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Winter rest in the Carpathians: is it possible to have a rest cheaply, which is better with kids?

otdyh zimoj v Karpatah

Carpathian mountains are famous as the ideal place to spend holidays or vacations in the winter. There are comfortable conditions for extreme sports fans, lovers of peace, couples, climbers, hunters historical knowledge. Winter rest in the Carpathians will leave only positive impressions.

In the Carpathians where you can relax inexpensive?

A mountain range stretched for a half mile, a third of it is located on the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian resorts equipped to the highest class, in no way inferior to the European. Buying a ticket in the Ukrainian Carpathians, the tourist saves money, the quality of the rest of high. In winter, the majority of people going to the South seas, forgetting about the mountains.

The advantage of the mountains before the sea is the ability to strengthen and heal the body, because here the air is saturated with oxygen, ozone, useful pine aromas.

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kurort Bukovel

Bukovel is located in a picturesque part of Ivano-Frankivsk region. The highest point of the area — G. Long, the height of 1372 m.

The complex contains 63 modern equipped tracks, 16 lifts. Rich in tourist season begins in November and lasts six months. Bukovel located in the themed entertainment:

  • "Felicita" and "Osteria Italiana" — Italian restaurants with delicious dishes made by chefs from Italy;
  • "Filvarok" — tavern in Hutsul style;
  • "Dumplings here", "Bulchiniocha", "Kneipp", "Cyber house" — a cafe of the Ukrainian national cuisine;
  • "Kaiser", "Crepdeshinok" — fine dining restaurants;
  • "Zanzibar", "Panorama" bars with own show-programs;
  • "The veranda Lounge" , an elite bar, specialising in alcoholic beverages;
  • "Kugel" pub for beer lovers, football, smoked snacks;
  • "Buka" — a shopping and entertainment center.

Health system offers Spa treatments, a wood-fired Banya, Finnish, Russian, Turkish sauna, medical examination. Within walking distance are gift shops, shop, embroidery, supermarkets sports apparel, equipment and accessories, tire service, car wash, Museum of art.

Bukovel in the lovers of adrenaline offers a variety of extreme activities:

  1. Amusement Park "Big Airbag";
  2. The snowpark;
  3. High-speed walks on jeeps, snowmobiles, ATVs;
  4. The snow tubing.

It's a fashionable place, but with a limited budget it is possible to live, with all the benefits of civilization, such as:

  • Private estate "silveroks hotel" 4 km from the lift;
  • "Carpathian Zori" from the slopes 2 km;
  • "Milli & Jon" in the village Polanica.


trassy Slavskogo

Slavske is an urban village in the Lviv region.

The main peak of the complex. Dovbushanka (1236 m). The season starts in December and lasts until April.

Restaurant service developed at European level:

  1. "Christine", "Slavyanka", "Maxim", "Laguna" — Ukrainian national cuisine, seats 50 people;
  2. "Landscape" — a restaurant with a private trout farm;
  3. "Carpathia" — Hutsul cafe home cooking.

Healing program Slavske includes saunas (Finnish, Russian), the bathhouse on firewood, Chan Wellness, Spa treatments and more. The field of leisure and service means grocery stores, fairs, cheese tastings, art exhibitions, rental of ski equipment, clothing, sledges, snowboards, snowmobiles, Parking.

Slavske offers thrill-seekers the fun of testing the following lifts:

  • Pohar — 857 m, 12 lighted slopes, elevation 200 m;
  • Krokus — length 700 m, vertical drop 210 m;
  • Trostyan — 1232 m, there is a children's liftthe ski pass;
  • Flint is 173 m, ski road 1000 m;
  • Warsaw — length 1 km, slopes designed for skiers of an average level.

slavskie podemniki

In Slavsko located dozens of hotels, hostels, guest houses, offering visitors a comfortable accommodation with Breakfast at the loyal prices, for example:

  1. "The court of the crown Prince" , in 1 km from the snowy ski slopes;
  2. "Alpenhof" is located 100 m from the ski slopes. The price includes two meals a day;
  3. "Carpathian comfort" from the ski lifts 1 km, the included Breakfast and dinner.
  4. "Pearl of the Carpathians" , in 1000 m from the ski slopes.


Plai is a relatively new ski resort lies in the village of Lviv region. The highest point is 1060 m. There are 6 modern ski roads up to a length of 1.2 km. the Season lasts from December to March.

Shopping base of the complex contains restaurants with home-grown vegetables and fruits — "Carpathian Ruzha", "ruler".

Also available on-site fast food "On the slope", a disco with a 15-metre bar, 5D cinema, sports center "play", Billiards, bowling.

Wellness Spa offers:

  • Massage;
  • Pool;
  • Saunas — Russian, Finnish, infrared, cedar, Roman;
  • Ice room;
  • Therapy mineral waters.

The service includes medical service, free Parking, meeting rooms, rental of equipment, machinery, accessories.

In Plai fans of extreme sports to get the adrenaline rush, taking advantage of the steep ski descents. Wishes thrill can also experience the high-speed driving on jeeps, snowmobiles, horses.

kompleks Plaj

Plai is a rapidly developing resort. Because of his youth, the stay here is economical. Affordable housing is present throughout.


Dragobrat is the highest ski complexlocated in the Carpathians. The highest point is G. Stack, with an altitude of 1708 m. the Season lasts from December to April.

Dragobrat is 20 slopes, 10 lifts, a Paradise for adventurers and a cozy place to vacation with children. The food at the resort varied:

  1. "Grun Hoff" — this fine-dining restaurant in the centre of Dragobrat;
  2. "The big dipper", "Carolina" — institutions of national cuisine;
  3. "Marika" — Italian restaurant with European cuisine;
  4. "12 months" — a night club with a disco and karaoke.

Wellness complex offers a Spa treatment hot springs, pool, Playground. Additional facilities offered include a ski school, rental of climbing equipment, equipment and machinery, Billiards, Internet.

sklony Dragobrata

Dragobrat — a godsend for seekers of extreme sports, which are provided with options for obtaining bright impressions:

  • Freeride (freeride) 3000 m;
  • Jumps for freestyle;
  • Flight on a paraglider;
  • Riding on ATV's, snowmobiles, jeeps, sleds;
  • Steep slopes for snowboarding.

Dragobrat contains holiday options for every budget. The amount of the rent depends on the distance from the lifts. At a distance of over 3 km away is available cheap houses "Edelweiss" (12000 m from the slopes), guest house "Mandrivnyk" (15 km to the slopes, no power) and others.

Vacation with children

Many parents already from an early age try to teach children skiing. In the Carpathians, for it presents the perfect opportunity.

Where to travel with kids?

90% of the Carpathian resorts are designed for family holidays. Children's infrastructure is at a better level of satisfied tourists returning to their favorite places for a fun time with kids.

Best baby service offer the same ski resorts Bukovel, Dragobrat, Plai, Slavske.

Children's entertainment

Couples can feel free to take the children to the mountains of Bukovel. There are all conditions for young travelers:

  1. Game center "Kinder Club";
  2. SEC "Leopark";
  3. Winter camp "Artek-Carpaty";
  4. Children's playgrounds;
  5. Inflatable slides, trampolines, electric cars;
  6. Sports clubs — football, tennis, volleyball.

detskie razvlecheniya

Active holidays in Drahobrat is guaranteed to all, including families with kids. For them a special room with entertainment:

  • The children's area;
  • Skiing from 3 years withinstructor;
  • Sleigh;
  • Slides;
  • Board games;
  • Animators.

The complex "Plai" took care of the children's development and leisure by creating entertaining and educational program:

  1. Sleigh rides;
  2. Baby tubing;
  3. Slides, pool balls, games;
  4. Entertainment area.

Slavske provides comfortable conditions for its little guests:

  • Games room for childrenwith modern swings, slides, trampolines;
  • Ski school with children's instructors;
  • The pool is heated;
  • Animators.

What to do in the winter?

Primarily in winter, ski resorts are going for an unforgettable experience. But in addition sports Carpathian mountains offer a rich tourist programme.


ekskursii k usadbe Sv. Nikolaya

Carpathians — a mountain area with many unique places. Nearby cities steeped in history and has seen hundreds of battles.

For tens of centuries the territory was conquered by the Tatar-Mongols, Hungarians, Austrians, poles and other peoples. Each left its historic, architectural, cultural trail.

Nature also influenced attractions. Thousands of tourists inspired by the historic data, travel for new knowledge and impressions.

Ivano-Frankivsk region — historical territory, who owns numerous fortresses, churches, monuments, natural attractions. From Bukovel regularly make trips to interesting places:

  1. The town of Rohatyn is the birthplace of the famous Turkish sultans Ukrainian origin of Hürrem Sultan or roxelana;
  2. Monuments to the virgin Mary and the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ;
  3. The Residence Of St. Nicholas;
  4. Potocki Palace;
  5. Museum Gutsulschiny;
  6. The Probiy waterfall in Yaremche;
  7. Shape silver waterfalls.

Lviv region is famous for the rare places that are worth seeing:

  • Lake Synevyr;
  • Thermal springs;
  • Waterfalls Shypit and Kamyanka;
  • Mukachevo castle;
  • Fortress Tustan;
  • Hoshiv monastery.

ekskursionnoe ozero Sinevir

Cultural and historical monuments , Skole district, Lviv region:

  1. Church. Nicholas is known for its healing power;
  2. Church. Michael is the oldest temple around.
  3. Museum Boyko and Hutsul cultures.
  4. The Museum preserves objects of everyday life of the people, articles of carpentry, weaving, Kuznetsk plants.

The scenic mountainous area of Transcarpathia has to travel for natural attractions:

  • An Array Of Gendarmes;
  • The ascent of the peaks of Hoverla (2061 m) , Petros (2020 m);
  • Mountain lake Hereshaska and Ivor;
  • Trufanets — the highest waterfall of Drahobrat.

Winter fun

Winter — time snow games, mountain activities, skiing on the snow-covered valleys. SERVIS winter activities Bukovel is highly developed and presents a huge range of services:

  1. Rally off-road;
  2. Skiing skiing, sledding, snowboarding;
  3. Snoarting;
  4. Sledding with dogs;
  5. Bukovelska slides;
  6. Fair of crafts, food, Souvenirs.

Slavske offers a wide variety of fun in the snow time: horseback riding, skiing, Snowmobiling, ATV, fishing on a trout farm.

Winter is a unique opportunity to see the popular event village:

  • Fair of Handicrafts;
  • Auctions of national costumes, embroidery;
  • Tasting of wine, cheese, sweets;
  • Festivalsdedicated to the Shrovetide and other holidays.

In Drahobrat tourists are horseback riding, annual fair of crafts, Souvenirs, embroidery Freeride fest — international festival of skiing on virgin soil.

Four popular ski resort perfectly combines in itself criteria of a comfortable home away from home, presence of children, the modern equipment of the slopes and the possibility of extreme entertainment.

We recommend you to watch a video about these and other ski resorts of the Carpathians: