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The weather in Cyprus in January: the temperature in Larnaca, Limassol and other resorts

pogoda na Kipre v yanvare

Whether to go on a winter resort, if there cool? Quite an urgent question. Winter Cyprus is not conditions for a beach holiday.

However, this period is noteworthy. Why and how does the weather in January in Cyprus will be discussed further.

The average temperature of air and water

What weather to expect in January in Cyprus — you can not guess. The maximum temperature of air reaches +15 degrees, and the water temperature in the sea — to +17.

Overall this kind of weather continues throughout January which is the coldest month of the year.

At night the temperature can drop to 6 degrees. In some parts of the island the rain can be combined with hail. The snow usually falls only in the mountains and this fact is, by the way, is positive, as it allows tourists to enjoy skiing.

temperatura vozduha i vody na Kipre

The Cyprus winter is characterized by plenty of rain. As a rule, throughout January, Sunny days give way to rainy and cloudy and Vice versa. Rains a lot and many rivers are overflowing in this period.

On the coast in January blowing humid winds, sometimes very strong. So on the shore tend to be cooler compared to other areas.

Features guests at this time

Weather is often rainy, maybe windy and wet. Therefore, campers will not be able to swim and sunbathe.

Of course, the longing for the sea can cool at a water temperature of 17-19 degrees, but there are not a lot of people.

In General, this temperature is acceptable for swimming, however cold air, the presence of winds and rain.

Therefore, if and to sunbathe, it is only on the sun loungers on site or in the high mountains at the ski resort or in the process of walking.


dostupnyj otdyh na Kipre

By the way, it should be noted the factor of choice of accommodation. Holidays in January the attractive possibility to choose a luxury hotel as the room rate in this period is substantially reduced. At the same time for normal rest you'll need to choose a good hotel.

First, it becomes relevant quality heating in the rooms. Second, useful noted earlier, the opportunity to sunbathe on site and take advantage of the hotel pool.

Pros and cons: should I go?

Many people like to start in the new year on the island in a festive atmosphere. Nice to get a leisurely stroll through the different streets, to get acquainted with the traditions and taste the local cuisine. You can immerse yourself in the lives of the people of the city and explore the attractions.

Please every ripe tangerines, which are just starting to catch up and create an incredibly delicious smell in the groves.

stoit li ehat na Kipr v yanvare?

Advantage of the rest at the beginning of the year is that a bit of tourists. No need to spend a lot of time to get into the museums. About the queues you should not worry.

The cost of many entertainment becomes accessible, because tourism as such on the island is not observed.

Therefore, if we consider the January Cyprus in terms of economic benefits, the option looks quite interesting.

Moreover, if we compare this winter with winter in the Nordic countries, the temperature is about fifteen degrees above zero looks tempting.

In winter, there is still the opportunity to sample delicious Cypriot food. The island has many attractions:

  • cultural and historical;
  • natural beauty.

Winter allows you to travel on the Cyprus villages and enjoy their comfort and authenticity.

Given the characteristics of the weather, you should bring waterproof and warm shoes, a warm sweater, jacket, scarf, umbrella.

If you are planning to go to a ski resort or Hiking in the mountains, then you need to take the proper equipment.


Resorts in the country

karta kurortov Kipra

Larnaca, Paphos and Nicosia

The warmest winter resort on the island is Paphos, where the average temperature of water and air is about sixteen degrees. Acceptable temperature that will delight given the opportunity to stay at this luxury resort in January at a reduced cost. A little colder in Larnaca and Nicosia, about 1-2 degrees.

Agia NAPA and Limassol

Similarly, the situation is on the territory of ancient Ayia NAPA. In Limassol, daytime temperatures may reach 14-15 degrees.

Consider the development of the city: in large cities, usually a bit warmer than say on the weather reports.

In addition, from the whims of the weather you are always warm welcoming bars and clubs of Limassol, which unlike other cities continue to work in the winter.


It should be noted Troodos, which is a popular ski resort. These mountains in General are always cooler most of the territory of Cyprus throughout the year. In winter here there is snow and the daytime temperature may be about eight degrees, here as always in the mountains – the higher, the colder.

otpusk v gorah Kipra v yanvare

What to do in the vacation?

As previously mentioned, at the January Cyprus tourism significantly reduced, but there are cities that can provide not only measured, and violent entertainment, in particular Paphos. If you want to go "wild" for the holidays, you should go there, the word is the most Russian-speaking resort on the island.


In General Cyprus has a lot of attractions that worth a visit. Car hire or excursions in January are cheaper. There is therefore the opportunity to make a cultural programme - to look at ancient cities, diverse monasteries and natural beauty.

Given the relatively small size of the island, you will be able (if there is such intention) to explore the island almost completely.

ekskursii na ostrove v yanvare

Lake Larnaca

Not only standard tourist places. Definitely need to visit the lake of Larnaca.

It has a tendency to disappear during the hot months. A few months a year, you can see it filled with water.

It is winter after rains dry lake "alive". It carries a beautiful and elegant Flamingo, which build their nests on the island.

28 Jan organized cross road and Church celebration at the monastery of Neophytos the Recluse. The monastery is located near the city of Paphos. Are there cave light up dozens of candles. Many people flock to the service to honor the memory of the Saint.

Mountain slopes

In winter, the island of Cyprus will appreciate the ski resorts. Especially their filled slopes of the Troodos mountain range. In January, a snow cover sufficient for skiing and snowboarding. In the mountains it is important to use sunscreen to keep skin protected.

For service, these resorts are quite comparable with European and enjoy great popularity not only among Cypriots. The cost is more affordable and the slopes are very high quality.

The weather in Cyprus in winter, in the following video: