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Stay for New year in Egypt - whether to go: photos, weather, temperature

pogoda v Egipte na Novyj god

Every year more and more people plan to celebrate the New year in Egypt. Dive into the warm sea in the midst of a European winter is a great opportunity to enjoy the holiday.

New year in Egypt - photo

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Though the locals of Egypt and celebrate the New year in another month, tourists from Europe in late December – early January, proposed a large-scale festive program.

When's the party?

1 January in Egypt is officially considered the beginning of new year and national holiday. But for the locals celebrating the Western New year is not traditional.

In Ancient Egypt the new year was dedicated to the flooding of the Nile and climb the sacred star Sirius. It happens closer to September.

The older generation of Egyptians still celebrate the New year, according to this ancient tradition.

Christmas Egyptian Christians celebrate according to the Julian calendar – January 7, and it is the main religious holiday. Despite the fact that Egypt was a country predominantly inhabited by Muslims, the feast of the birth of the Christian Messiah is a national and non-working respectively.

How to celebrate?

The vast majority of the inhabitants of Egypt are Muslims, so Christmas holidays and Christmas are not important to them. However, other inhabitants of the coast – Coptic Christians – celebrate the holidays on a par with European tourists. However, the main holiday for them is Christmas – the Copts celebrate the night of 6 to 7 January. Adherents of Catholicism, which in Egypt also many, celebrating Christmas on 25 Dec is on a par with other countries.

Kak vstrechaut?

Traditionally, the New year Egyptian Christians spend time in temples pray that the coming year was successful and happy. And then exchange gifts and dine with family and friends. PIR Copts are not satisfied , the New year falls on Christmas post.

However, the fact that the people of Egypt celebrate the New year with such a large scale as in Russia or European countries, does not mean that there is no feeling of occasion.

A welcoming and friendly the Egyptians are striving to create in the resorts of the embodiment of the traditional Western winter Wonderland.

They decorate the shopping malls and parks, and instead of pine trees and fir trees in the streets are elegant palm trees. Hotel facilities include a bright illumination, decorating artificial trees. Everywhere travelers welcomes Santa Clauscalled in Egypt – Papa Noel.

All the hotels in the coast of the red sea of tourists waiting for a full Christmas program with a fashionable disc jockey, entertainers and colourful theatrical productions.

Weather for the holidays

Before you travel for the holidays wherever it is, it's better to know weather conditions in advance to be prepared for temperature changes or other surprises.

The temperature of the air and water

Despite the fact that the middle of winter in Egypt is considered to be one of the coldest periods of the year, tourism in the new year encouraging European tourists because of its warm weather. The average January temperature is 24 degrees in the afternoon heat and about 12 degrees at night.

In January, the average temperature of the Mediterranean sea ranges from 18 to 20 degrees above zero. The red sea is pleased with higher temperatures – from +20 to +23 degrees.

It is worth noting that on the coast often blows a strong wind, so the feeling after swimming may not be the most pleasant.

The particular weather conditions in different areas


The temperature in Egypt depends on the location of the resort: proximity to the desert and mountain ranges which protect the area from cold winds.

  • For example, in the Sinai Peninsula, in cities such as Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh, surrounded by mountains, the air is heated a few degrees higher than in other cities of Egypt. Night in these regions, the air temperature does not drop below 14 degrees Celsius.
  • Slightly different is the case with other resorts, which is also located off the coast of the red sea. Unprotected mountainous terrain provokes the appearance of the strong winds which, in turn, reduce the average air temperature. In cities such as El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Makadi Bay, Hurghada and Safaga, it is about 21 degrees in the daytime and +11 degrees at night.
  • Weather in Alexandrialocated on the Mediterranean coast, on new year's holidays absolutely not a beach holiday. Because of the cold winds, the day temperature here is above 18 degrees, and night - about 10 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is not more than +19°C.
  • Not far from the Sahara desert is another favourite holiday destination is the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Daytime temperatures here due to the proximity with the desert and rarely drops below 19 degrees. But at night this time of year is cold enough - the temperature drops to 8°C.

Regardless of the location of cities and resorts, in Egypt, precipitation falls out rarely. The rain is only possible on the Mediterranean coast and in the capital.

Where to go for Christmas?

If there is a choice between the resorts, you should understand exactly what you want from a holiday, because in different parts of the country you can find different types of tourism.


Weather red sea coast for the New year is quite comfortable and conducive to swimming and beach holiday.

However, the most of warm weather in mid - winter is celebrated at the many resorts on the Sinai Peninsula.

For example, in the city of Dahab, where the eponymous resort, beach season is open all year round. This area is suitable for those who loves active holiday: there are a lot of campings, diving centers and scenic spots for a deep dive. Local bars and discos, where tourists can relieve stress and have fun always ready to serve tourists.

For beach lovers, with its traditional bathing in Dahab and offers sandy beaches with sand, equipped with sun beds and loungers. The temperature of the water a day does not drop below 22 degrees, and therefore, you can safely enjoy your holiday on the coast.


tury v Nuvejbu

The resort of Nuweiba, geographically belonging to Sharm El Sheikh, famous for its Golden beaches and warm temperatures of air and water throughout the year. In January, the day temperature not less than +24 degrees, and the water is only a few degrees lower.

In the field of entertainment offer their services to bars and clubs with pool tables and a traditional show in the evening. In addition, you can go diving and sailing, as well as purchase Souvenirs in the cosy shops of the city market.

Staying here will suit lovers of relaxing pastime. The lack of multiple groups of tourists influences positively the quality of service in hotels and hotels. Even in high season the beaches in Nuweiba is not overcrowded. And the quality of the sea water and cleanliness of the beaches will surprise the most discerning traveler. It should be noted that for convenience on the beaches equipped with bars and showers.

Despite the calm and peaceful atmosphere that reigns in the resort for the New year local hotels offer guests the traditional holiday program, where anyone can have fun to celebrate the holiday.

The restaurants are traditional shows, such as belly dancing and Tanura – national Egyptian dance, while kids are entertained by animators.

All the hotels offers a Breakfast buffetand meeting of the New year is accompanied with opening of champagne and dancing around artificial trees.

Sharm El-Sheikh

The undisputed leaders among the new year's beach holiday is rightly considered the resorts of Sharm El-Sheikh. They are best suited for comfortable stay by the sea. When choosing a hotel, note its location area: most suitable for holidays by the sea are areas completely sheltered from the wind. First of all it areas:

  1. Hadaba. The oldest district of Sharm El Sheikh offers both free and paid beaches. But be careful, many of the local beaches are beach with coral reefs and the deep bottom. The temperature of the air and water during the day it is about 25degrees;
  2. Sharm El Maya. This resort attracts tourists with a professional and quality level of service. When entering the water hazard in the form of coral reefs or sea urchins minimized. The beaches of this area are ideal for families with children;
  3. Naama Bay. Here tourists enjoy the sandy beaches without sharp coral reefs and calm, azure sea with no strong currents.

gulyaniya v SHram-el-SHejhe

Free time in Sharm you can visit the famous bazaars and camel rides. In addition, the increased interest are the main attractions of the city - a national Park and Sinai mountains.

There are also a huge number of restaurants, clubs, salons and cafes for every taste.

New year hotels Sharm El Sheikh offers tourists a traditional celebration with a memorable contests, unchanging buffet, disco with DJs and artists from around the world. It features classic accommodation with belly dancing and other local folk art.

It is important to note that the Christmas program will depend on the category of the chosen hotel. For example, the level and quality of activity in the hotel category "4 stars" will be significantly higher than in three - or two-star hotel.


Almost all Egypt resorts offer tourists the opportunity to celebrate the New year, fully feeling of a home atmosphere of celebration, except that, without frost and snow. However, the best of them are the resorts of Hurghada, El Gouna and Makadi Bay.

Egyptian resort of Hurghada offers an excellent opportunity to feel the new year's eve in an atmosphere of coziness and home heat. In local shopping centres since the beginning of December opens special trade fair where you can buy the artificial fir-tree, toys, and other close to the heart of European party supplies.

After midnight you can walk the main touristic Mamsha street. Known for its cozy cafes and souvenir stalls, pedestrian street will lead you to the Marina, where you can enjoy the fresh sea air.

Great popularity among tourists of Hurghada enjoys westernized located near the town of El Gouna. You can get here by taxi, the more this contributes to the small distance of just 25 km away from the Light and music shows, cinema, Christmas parade – all under the open sky, will not leave anyone indifferent. Clean city with many canals and bridges is like a window to Europe in the colorful multicultural country.

For those who want to give yourself during the winter holidays to rest from the city bustle and festive burlesque, the services offer a completely new direction – the resort of Makadi Bay. Here you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the endless sandy beach, covered with shells and coral and ride the streets on a sleigh pulled by the best Arab horses.

Rozhdestvo v Hurgade

If you go beyond the territory of any of the respectable hotels located here, you can be one on one with the hot Egyptian desert, enchanting and alluring. Great opportunity to start the new calendar year with a meeting with pristine wildlife.

To summarize - whether to go?

Winter holidays in the resorts of Egypt has many positive aspects. However, winter is winter, and even in a warm country there may be moments that can spoil a long awaited vacation.

The pros of the new year Egypt:

  • As we approach the new year price increase, but only slightly, and the stay remains one of the most profitable;
  • Comfortable, warm weather. Temperature does not hurt you to explore the local attractions, but at the same time will allow you to sunbathe and swim;
  • Hotels offer rich new year's program.

Cons of celebrating in this country:

  1. Some cities on the Red sea are not suitable for a beach holiday. The reason was the cold wind, so frequent in the resorts during winter time;
  2. Despite the place of your holiday, early morning and late evening can be quite cool in any region of the country;
  3. Rooms in Egyptian hotels do not providethe presence of heaters and heating systems, this room is cold enough.

Of course, the celebration of the Christmas holidays in such an unusual European tourists conditions will give you vivid emotions and unusual memories of a lifetime for you and your family.

Watch a video about what things you might need in winter in Egypt: