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Weather and temperature in Malta in February

pogoda v Malte v fevrale

Malta attracts tourists from all over the world with incredible landscapes, warm weather, traditions and festivals. Even in winter here the sun shines brightly, and the air temperature does not fall below zero. If a tourist is going to visit Malta in February, in advance acquainted with the peculiarities of weather conditions at this time to prepare for the trip.

What is the weather like in February in Malta?

kakie pogodnye usloviya na Malte v seredine zimy?

Winter in Malta is very different from the Russian winter. To avoid awkward situations, it is necessary to study the characteristics of this season.

The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature of the air is equal to 15 degrees by day and 10 degrees at night. The water temperature is not much different, the figure is around 12 degrees.

At this time swim in the sea only the strong and brave tourists as the water is quite cool.

Weather in Malta during this month is ambiguous. Rainy days alternate with Sunny. The amount of precipitation is large, averaging 61 mm. the Tourist may be disappointed by cloudy weather, the wind is gusty. However, by the end of February is getting much warmer, the number of Sunny days, rains are becoming increasingly rare.

The particular weather conditions

In Malta the weather is fickle. Rain can last for several hours and then the sun comes out and shines the rest of the day. To predict the occurrence of rain is impossible.

Different February a cool, gusty windthat causes the storm at sea. However, by the end of the month it gradually subsides, becoming warmer. Tourists are advised to bring only t-shirts and shorts, but warm sweaters and even jackets.


Winter holiday in Malta has certain characteristics. The traveler should be prepared to explore various resorts in the country and their infrastructure.

Where better to relax?

kakoj kurort luchshe podojdet dlya otdyha?

It is recommended to go to the warm city of Malta:

  • Valletta. The air temperature in February does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is less than in other cities. This place is filled with cultural and historical attractions. There are few tourists in February, so stand in large queues to the Museum is not necessary. The city has cafes and restaurants serving local cuisine;
  • Birkirkara. In February, he is one of the most Sunny and warm. Lovers of exhibitions, museums, historic sites, be sure to come here. In addition, there are courses of foreign languages.

If the rain will continue for a long time, tourists can while away the hours in restaurants, go shopping at the Mall.

How to dress?

The tourist should bring:

  1. T-shirt;
  2. Light trousers;
  3. Insulated jacket or jumper;
  4. Jacket;
  5. Jeans, warm pants;
  6. Sneakers or shoes;
  7. Rubber boots in case of heavy rains;
  8. Cap. A cold snap in February is possible.

The traveler must be ready for any vagaries of the weather, so things will have to take quite a lot.

Things to do this month?

In winter, the streets seem deserted. Tourists is much less than in summer, but this is not to say that Malta in February is boring. Presents an interesting cultural program, which nobody provided.

Beach vacation

Even in winter the tourists can enjoy in Malta beach holiday. The sun is warm, but not like summer. This means that you can burn the chances are minimal. The tourist will get a light tan, warm.

To swim in the sea want not for everyone, because the water is cool. However, this does not prevent touristsenjoy the picturesque sea views.

What to see?

chto posmotret v strane?

You must visit the following sites:

  • Dungeon Hypogeum. Located in Paola. This is the only prehistoric underground temple in the world. The place has an unusual architecture;
  • Lovers of history during the tour, learn many interesting facts about this temple and its features.

  • In Valletta is St John's Cathedral. This is an amazingly beautiful place that many will tell the tourist about the culture of the country;
  • St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina. Has an incredibly interesting history, enthralls travelers. Tourists visit this place it is necessary;
  • Spinola Bay. One of the most picturesque, liveliest places of Malta. Fans of natural attractions will be delighted with the Bay. We must not forget that there are a large number of entertainment spots, restaurants and shops. On the coast arrange festive events.

Festive events

Festive events in February, not so much:

  1. February 10 - Feast of St. Paul the shipwrecked. It is a national holiday. Across the country there are festivals and entertainment events;
  2. The Grand carnival is held in mid-late February. The preparation for it is conducted throughout the year. This is a significant event for local residents.

In February, tourists will not be bored in Malta. This place could surprise him with her story, to delight in culture. Malta - a picturesque country, which will leave the best impression on tourists.

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