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Stay in Tunisia: what is the weather and average temperature of water at the end of February?

pogoda v Tunise v fevrale

February in Tunisia is considered the coldest month of the year, although European, and especially Russian tourists this temperature for air and water is difficult to surprise. Weather in Tunisia in February are also extremely changeable and unstable.

What is the weather and how many degrees in February in Tunisia?

fevralskij pogodnyj rezhim

February in Tunisia can be called truly a winter month - even the sea loses its deep turquoise color.

However, towards the end of the month, the air begins to feel the imminent onset of spring.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature of air varies from +8 to +16 degrees Celsius. In the beginning of this month in Tunisia is noticeably cool and the temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees. By the end of the month the situation is improving, and the air in the afternoon warms up to 17-19 degrees.

  • In the capital of Tunisia the day temperature is +15-17 degrees and the night drops to +7 degrees.
  • In Djerba there is not much temperature jump during the day: in the afternoon the air warms up to 16 degrees, and at night drops to +14 degrees.
  • In Serise in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +18 degrees, and at night to +13 degrees.
  • In Monastir and Sousse in the afternoon the air temperature is +15-16 degrees, and at night - +9-12 degrees.
  • In Hammamet in the afternoon air is heated to +13-+14 degrees, and night - up to 8 degrees.

In February, the water in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of the country warms up to 12-14 degrees.

Natural phenomena

klimaticheskie yavleniya

In February in Tunisia blow cold penetrating winds, which raise high waves on a choppy sea. In the Northern parts of the country have heavy rainfall.

The amount of precipitation that falls during the month is 67-78 mm.

Due to the intensity of rainfall increases, and humidity - it is equal to about 78%.

February vacation

A little cold weather did not deter tourists from visiting Tunisia this time of year - most importantly, properly plan your day and pick up clothes for walking and sightseeing.

Should I go?

To make decisions whether to go to Tunisia in February, you need to consider all the pluses and minuses of this holiday.

The benefits of relaxation:

  1. low prices for tours and accommodation in the hotel;
  2. the almost complete absence of tourists;
  3. the opportunity to improve their health mud baths and wraps.

sleduet li ehat?

The shortcomings of the rest:

  • cool, often unpredictable weather;
  • need to stock up on warm clothes;
  • the impossibility of a beach holiday.

Where to relax?

Most warm and dry weather on Djerba, but to address the cultural sights and try for yourself the healing properties of mud baths better than in Tunis (the capital of the eponymous state).

How to dress?

To feel comfortable in February in Tunisia, it is best to take a thin and warm jacket, couple waterproof closed shoes, a couple of shirts and sweaters.

Also to be safe in href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kak-vybrat-chemodan-na-kolesah-horoshego-kachestva/">suitcase is to put a pair of gloves, light scarf, and a umbrella.

What to do?

In winter holidays in Tunisia has a completely different focusthan in the summer - swimming in the sea is impossible, but opens the possibility of all sorts of Wellness treatments and sightseeing.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

plyazhnaya territoriya

Few people dare take a dip in the cool sea under a storm of piercing wind, so the beaches are practically empty. But every tourist considers appropriate at least once to walk around the coast.

Attractions and entertainment

Best attractions Tunisia - ruins of Carthage, the village of El-KEF, a Muslim city of Kairouan, salt lake Shott El JERID, the thermal waters of Hammam-Bourguiba, and El Muradi.

Largely guided tours at this time of year depend on the vagaries of nature.

Many tourists come to Tunisia in February specifically for talasoterapia and dive into the sensual world of massage, mud and flower van and wraps.

Holidays and festivals

In February in Tunisia is the international instrumental festival, during which during the week, the musicians demonstrate their skills to the audience.

Watch video about the features of rest in Tunis: