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Holidays in the Maldives: what is the weather and temperatures in January?

pogoda na Maldivah v yanvare

When the yard is raging snow Blizzard and so cold that the dog on the street will not drive, so I want to lie on the hot sand, sunbathe in the sun, swim in the warm sea.

So why not go to warm countries, leaving snow and cold behind? The best choice for those who are cold will be the weather in the Maldives in January.

What is the weather in the Maldives in January?

pogodnyj rezhim v seredine zimy

Coming in January to the Maldives, you know exactly where it goes the summer. Here is truly hot weather, which can compete even with our summer.

The temperature of the air and water

Temperature at this time in the Maldives will delight all lovers of the hot sun and warm sea.

The average temperature at all the resorts in the daytime varies between +32 and +33, and at night does not drop below 27C.

Here the average temperature at the resort in January:

  • Addu Atoll: +32-34C;
  • The recently presented Atoll: +30-33C;
  • Male Atoll: +30-34C;
  • Ari Atoll: +31-34C;
  • Haa Alifu Atoll: +30-33C;
  • Meemu Atoll: +32-33C.

Accordingly, in this weather sea is well heated. The sea water temperature in Maldives ranges between 27 and 29 degrees, so you just say "water, as fresh milk"when you go in for a swim.

Other weather conditions

inye klimaticheskie usloviya

The beginning of a new calendar year on the Islands - this time the North-East monsoon, so rain you won't wait. On average, in the Maldives in January, the rains occur 4-5 times a month.

The humidity here is quite low at this time, as the monsoons are warm and dry, so rain "choking" you should not be afraid.

The sun warms the land for 7-9 hours a day, and the number of Sunny days on average equal to 21 days in January. The sunniest and hottest recognize Haa Alifu, and more cloud is considered the Central areas of the archipelago.

But if the sun is covered with clouds, it does not mean that tanning is safe. On the contrary, the tropics are dangerous because sunburns can be obtained even when the sky is covered with clouds. So be careful.

Winter vacation in the tropics

yanvarskij otdyh

Before any journey it is good to work on a travel plan, weigh the pros and cons and take everything into account.

Advantages and disadvantages

If to speak about the pros of the January vacation in the Maldives, we can highlight the following:

  1. Of course, when talking about the Maldives, talking about the fact that it is truly "Paradise on Earth" at any time of the year. Here you can find a warm sun and the world's best beaches. White, soft sand, everything is smooth, clean, well - groomed- these appear the beaches on the Islands;
  2. Here is pretty unusual for us infrastructure. On the Islands there is no need for asphalt roads, almost no cars here, so that you can safely walk barefoot , even around the city center;
  3. A wide selection of amenities and services for travelers. A huge number of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos. Lovers of outdoor activities here just like it;
  4. Friendly and warm atmosphere will immediately captivate you. The locals are very friendly.
  5. History and culture of these tropical Islands will delight all lovers of the unknown.

What would Paradise did not seem to stay in the Maldives, the cons are still present:

  • The first and most important drawback are the prices. For those who are not willing to spend on vacation more than 200 thousand rubles, so the vacation will not afford;
  • On the Islands is not too much space, so lovers of long walks away from civilization to be herecramped;
  • Sea water is rich in diverse fauna. This is not always a fauna friendly. Off the coast quite often swim sharks. They don't usually attack, but caution never hurt anyone;
  • To eat right you have here will not work. The kitchen here is specific, very sharp and scarce. Ordinary water is quite expensive. So a meal plan you have to consider beforehand yourself.

How to dress?

chto iz odezhdy vzyat?

If you are already familiar with the section depicting the temperature on the Islands, know that without a swimsuit you can not do.

Bring clothes that will allow the body to breathe, otherwise the tropical climate will bring you to sunstroke. And definitely sunscreen, medicines (in case of sunburn, shock, food poisoning, etc.). To find the kit to be quite problematic.

Things to do this month?

As with any other Islands or beach resorts, you have a choice: swim-Zagorulko-beach program or entertainment (clubs, festivals, holidays, excursions).

Beach vacation

As already mentioned in this article: the Maldives is an archipelago with the best on Earth beaches. So fans of passive recreation there will definitely be something to do.

  1. The island of Hulhudhoo named after the island on which it is located. Wild beauty, peace and tranquility stretched for several kilometers from the mainland. White sand, beautiful sunsets and peace - that promises you the beach.
  2. Beach Madhu. This beach is also called "neon miracle," and for good reason. Due to a special type of plankton that lives in the lagoon, at night the beach is lit fancy neon lights. All this, coupled with a beautiful beach, takes you away from reality. A great place for those who dreamed to visit fairy tale.
  3. plyazh Madhu

  4. Kuda Huraa. This beach will appeal to all lovers of diving and diving. Here you will find everything you need for seabed survey.
  5. Magnificent marine life, coral reefs - all this awaits you on the beach of Kuda Huraa.

Excursions and entertainment

For those who prefer an active and memorable stay, the Maldives offer a range of services. Lots of clubs, bars, restaurants, what most of them are located in hotels, so you definitely won't get lost in the selection.

  • Excursion to malé. Malé is the capital of the Maldives archipelago and also the smallest capital in the world. It was here at the beginning of my vacation flying in tourists. They have carried about by speed boat or seaplane to your desired hotels or Islands.

    ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

    On a trip to this town worth a visit for those who love to study other cultures. Male will show you all the local flavor, the guide will tell you about the history of the Islands, brings to the national Museum, hold many mosques and markets. It is important to remember that the country professed Islam, so open clothes here would be inappropriate.

  • Fishing. Fishing tourists are usually invited in the morning, afternoon and evening. To fish either from small boats or from special boats, which are locally referred to as "Donny". The whole tour will take about 2.5-3 hours.
  • Excursion to the seaplane. Those who prefer to embrace once more, to inspect as much as possible in a short time, you can request a tour by seaplane. The flight lasts about 20 minutes, during which you can explore the island from a great height and to a storm of emotions.
  • Tour of the Islands of the archipelago. During this tour you will be able to visit 2-3 of the inhabited Islands of the archipelago, and 1 desert island. Of course, will have the opportunity to stop and swim, so bring your flippers, goggles and forward to the study of the seabed.

    Usually during this tour, tourists are imported in the fishing village where you can buy Souvenirs.

  • Boat trip on the glass bottom boat. This unusual tour will satisfy all those who are afraid to personally dive to the bottom and examine the local fauna. Most of all this excursion will appeal to kids.
  • You will take on the most interesting reefs on the Islands below through the glass bottom boats you saw a whole underwater world of the Maldives.

Holidays and festivals

As the Maldives is dominated by the Islamic religion, on the Islands maina lot of holidays and festivals celebrated according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, the exact date is not available. Every year the date may vary by a few days, or even weeks, so chose the holiday for a particular holiday have not come out.

But due to the fact that the Islands are a haven for wealthy European tourists, have made concessions, so the New Year is here time of unbridled debauchery. Dancing, fireworks, gala dinner, and various leisure activities for every taste.

From this video you can learn about accommodation in the Maldives in January: