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Weather and temperature in Malaga and Marbella in February

pogoda v Malage v fevrale

In the South of Spain , in the Autonomous region of Andalusia is a large Malaga. Its primary role is in air and Maritime transport of the country. There is a lot of remarkable monuments of architecture, developed tourism.

Weather in Malaga in February, wet and cool. This is due to the proximity of the sea and subtropical area.

What is the weather like in February in Malaga?

klimat v provincii v konce zimy

A popular time for visits is necessary in Malaga from April to October. In winter there are few visitors. This is due to the weather conditions.

With Dec starts to blow a nasty wind, the heat recedes, the beach season freezes.

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Temperature and water in cities of the province

The County consists of several cities:

  • The center of industrial and commercial life is Malaga. Then with the arrival of February is enhanced by the cool wind. However, the average daytime temperature rarely drops below 9 degrees in the most adverse weather. The night is slightly cooler by 1-2 degrees. The closer to the spring, the air warmer and wetter. In the afternoon about 15 degrees, at night about +10.
  • Marbella is a true gem of the Costa del Sol, but throughout Spain. In the middle of last century, settled here the richest people from around the world. Arab princes and tycoons of the USA built himself a Villa and stocked the resort's private tennis courts and swimming pools, overlooking the open sea.

    Though the water is rarely warmer than 28 degrees, it is significantly higher than in the County. In February, of course, swim will risk a few. The thermometer at the coast show at best +17 Celsius. In the afternoon the air warms up on average at the beginning of the last month of winter to 20 degrees, the maximum recorded near the end of February, at around +26.

  • temperaturnye pokazateli vozduha i vody

  • Antequera is your way from Malaga in any direction crosses the city. From the natural reserve of El Torcal. It plays a crucial role in shaping the weather of the area. As a natural border between the sea and settlement, it does not allow warm moist air to move freely.

    This is the cause of colder winters. Might even be snowing. The daily rate of temperature for the beginning of February is 6 degrees in the afternoon and 2 at night. Closer to March, the air warms a few degrees. Rains a little, the wind is moderate, blowing in February is rare.

  • Nerja stands apart in the number of resorts on the territory of Malaga. The abundance of caves and rocky beaches separated by ledges so that every 300 meters in the water to leave the natural stone caves. The water is a little warmer and even in February it can warm up to 20 degrees.
  • The air on the land in the first decade of month +18 day +10 night. Humidity is 78%. This weather lasts until the spring.

  • Torremolinos pleases in February, Sunny days more often than other resorts, but the difference in day and night temperatures is large, the water near the shore is not above 10 degrees. In the daytime in early February here is about +16 degrees, in the end not higher than +20, and at night – +5 and +6, respectively.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

In the last month of winter in Malaga, equally rainy and clear days, 3-4 of them consistently a drizzle of fine rain.

The highest daily temperature in February was 21°C. while the minimum night temperature dropped to 5°C. the Average day and night temperatures during February are +18 and +9°C, respectively. Average wind force in February, is 3.5 m/s, which makes February the most windy month of the year.

Skiing holidays in February

Malaga prefer how young people and couples. Here will be comfortable and children. But winter do not favor the crowds of tourists, so prices are falling, the level of congestion is minimized.

Should I go?

Usually, tourists who want an even tan and beautiful sea in Malaga are numerous and in high season. Come here for exquisite cuisine and eclectic attractions. Therefore, if you do not mind the lack of beaches, Malaga is waiting for you at any time.

From pluses it is possible to find a peaceful atmosphere, without the hustle and bustle, comfort at a reasonable price due to low season.

How to dress?

Bring an umbrella or a raincoat. Raincoat or light coat will be useful. For windy days and cool nights will not be superfluous to capture the warm Snood and shoes.

Rare the sun is very active – will help sunglasses and sunscreen.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etot period?

Winter is a pretty quiet time in the city, which is sometimes diluted with some magnificent holidays. The cost of staying more affordable compared to the summer.

What to see and do?

The Roman heritage is represented in the vicinity of Malaga's many ancient ruins. You can walk in the footsteps of Picasso and Banderas and wrap it in a car Museum. There is a bullfighting Museum in Valencia, where there is also a nice Marina.

In the centre of Torremolinos remarkable pedestrian street of San Miguel with a huge crocodile Paco, wishes. Your attention in Fuengirola will appear in the tower and the Castillo Plow. And in the Park in the Centre you can see rare wild animals.

In Malaga you can visit:

  1. Malaga Cathedral;
  2. Palace Aduana;
  3. the fortress Palace of the Alcazaba;
  4. fortress-a beacon of Gibralfaro;
  5. The Roman theater.

Holidays and festivals

In the off-season here is pretty quiet, no crowds, deafening discos and bustle. In the beginning of February here like to arrange a local arts festival. It is quite a colorful and unique spectacle.

Watch video about holidays in Malaga in February: