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Holiday in Spain: what is the weather and water temperature in Tenerife in February?

pogoda v fevrale v Tenerife

If there is a question, what's the weather like in February in Tenerife, we can safely say that the end of winter is a great timeto explore the numerous attractions of the island, swim in the warm ocean and to witness large-scale celebrations and festivals.

What is the weather like in February in Tenerife?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce zimy?

In the archipelago of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean is located the island of Tenerife is the refuge of eternal spring, as it is called by many travelers.

That is a year-round mild climate and the special natural conditions helped the island to win the glory of tourists from around the world.

The average temperature of air and water

The air temperature in the southern and Northern part of the island is significantly different. The greatest number of resorts are concentrated in the South.

To the South is the mountain range that divides the island in half, which protects the city from cold winds and numerous rain.

In cities such as Los Cristianos, El Medano, Costa Adeje, Playa de Las Americas, located in the southern part of the island, the average temperature is around 14 degrees at night and 21 degrees during the day. The average water temperature is about 20 degrees.

With the Northern towns of Tenerife is not the case. Humid tropical climate is conducive to the development of lush flora, but the temperature here is much lower. The average temperature in cities such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de La Cruz the day is about 10 degrees overnight to 19 during the day. The water temperature in the North is about 17 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

specifika temperaturnogo rezhima

Tenerife 2 about 30 climatic and microclimatic zones. This feature makes the island unique and the only of its kind.

Geographically, the island belongs to Spainbut is located at one width with the Sahara desert and Morocco. Officially the island is a subtropical climate, but hot here is not even in the summer. Comfortable weather due to the diversity of the natural landscape, as well as the change of cold and warm currents of the Atlantic ocean.

Winter in the South of the island, precipitation is not common – on average, no more than 5 cloudy days in a month. Due to mountain ranges and the volcano Teide, Tenerife South all year round protected from strong winds. The holiday season continues here in the winter, aided by a large number of modern sandy beaches and developed infrastructure of the island. However, the South is quite poor flora and desert landscapes – the reverse side of the dry warm weather.

The North of the island is distinguished by a humid climate and frequent rainfall. It drops about 80% of the precipitation concentrated over Tenerife. But unlike the South side, there is no shortage of tropical vegetation. Not less tourists attracted by the beauty of a natural volcanic black sand beaches, magnificent nature, evergreen forests and amazing plant.

February vacation

Tenerife is a great place for a quiet and romantic holiday for those who are tired of the endless bustle of the big city.


If the purpose of the rest - desire to relax from the noise and enjoy nature without the beach and outdoor activities better suited to the Northern city of the island.

If you like active rest and swimming in the ocean, you love the noisy discos and all kinds of entertainment, then go to the South of Tenerife.

Same for both parts of the island pros are:

  • A chance to see the legendary Carnivalheld in Tenerife in February;
  • A great opportunity to engage in water sports, including surfing;
  • A perfect month for a holiday for those who don't like heat;
  • Reduced the flow of tourists – the opportunity to visit the museums and attractions of the islandhuge queues.

How to dress?

kakuu odezhdu brat?

If you expect solely a beach holiday in the southern resorts of the island, take with you light dresses, swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts. For evening walk and dinner in the fresh air women need a cardigan and men light sweater or jacket. Of shoes it is better to take ballet flats, open shoes or light shoes. Not superfluous hats and sunglasses.

For travel in the North or in the mountains, bring a warm windproof jacket or windbreaker, warm pants or jeans. We recommend to bring sneakers or other closed shoes. For excursion to the top will suit warm tracksuit.

In some restaurants of the island set dress code, so you will need clothes with closed sleeves, trousers or dress and closed shoes.

Don't forget documents, cash, medicines and the necessary equipment – a camera and a phone. Almost every hotel and restaurant of the island has a wireless network WI-FI.

Upload the maps to your phone or tablet in advance, not to use unfavorable international traffic. By the way, tickets for trips and museums easier, and cheaper to order online.

What to do on the island this month?

At any time of the year, including in February in Tenerife, there is plenty of entertainment for every taste.

Beach vacation

Comfortable February vacation on the beaches of the island is possible only in the South. The temperature of the air and water are used to spending time on the ocean, but it all depends on the nature of the flow, which dominates at this time in the ocean.

Any small breeze can spoil the impression of swimming if the air temperature is below average.

However, many tourists wind doesn't frighten, on the beaches in February, a lot of vacationers.


Tour programme of Tenerife is rich and the one and the other side of the ridge. Dedicate a winter trip exploring the best attractions of the island.

  1. In the city of Puerto de La Cruz is the loro Parque, the most famous zoo in Spain. The Park hosts various animal shows, including dolphins and sea lions.
  2. Almost 20 hectares is a large water Park Siam Park in the town of Costa Adeje on the South coast. The Park is located on the mountain and includes many restaurants, amusement rides and other entertainment for the whole family. When visiting a water Park in the winter, hire a wetsuit, even in cool weather reduces the risk of colds.
  3. ekskursionnyj turizm

  4. In the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the national Park and the Teide volcano, the unique landscape which is called the "lunar landscape". In addition excursions can be booked the funicular to explore this natural wonder from a bird's flight. In addition, the province there are more than a dozen museums.
  5. In the town of Icod de Los Vinos, in the North-West of the island, is another famous landmark of Tenerife, one of the oldest trees on the planet – the Dragon tree, declared a national treasure. Here you will see buildings remaining from the era of colonization is the Home of the city hall and Church of St. Mark.

    The town also has a butterfly Museum , Mariposario del Dragowhich is home to over 100 species of butterflies from around the world. And the puppet Museum Artlandiya offers its visitors to look at Teddy bears and wonderful dolls made from many materials.

  6. Close to the resort of Los Cristianos is a "Monkey Park" - the habitat of various species of monkeys.
  7. The town of Charco del Pino boasts Europe's largest ostrich farm – it is home to about 300 species of ostriches.

For supporters of an active lifestyle resorts in Spain offer all kinds of water sports – from fishing and boat excursions to deep-sea diving, and also diving and surfing.


February 2 – the feast of our lady Candelaria. This day on the island is a large-scale service. The day is marked by plenty of entertainment and dancing.

The main holiday Islands – famous Carnival of Tenerife, most often at the end of February. The carnival starts with the election of the Queen, and then conducted a large-scale costume parade full of bright colours.

Unchanged and a parade followed by fireworks and a light show which involved both local residents and visitors to the island.

The carnival lasts for about two weeks. Alltime, the carnival is accompanied by dancing and incendiary parties in every corner of the island.

See this video, what weather conditions await you in February in Tenerife: