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Italy: photos, weather, temperature and what to do in Rimini at the end of February?

pogoda v Rimini v fevrale

Italy does not lose its charm even in winter. Rimini is a popular resort area on the Adriatic sea. A favorite vacation spot of many visitors to the country and the Italians themselves.

Along the entire coastline from North to South, a solid beach area, a length of 15 km In February in Rimini the weather is wet and windy, cloudy and clear days is approximately equal to the number. Tourists at this time little.

What is the weather like in February in Rimini?

fevralskij temperaturnyj rezhim

Although the rainy season with the highest amount of precipitation in this area falls on October-December, in late winter the sky is often overcast, drizzling rain.

The proximity of the Mediterranean sea makes the climate of Rimini soft. In winter the snow here is a novelty.

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The temperature of the air and water

The temperature in February on the Adriatic coast rarely drops below 0 degrees. Daily average temperature - from +5 to +7 degrees in the first week of the month and closer to spring, these values grow to 12. In the dark slightly cooler, about 2 degrees with a plus sign at the beginning of February and up to +5 in anticipation of spring.

The water temperature near the shore in the vicinity of Rimini holds about 9 degrees Celsius.

Other weather conditions

inye klimaticheskie usloviya

The air flows from the North-West of the continent meet here with warm and humid sea air, so winter in Rimini warmer than in other parts of the North of Italy. Breathing is easier measured the atmosphere is low tourist season was refreshing.

The probability of rain is about the same — not more than one week during the month.

From the waves on the North beaches protected by the blocking structures, so the surface of the water here is calmer than in the South.

February vacation - photos

Virtually all museums and sights in Rimini are open to visit in the winter season. To overcome the impressive distance for contemplation of the local beauties in February, not many dare.

Should I go?

Tourists from Russia and Europe find the winter is not a bad time to visit Rimini. They find a cosy secluded corners for quiet relaxation. From advantages of low prices on the February tour and quite comfortable weather, regarding the Russian winter.

It is necessary to clarify the presence of heat in the hotel room where going to stop. Many of them are not designed for winter cool, because the main flow of tourists is air-conditioned escape from the heat.

How to dress?

kakie veshi vzyat?

Swim and sunbathe just do not have, but comfortable autumn and spring shoes and a warm scarf, be sure to take. Most of the locals go in sneakers or light shoes, wool top coat, often unlined. A special honor here in the winter warm sports suits and jackets.

What to do in this period?

The beach season is still far, and the sun will not lie, but beautiful landscapes remain in place.

Beach vacation

The beach is a special culture and atmosphere of local color. In season at the shore are noisy events and parties, tourists speak all the languages of the world.

Map of Rimini and introduces visitors to the local coastline is divided into ten districts, each of which takes at least a mile of coastline.

The heart of the city and is considered the most expensive Marina Centro. But in February the beaches are closed for swimming, will have to settle for cruises and breathe the healthful breeze.

Closer to shore, the concentration of luxury hotels is increasing. In href="http://tour.liketourist.com/pogoda/zima/fevral/v-italii-8/">February is available lack of places. You have top local SPA.

Attractions and entertainment

Active life in Rimini in winter is concentrated in the historic center. Here are bars and night clubs, exhibitions and museums. You can arrange shopping in local shops, they are generous with Souvenirs, natural cosmetics and household items.

I advise you to visit the exhibition of Italian fashion's First Alternative. It your attention is invited to the women's and men's clothing Italian designers in the company bright accessories. There are exclusive handmade products. Branded items can also be purchased in numerous outlets.

In Rimini, there are many architectural and historical monuments of the middle ages:

  • The famous Arch of Augustus is the oldest building in Italy;
  • The city is proud of the Tiberius bridge is the only survivor since the Second World war, the crossing. Here he crossed the Rubicon Caesar himself is a small river on the outskirts of Rimini;
  • The "mandatory program" excursions in Rimini also include Piazza Cavour, sandwiched between the main medieval monuments of the city;
  • chto posmotret i chem zanyatsya?

  • Worth a visit and the heritage of the madman and part-time ruler of Rimini in the Middle ages direction of sigismondo Malatesta – the very original castle and Cathedral;
  • One should not ignore the beautiful Park "Italy in Miniature";
  • Interesting is the house-Museum of Federico Fellini.
  • The great Director was born in Rimini and spent in this city of his youth.

Holidays and festivals

In February, in Europe the boom sweeps the celebration of Valentine's Day. Rimini cannot be called the most romantic city of Italy, but his celebration does not shy away from. Agents advertise exciting trips and parties for young people, socials, and restaurants strive to provide secluded tables to romantic couples.

Watch a walk in the winter Rimini in this video: