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Holidays in the UAE: what is the weather and water temperature in Sharjah in late February:

pogoda v SHardzhe v fevrale

Sharjah – the capital of the Emirate. Largest city was ranked 3rd in the UAE. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and forms a conurbation with Dubai and Ajman.

Since the nineteenth century is the most important port of the country. Here, the dry tropical climate and the weather in Sharjah in February is well suited for a relaxing, pleasant stay.

What is the weather like in February in Sharjah?

pogodnye usloviya v emirate v konce zimy

At this time, the weather, as throughout the country, warm, chance of rain showers in the small town.

You should consider a low content of oxygen in the air and no wonder some of sleepiness and lethargy in the first days of vacation.

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The temperature of the air and water

Monthly average air temperature in February:

  • day +23°C;
  • night +19-20°C;
  • the water in the sea warms up to +21,3°C.

During the month, these values vary from +21°to +27°C during the day +12°C to 19°C at night. Not observed a trend of stable increase in temperature, and in the middle of February, it can be higher than at the end.

The water temperature is about the same at the beginning and the end of the month, and in mid-February is lowered to 1-2°C.

In comparison with January daytime temperatures 1-1. 5°C increases the night the air temperature and the sea water is approximately the same as in the previous month. If to compare with March, day and night indicators Feb less by 4-5 degrees, and the water temperature in February is less than 1 degree.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

From November to March is the rainy season, but the "showers" a short and not very strong. Average rainfall in February is 23 mm, which speaks for itself.

The winds are severe, and with equal probability they can bring rain and coolness from the sea, the heat and dust of the desert.

Sometimes the wind speed reaches 13 m/sec, but it absolutely calm days, the average wind speed in February is 4 m/sec.

The sea is mostly calm, but there are storms. Humidity some days reaches 97%, and sometimes as low as 50%. Daylight lasts 11 hours.

February vacation

Especially enjoyable stay in Sharjah in February seem to those who are tired of the vagaries of the frosty or slushy winter, but not ready for a strong and sweltering heat.

Should I go?

Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. And although there is no the luxury and variety of entertainment in Dubai, but there are:

  1. museums;
  2. gallery;
  3. theaters;
  4. attractions.

nuzhno li priezzhat?

Special impression leaves a visit in Sharjah colorful Arab markets.

It is also nice, not hiding from the heat, wander through the quiet streets with beautiful buildings, sit in a cafe, to try national dishes, drink terrific coffee.

February in Sharjah attractive for recreation because many goods and services prices are down compared to "high season".

Is it possible to swim?

For residents of Northern latitudes the answer is an unequivocal "Yes!". If in January the water in the Gulf warms up to +21,9°C in February in the heart of Sharjah, the temperature is above +23°C. In shallow water and is +28°C, these conditions can take a sea bath.

An added bonus for those who bathed in February, is the almost complete absence of jellyfish. If the sea is stormy, and the water becomes turbid, it is better to use the swimming pool where the temperature and purity of waterflawless.

How to dress?

In Sharjah this question is particularly relevant, it is the most "strict" towards visitors of the Emirate.
Here tourists are clearly defined 2 areas, in terms of clothing.

On site you can afford right in the swimsuit to go from the rooms to the beach; shorts, t-shirt without sleeves and open shoes to go for Breakfast or lunch. But at dinner such liberties is prohibited.

chto nadet?

The city is associated with the observance of certain rules:

  • invalid open shoulders and knees;
  • women to cover their hair;
  • tight outfits in women can cause a call to local residents to the police.

In February, the evenings and nights quite cold, so useful for not only light pants, long skirts and cotton blouses with sleeves, but warm sweaters, jackets, closed comfortable shoes.

What to do at this time?

Sharjah in February, appealing to those who don't like the heat and hot sun, but gets pleasure from a leisurely stroll around the city and various excursions.

This is a great time for shoppers who will have pleasant surprises in neighbouring Dubai.

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Beach vacation

otdyh na poberezhe

Although the locals believe that the water and the air is cool in February, tourists have a different opinion. Even those who prefer swimming in the sea pool at the hotel, enjoy taking sun bath.

The beaches are well equipped, there are all conditions for comfortable rest. This time of year, local residents do not visit the beaches, so sunbathing a bit. The sand is soft and clean, you can lie flat on the towels, not using sunbeds.

It is important to remember about the necessity of using protective equipment, because in these latitudes it is easy to scorch.

What to see and do?

Sharjah is called the city of the tales of Scheherazade. There are a lot of green gardens, a beautiful lagoon, like palaces , hotels and buildings.

It is the cultural capital of the UAE, it is considered a treasure trove of the Arab world, especially the ancient district of Meridia, a walk through which real immersion in the world of the East.

The city's many museums. Among them, particularly interesting I think:

  1. Archaeological;
  2. Scientific;
  3. Historical.

Popular gallery of art and National heritage Museum.

Sharjah is the largest mosque. There are malls, amusement Park lagoon. Many cafes, restaurants, bazaars, there is the gold market.

Alcohol you can't buy, and if there is a desire for him to go to Dubai, where you can have fun in the usual way. There will get pleasure from special prices to shoppers.

February is also the time for numerous excursions to Sharjah, other cities and interesting places in UAE, Safari and fishing.

Holidays and festivals

For a few days in February, Sharjah became the capital of the world. Every year there are Holiday lights. This is a Grand light show on the waterfront, it is accompanied by the performances, and the buildings in the city adorned with splendid illuminations.

See in this video, what is the weather on the coast of Sharjah in February: