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Holidays in Vietnam in February - Nha Trang: what's the weather, where better to relax?

pogoda vo Vetname v fevrale

Trip to Vietnam – is an excellent way to spend time in an exotic country, where it is available all the year round discover the unique attractions and beautiful landscapes, as well as a beach and leisure holiday.

What is the weather like in February in Vietnam?

Kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce oseni?

Vietnam occupies quite a large area, for this reason, in different regions of the country the weather varies.

In the winter time in the North of the country it's chilly outside at that time, as in the southern and Central resorts remains a pleasant tropical climate.

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The temperature of the air and water

Although Vietnam all year round the temperature does not fall below +25°C, in February, weather conditions markedly improved compared to previous months. The end of winter is characterized by the warming that is particularly noticeable in the second half of the month.

In Northern Vietnam the weather is still cool, but by the end of the month becomes much more comfortable. The day temperature does not exceed 18 degrees, and at night barely reaches +9°C. Heavy rains in the region, but sometimes there is drizzle.

In Central Vietnam rainfall is almost there, but if they go quickly come to an end. In the afternoon the air in some areas, warms up to +32 degrees, and at night cooled to +18°C. the water in the sea in the resorts of the Central part is quite suitable for swimming – its temperature is 24 degrees.

In the South of Vietnam is a fair weather, pleasant enough for a holiday stay. In the afternoon the thermometer shows +27°C, and at night drops to +18 degrees. Sea water not suitable for swimming as it warmed to only 21 degrees, but the presence of the heated pool and relax at the hot springs it compensates for this moment.

Overall, a holiday to Vietnam in February possible because of the excellent temperature of the air and the wonderful weather that can be observed across the country.

Weather conditions at the resorts

pogodnyj rezhim na kurortah

  • Very good weather conditions await travelers in da Nang and Phan Thiet, where the whole month, daytime temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees, and precipitation is almost absent. Coolness becomes noticeable in the evenings when the temperature drops to a refreshing 18°C Water on the coast in the afternoon warms up to +21°C.
  • A few degrees warmer in Nha Trang – the resort located on the South of the country. In the daytime the air warms up to 27 degrees, and in particularly hot days – up to +32°C, which gives the opportunity to swim in the South China sea.
  • The water on the coast of Nha Trang resort is pleasing indicators in 25 degrees.

  • The hottest weather is in Ho Chi Minh city, so it is recommended to go to tourists who wish to experience all the delights of a beach holiday in the winter months. The air in this area warms up to +32 degrees, and at night cooled to +21°C. the Water at some resorts warms up to +28 degrees.
  • Cool enough in the North in Hanoi and ha long, but this does not prevent tourists in the daytime excursions to visit attractions. In the daytime here only +21°C, and at night much cooler (+14°C), but by the end of the month it is not as noticeable as before. Going on vacation to these cities, you can forget about a beach holiday as the water is warmed only to +20 degrees.
  • On the island of cat BA, located near the resort of Halong Bay in early February is cool with temperatures barely warms up to +19°C by day and +12 degrees at night, but in the end of the month here is quite comfortable weather. In the daytime the thermometer shows 25 degrees and at night drops below +19°C. the Sea warms up to +19°C.


Vietnam is rich enough to the resorts, where you can combine cultural, entertainment and beach vacation. Allwill make the tourists to choose the right city based on the temperature readings in February.

The pros and cons

Whatever the choice, vacation in Vietnam in February promises to be incredibly interesting and very intense. This month, the country hosts many festivals and various festivals, accessible beach and sightseeing holidays, as well as many entertainment programs.

To come, to improve their health in the resorts of Nha Trang with mineral water and mud, to discover the natural beauty of da Nang and ha long, or learn to surf on one of the most picturesque coastlines in Southeast Asia.

plusy i minusy otdyha

The lack of sweltering heat and rain, good weather conditions are conducive to relaxation.

The only negative of the holiday to Vietnam February – quite a high price for the tours. In comparison with the previous month, their cost increases by 20-30%. By the end of the month and prices go up even more. But compared to future months, the trip cost much less.

What fruits grow in February?

Vietnam – a Paradise for lovers of fruit. In this country all year round you can find an abundance of the most juicy and rare treats, all kinds of varieties, shapes and colors. In order to buy them, do not have to go far. Residents organize a huge shopping area, unmissable.

The leader of all fruit in Vietnam is incredibly delicious and juicy mango, which ripen in February in this country. This fruit are distinguished sweet taste and soft flesh. They are quite similar to those that we used to buy in the shops.

How to dress?

If in the first half of February for a vacation in Vietnam is still useful warm sweater for cool evenings, then at the end of the month, it is sufficient to take only a swimsuit as well as light summer clothes. Do not ignore the sunscreen, because even in the winter most likely burnt in the sun.

Where is the best place to relax?

Gde stoit otdohnut?

The main reason why tourists choose Vietnam for vacation in Feb – the ability to change the environment and relax on the best beaches of the country. For these purposes perfectly fit the best resorts of the Central part:

  1. Da Nang;
  2. Dalat;
  3. Hue.

As well as the popular resorts of the southern coast:

  • Ho Chi Minh city;
  • Nha Trang;
  • Phu Quoc island;
  • Phan Thiet.

What to do?

Holidays in Vietnam in February is always a variety of options for the tourists.

Each resort town has plenty of entertainment, but the tourists always have the opportunity to go on a trip to a neighboring city.

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Beach vacation

If in summer many tourists choose the incredibly scenic Halong Bay and cat BA island in the winter is better to go for beach resorts on the South coast. It is best suited for such purposes the small town of Nha Trang. This resort is especially prefer Russian tourists, as there are everywhere signs in their native language, and a well-developed infrastructure, there are numerous beaches and sea.

To the best beaches of Nha Trang include:

  • City beach is a long sandy strip with a clean and comfortable beach area;
  • Bai Dai – sparsely populated coast from the "as shown";
  • ZOK Years – the most popular beach with white sand and turquoise water;
  • Hon HEO is a coastal area located in the mountains;
  • Monkey island – the beach on the same island.

Apart from the beaches, located on the mainland, near Nha Trang features a secluded island, where you can also find a piece of Paradise to relax under the warm rays of the sun.

The second most popular resort – Phan Thiet – a very attractive place with many hotels, many cafes serving seafood and a vast number of attractions.

plyazh Fanteta


If you are interested in mainly cultural centres and attractions, for such purpose, suitable, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, da Nang and Phan Thiet.

In these regions is quite pleasant weather, and the number of natural and historical objects, which you can see, enough for the whole holiday period.

However, travel to Vietnam is rarely limited to a cultural familiarity with only one city. Almost every resort you can find a tour Desk offering tours1-2 days visiting the most spectacular sights in the country. A very popular tour of Nha Trang in Hanoi, da Nang , and even in neighboring Cambodia.

Holidays and festivals

The main event of February – the Eastern New year, which is celebrated in this country, each time on different days. Also during the month, held a few national holidays, accompanied by colorful parades, concerts, and colourful festivals.

Vietnam is great for travel all year round, thanks to the great weather and excellent conditions for recreation.

See in this video, what is the weather in Nha Trang in February: