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Holidays in Spain: where it's warm, what the weather and temperatures in January?

pogoda v Ispanii v yanvare

Sunny resorts, vivid sights and memorable mountain tourism – all about Spain – a country where it is nice to relax at any time of the year. Tourists want to see everything here, starting from the cultural values of Barcelona, shopping in Madrid and ending with a beach holiday on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coast.

What is the weather like in January in Spain?

Due to the unique Spanish climate, a visit to this country in January may be the perfect time for the winter holidays. The weather is not kind of warm, but that the number of tourists is not decreasing.

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The temperature of the air and water

Spain occupies quite a large territory, so in this country, not everywhere is the same temperature.

Temperaturnyj rezhim zimoj

While on the shores of Tenerife or the Costa Brava don't know about frost, meanwhile, ski resorts the temperature drops below zero.

In the Central part of Spain the winter is in full swing. Deep in the mainland are constant cold rain blow the strongest wind, and Sunny days are almost unheard of. The day here usually, the thermometer shows no more than +10°C, and at night it becomes cold– 0-+2 degrees.

Ski resorts of Spain is the best weather for January, so here is especially seen an influx of tourists. On the snow-covered Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees, the thermometer shows only -10 degrees. Overall, it's Sunny here, but not very frosty, which is beneficial to the travelers.

January in Spain is the period when the average daily temperature is around +8 to 16 degrees, and at night can drop to 0.

Periodically there are rains, a little less snow falls, and at night frost can occur, but mostly in the North of the country.

In General, for Spain, the Jan typical mild winters, and to be here, depending on the region, quite nice. In the Eastern part a few degrees lower than in the South and in the Central region and the North gets very cold.

Where is the heat?

gde na Kanarskih ostrovah teplee?

In this month there is enough sunshine and warm days, especially in the South and East of Spain.

The most favorable climate in January is in the South, where weather conditions encourage to dress in bathing suits and a little sun. The weather for the whole month pleases indicators +19-21°C during the day, so tourists still have a chance to get some sun in the sun, but about being in the water and speech can not be.

The warmest place, and not one located on the Canary Islands:

  • Tenerife;
  • Palm;
  • Fuerteventura;
  • Lanzarote;
  • Gran Canaria.

Their territory was still quite warm weather for Spain. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +21 degrees, and at night the thermometer shows 18°C In January, oceanic water of the Atlantic ocean not suitable for swimming. Part of this is facilitated by low water temperature (16 degrees), and in part the strong wind characteristic of the winter season.

No worse than the weather in January in the East – on the luxurious Islands of the Mediterranean sea. The temperature is relatively stable, and the thermometer shows 20 degrees. Often one-day performance rises to 23 degrees.

Teplo na Ibice

Good weather persists on these island resorts of the Mediterranean sea:

  1. Ibiza;
  2. Mallorca;
  3. Menorca.

Here the air temperature warms up to +18 degrees in the afternoon. At night it becomes cool because the temperature drops to 12 degrees. The holiday season is at this time closed, but the number of Sunny days pleasant. Sea water warms up to the level of+13°C.

A little more cool, but still Sunny in January in southern Spain near the Strait of Gibraltar and off the southern coast of the Atlantic.

The popular resorts of Andalusia in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +16°, and at night cooled to +8 degrees. This warm weather is typical on the Costa del Sol, Costa del Almeria and the Costa de La Luz. Swimming in the sea and a beach holiday is possible, as the water temperature obscenely cold +13°C.

What clothes to bring?

Planning a vacation in Spain in January, you should carefully consider your wardrobe.

For those who want to relax on the coast, you should bring a bathing suit and lightweight clothes.

Also do not forget windproof clothing. In the evenings very cool, and the wind blowing everywhere.

If the rest in January, we will be in the Central part of Spain, be sure to bring warm clothes, but you can buy them right here, because in January in Madrid and in other major cities in the middle of a sale.

Temperatures in major cities

The lack of favorable weather in January does not prevent tourists to spend days walking around the streets of the major cities in Spain, photographing the sights and trying the local cuisine.


zimnyaya Barselona

January in Barcelona is considered to be quite a cool period. The air is usually warmed up to 13 degrees, and at night cooled to +6°C. Sunny days in this city about fifteen per month, and the number of rainy days no more than five.

It is worth noting the low humiditytypical of January, and that means a dry winter. However, the discomfort takes a strong wind.


During the month the weather behaves unstable, but in any case, below zero in Madrid does not happen. The average daytime temperature reaches +10 degrees, and at night the air cools down to +3-5°C.

This weather is hard to call a resort, but on 2 January in the city are opened numerous museums, cafes, restaurants and shops that fully compensate for the absence of the sun.

The main disadvantage of the weather in January in Madrid are the constant rain. This month there are many cloudy days, and solar is only about 5-8.


Novogodnyaya Valensiya

Winter month in Valencia fairly warm. The average daily temperature in January is about +16 degrees, and at night – 6 degrees. The rains here are quite rare, and sometimes from the Mediterranean or the Pyrenees come a Gale.

If the weather in Valencia will be too cool, you can go a little further South to Alicante, where the January climate is 3-4 degrees higher, and Sunny days much more.


Regardless of the season, Spain harmoniously coexist beach and ski resorts, excursions and shopping, and gastronomic tours and dynamic modern life.

Where better to go?

Holidays in Spain are perfect at any time of year, but winter is better to spend a vacation while in the ski resorts in the country. In this period the holiday season is already closed, but active rest is in full swing.

Frosty fresh air can be enjoyed in the Pyrenees, located on the border with Andorra and France.

Here in the midst of the ski season, and the "feature" of these places is the ability to come down from the mountains directly to the sea.

Only in Spain five wonderful locations:

  1. Iberian mountain system;
  2. The Central mountain system;
  3. The Catalan Pyrenees;
  4. Aragones;
  5. The Cantabrian Cordillera.

Thanks to this choice, the final decision where to go skiing, on the spot.

Kuda luchshe poehat v gory?

The advantages of visiting this time

Holiday in Spain in January – this is a great opportunity to celebrate major holidays (New Year and Christmas) abroad surrounded by palm trees and the exotic. Prices at this time are much lower than on the summer tours, and the quality of service remains the same.

Weather is favourable for travel around the country, exploring the sights and for shopping and Christmas sales that begin in Spain on 2 January.

What to do?

Spain can safely be regarded as the place to stay in January. In this country every city as a resort, so there will always be interesting.

January weather favors holiday tour, and the choice of directions is incredibly extensive.

In Barcelona, as usual, admire architecture, in Madridbright Royal castles, magnificent museums.

In Toledo or Bilbao you can go to see the city included in the UNESCO list, and visit Seville or Girona, to enjoy the views of Medieval Spain.

In the night from December 31 to January 1 in Spain celebrate the New year, and make this noisy and colorful. January 6 here is the ancient feast Day of the Magi, during which festivals and celebrations.

January is perfect for a holiday in Spain, because the tourists have the opportunity to bask in the sun on the well-known resorts and go to the mountain or sightseeing holiday in the country.

Watch a video about the weather in January in the South of Spain: