culture folk shows and pig races.

Sports on the island there are great Golf courses and excellent tennis courts, a large shooting range.

On the mainland it is not necessary to have a closer look at the Great wall of China, Potala Palace in Lhasa, the Bund in Shanghai, the Summer Palace in Beijing and many other interesting places.

Holidays and festivals

The Chinese in February, celebrate the New year. This is a large and very noisy event. According to local belief, the louder and brighter the flashes of fireworks, the weaker the forces of evil. That's why the great doomsday breaks out with millions of lights throughout the country.

From the abundance of red, gold, huge dancing dragons eyes full.

Another sublime performance by local traditions takes place two weeks after the New year is the lantern Festival. The streets of towns and villages illuminated with myriads of lights, strange lanterns of different shapes and sizes, and at venues celebrate Chinese dragon dancing. These creatures are a symbol of prosperity and divine dignity.

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