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Leisure in Russia: where to go and where to rest cheaply in the winter?

kuda poehat zimoj v Rossii?

Due to the large territory, in Russia there are so many places ideal for a fun winter travel. For tourists who do not want to sit at home, in the country there are many interesting directions. Someone chooses the most interesting historical routes, someone like majestic city, and someone will approach inexpensive resorts by the sea.

In the winter

rossijskij zimnij otdyh v glushi

Russian winter – a fabulous period for winter holidays, because at this time there could be a large choice of opportunities for relaxation and change of scenery.

Whatever was the final choice, the main advantage of this time will be the availability and low cost.

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Leisure activities at this time of year

In Russia, an incredibly large number of places where you can busy and to spend an unforgettable winter holiday. To be ready for the holidays, it is better to choose.

Fans of exciting historical tourism or those who have not yet had time to explore the main attractions during the warmer time of the year, you can choose one or more tour programs.

A sightseeing holiday in Russia is a familiarity with the various cities, which played an important role in the formation and development of the country.

The most popular tours in Russia are considered:

Trip on this route are equally interesting and rich in any time of the year, and if the tourists have children, then this trip will be doubly exciting. For children in these cities presented a picturesque nature, clean air and a wonderful combination of informative travel and entertainment.

The second most popular form of recreation in Russia in the winter – ski resorts – luxurious, and a place where tourists have everything from equipment rental to affordable hotels in ski bases.

Where to stay in the country a lot. Beginners who have decided just to ski as well as professionals, find the best resorts in Sochi, on the slopes of the southern Urals, Dombai and Elbrus, but in fact, these places much more.

Zimnie vidy otdyha na Krasnoj Polyane

Beautiful ski venues are Moscow and the Moscow region, in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, Central Russia and Siberia. As can be seen to descend from the mountains, do not have to travel far.

Fitted slopes for beginners and advanced, as well as excellent infrastructure and a close proximity to the main cities of Russia.

A Wellness holiday in the winter in Russia is no less popular and relevant than and summer recreation and health resorts are found throughout the country. Each of these favorable places is located in a picturesque area dominated by clean air, quiet, healthy food and sports. This kind of holiday is very conducive to the recovery and speedy restart of the organism.

The most popular resorts for recreation in the winter are located in regions:

  1. Krasnodar Krai;
  2. Kaliningrad district;
  3. Caucasian Mineral waters;
  4. The suburbs;
  5. Southern Urals.

Recreation is for those who need to heal or just be surrounded by peace and enabling environment.

No less interesting and productive trip for the best lakes of Russia, especially if it is a Baikal, Seliger, Il'men'or lake Ladoga. In winter, a popular fishing, active recreation, tours, and a change of scenery will suit absolutely everyone.

Where better to go?

No matter what area of Russia is not chosen winter holiday here is always memorable, exciting and inexpensive. If you are planning a vacation with children, it is better to go for the Golden ring. A real tour the pride of the country incorporated both large cities and small towns located in six regions.

In winter, such places are incredibly picturesque, especially with the cold splendor of nature and tranquility.

kuda stoit poehat v eto vremya?

Incredibly interesting promises to be on your own in the main cities of the country:

  • Moscow. In this city there is always something to see and where to go. Hiking in the center, skiing on the Sparrow hills or Hiking to the famous museums will not get bored even for a minute;
  • Saint-Petersburg. In North Palmyra and its surroundings may not be enough winter break to have time to get around the whole city, then visit the Leningrad oblast. Here in the evenings and night stroll through a snowy Central streets with pompous buildings, looking to bask in the cafes, visit the many museums, skiing in Okhta Park, explore Vyborg, Kronstadt and Karelia;
  • Kazan. To see the Eastern luxury, do not have to go far. The trip to Kazan is going to be special because this city perfectly combines the best from the cultures of East and West. Near the town there are many places for recreation, including scenic Blue lake.

It is hard to imagine a winter holiday without outdoor activities, which typically include ice skating, skiing or snowboarding. The most memorable and amazing vacation is recommended to be held in Sochi. Here you can admire the palm trees in the snow, breathe the salty sea air, visit attractions and, of course, to try to imagine the Olympic facilities in Krasnaya Polyana.

Not just is the place chosen to host the winter Olympic games. The holiday season in Krasnaya Polyana opens in December, and favorable climate, the pure mountain air and the proximity to the sea to lure fans of winter recreation.

Weather in Krasnaya Polyana is pretty special, mountain gorge not let here warm and moist air from the sea and the mountains block the way to the cold winds.

Because of this, the climate here is mild, but night frosts are rare.

In the end, to choose where to go in Russia in winter is incredibly difficult. In addition to Krasnaya Polyana, the most suitable conditions for skiing are available in Abzakovo, in the Baikal and Kamchatka, as well as at the"Spasskaya Guba".

Winter tours in Russia

tury v Kareliu

Where to go to relax in the winter in Russia – many travelers choose for yourself. If this choice is difficult to do, for such purposes, was invented ready-made programs for leisure – winter tours. Most often, the tours last several days and include a tour, a celebration of the New year and other winter holidays. In most cases these tours are conducted on the system "All inclusive".

If the rest is not critical, and the desire to change the situation is insurmountable, you can use one of the programs:

  • New year in Karelia. Region of Russia with the most beautiful untouched nature is often called a place that will bring you lots of bright impressions. Winter here is so beautiful that snowy Karelia will definitely win the travelers. The day is Safari by dog sled or snowmobile, snowtubing and bath, and at night often in this place you can catch a picturesque and touching the Northern lights;
  • Winter holidays on lake Baikal. Crystal clear lake is ideal for those who decided to change the noisy urban environment at the sparkling white snow, beautiful nature and fresh air. This is ideal for the whole family, because the selection of activities include dog sledding, Hiking in the conservation areas and familiarity with local customs;
  • A trip to the Altai. The purest area of the country with a unique landscape and nature is full of surprises and mysteries. Winter programs organized by tour operators that include sightseeing, skiing and recreation.

In one trip you can get new impressions, to relax, improve your health or to expand the horizons by visiting a few places.

Such trips bring people together, especially if you plan family orromantic getaway, comfortable accommodation in hotels or cottages facilitates searching housing.

Where a good rest in the winter?

Winter holidays in Russia open to tourists great opportunities. In just 6-7 days, you can explore the unique historical heritage of Russia, to visit distinctive cities or relax from the city bustle and get the opportunity to heal your body.


v Velikij Novgorod nedorogo

The most budget way to a winter vacation trip to one of the cities of the Moscow region , or Leningrad region, a journey through the great cities of Russia. To get to these places is cheap, but to stay in a hotel for the night or not required or the cost will be inexpensive.

Especially promises to be an interesting trip to Veliky Novgorod is an ancient city whose middle name is "Father of Russian cities". This name he received because it arrived three brothers (Rurik, Sineus, Truvor), uniting Russia.

There are many interesting attractions, including the Yaroslav Courtyard, Citadel and ancient templesand a variety of places for outdoor activities (sledding, skiing or skating).

There in the vastness of Veliky Novgorod and natural places, like the beautiful Ilmen lake.

Relatively inexpensive will be a tour of the best sightseeing route of the country – the Golden ring of Russia. During one day the tourists have the opportunity to see 8 cities, each of which has a rich history and incredible scenic views. Shuttling between villages in a comfortable and warm bus, you can greatly add to the list of favorite places.

The sea

In the winter, it is possible to trip on the coast. Beach recreation and swimming during this period will be unavailable, but the ionized fresh air of seaside resorts to be useful to many travelers. In various coastal cities in winter are actively working pensions, motels and hotels, especially resorts, as Adler, Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Crimea and Kaliningrad.

On sources

otdohnut na istochnikah

Many are unaware that in winter you can go relax at the hot springs, where even in the cold water temperature does not drop below 38 degrees, but it is enriched with useful elements which make your holiday not only pleasant but also useful.

In southern Kamchatka are vilyuchinskie hot springs, which appeared here thanks to the nearby volcano.

Thermal waters contrast well with the cold, and the beautiful wild nature of this region has a pleasant stay.

To other known sources that you can visit in winter include:

  1. Gojackit in Transbaikalia;
  2. Just in the Irkutsk region;
  3. Belokurikhinskaya thermal springs in Altai region;
  4. Tumninskiy thermal springs in the Khabarovsk Krai;
  5. Verkhniy Bor in Tyumen.

All thermal springs in modern landscaped. They work baths with outdoor pools, the temperature varies, but never falls below +40°C. This kind of vacation is perfect for those who want to rejuvenate their body, to get rid of many diseases, but at the same time to save on the travel budget.

A romantic trip together

Young couples in the winter, it's time to go to the ski slopeswhere during the day you can compete with each other, rapidly down the mountain, and in the evening warm up by the fireplace in the cottage or have fun in the discos of the resort.

Especially for such events suitable Krasnaya Polyana – Sochi resort functioning all the year round. Offering young people modern hotels with excellent design, baths, pools and cafes.

In Krasnaya Polyana there are many attractions:

  • Dolmens of the bronze age;
  • Enclosed complex with wild animals;
  • Ethnographic complex "My Russia";
  • Arboretum;
  • Greenhouse.

Winter Yalta is also perfect for romantic trips, as the air is not on-winter warm, prices are low, and entertainment enough for the week ahead. Popular with holidaymakers walking along the promenade, tasting of Crimean wines, visiting museums and palaces, and if you stay in one place bored, you can always go to nearby cities: Sevastopol, Alushta or Sudak.

What to see?

Architectural landmarks and a rich cultural heritage – a good reasonthat it's time to go in search of the sights of Russia.

By car

na mashine po Leningradskoj oblasti

The most obvious option is to go on a little trip on cities of Russia, in which there is the opportunity to explore ancient churches and monasteries, and other monuments of history and culture.

Especially interesting is a visit to Smolensk, Kolomna, the Moscow, Tver, Zvenigorod and other towns, where well-preserved ancient architecture of the Kremlin, monasteries and temples.

Here, besides the beautiful architecture, tourists will find a variety of museums, monuments and sculptures, parks and canals.

It is incredibly interesting to travel by car from Moscow to cities located at the Yaroslavl highway. Here you can find the famous estate-Museum Abramtsevo and Muranovo, monasteries Khotkovo and Sergiev-Posad, museums and ancient temples of Kalyazin, Kashin and Uglich.

For its beauty and interestingness are not inferior to the old and royally beautiful city in Leningrad region:

  1. Pavlovsk;
  2. Vyborg;
  3. Peterhof;
  4. Kronstadt.

Attractions of these places are worth to see. Snowy palaces, mansions and hunting lodges especially beautiful in the winter.

With a child

The traditional route for a winter vacation with children – a trip to the cities of Russia, associated with Santa Claus and snow Maiden. First and foremost is, of course, the Great Ustyug – the birthplace of the main Christmas gifts. This city has retained for adults and younger visitors many architectural monuments, ancient churches and monasteries.

Here you can learn more about these unique crafts, like the blackening of silver and painted birch bark baskets.

v rezidenciu Deda Moroza s rebenkom

Near Velikiy Ustyug is located in Kostroma – the birthplace of the snow Maiden. Continually come here on family vacations with the kidsto visit the famous winter Palace of the heroine.

In the house of the snow Maiden for kids arranged a number of interactive programs, museums and exhibitions Kostroma crafts.

You can often see adults and children in the Elbrus region. Famous Caucasian resort is not especially conspicuous landmarks, but prefer to come here on a family vacation to go on long runs. There is a lot of easy slopes, perfect for kids. On the slopes there are instructors, and overnight accommodation is well-appointed hotels.


To organize a trip to Russia in the winter is a snap, especially if it's a sightseeing holiday. An interesting experience will give a visit to Kaliningrad in winter. Ancient city, standing alone, combines the beauty of historic sites, natural spots and magnificent coastline.

Come here to admire Friedrichsburg gate, the Catholic Church in the Gothic style, as well as a rich collection of exhibits in the Museum of amber.

Natural attractions is famous for lake Baikal:

  • Olkhon Island;
  • Sandy Bay;
  • Baikalsk;
  • Listvyanka.

Deserves special attention Kamchatka, where can be easily reached by plane, to meet the best volcanoes of Russia or visit the Valley of geysers, which made the list "Seven miracles of Russia".

If there will be enough time to rest, you can go to Tatarstan, where tourists enjoy the majestic mosques and Orthodox churches, the famous Kazan Kremlin and other colorful sights of the Republic.

Watching video is a compilation of popular winter destinations in Russia: