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Thailand for the New Year: the weather in Koh Samui in January

pogoda na Samui v yanvare

Samui is one of the most popular places for winter holidays for those who prefer heat in the winter instead of cool. Weather in Samui in January is ideal for a relaxing holiday on the coast.

What is the weather like in January in Koh Samui?

pogodnye usloviya v seredine zimy

Being one of the most attractive resorts in Thailand, Samui offers tourists the most comfortable conditions for travelers.

In January, the island comes warm weather with no rain and strong wind.

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The temperature of the air and water

The rainy season on Koh Samui ends in December, and in January the weather becomes perfect for relaxing on the coast. The month refers to the dry season, when mild weather and lack of stuffiness and gives you the opportunity to spend more time outside the walls of the hotels and bungalows.

Overall, in all areas of the island is dry, clear and cloudless weather, especially noticeable in the second half of January.

The average temperature in the daytime can reach +25 degrees, in some regions – +30°C. At night, it gets a little cooler – up to 20 degrees. Throughout the month, these figures are growing. At the end of January, the temperature in the resorts increased by 3 degrees, and in remote areas, 2 units.

temperaturnye pokazateli

A little cooler in the mountains of Samui in non-tourist areas the day temperature does not exceed +15 degrees at night drops to 10°C. In January the main tourist life is concentrated near the coast.

Beach holidays, active marine entertainment and sports take almost all day.

The particular weather conditions

Thai island popular with holidaymakers, thanks to the possibility to spend new year holidays in an exotic setting. In the first half of January, the wind still blowing, delighting surfers with high waves.

klimaticheskie osobennosti

During this period, it is not recommended to give children to enter the sea – this can be done only in the second half of the month, when the wind will subside, the island will be established , windless weather with an almost complete absence of waves.

For months on Koh Samui, not more than 10 rainy days. Short-term precipitation falls mainly in the first half of the month. The showers are long, but they are noticeably intense. Most often they can be caught at night, but if they happen during the day, then quickly come to an end.

The dry season brings with it a lack of stuffiness. Low humidity allows more time to enjoy a beach holiday, sightseeing and boat trips. That is why January is considered one of the most favorable periods when there is no debilitating heat.

January vacation

Despite the fact that January is a bit unpredictable month, weather conditions in one of the many parts of Samui can come here lovers of rich rest.

Pros and cons – ought to go?

Weather conditions Samui are perfect for surfing, diving or excursions, and for parents with children. While on the Northern coast observed a perfect , windless weather on the East side of the island the waves allow him to perform incredible stunts.

Such features of the island are the main advantage of staying at the resort.

But great weather attracts incredibly a lot of tourists from all over the world, therefore, increases the cost of the tour, hotel reservation and tickets for the plane. But even in such circumstances, Samui remains relatively cheap destination for tourism.

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To save a little, it is better to book the journey in advance via the Internet. It is worth noting that the prices grow only in areas where there are large and popular beaches.

How to dress?

To spend time in January in the resorts of Koh Samui, you should bring warm clothes – hat, swimsuit, t-shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses. The nights can be cold, so should you pack in suitcase, sweater, jacket and shoes.

Do not forget about the danger of sunlight – on vacation will be useful to sunscreen and sunglasses, especially if the tourists have children. European skin easily burns under the Thai sun.

The best places

The choice of the resort depends on personal preference. Fans of diving and snorkeling you can go to the North or to the neighbouring island of Koh Tao. Fans of beach tourism will also enjoy relaxing on the North coast of the island – here the waves are almost imperceptible, and the beaches are clean and well maintained.

Those who prefer a cheap and relaxing vacation, can choose in January resorts like Lamai or Nathon. In this part of Samui's few tourists and the hotels are almost full.

The beaches are also clean and comfortable, but a little less popular activities and places for recreation.

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What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

The lack of rain and wind and warm weather allows the tourists to spend time on the beaches, but also to make long walks inland, learning new and interesting things about the country.

Beach vacation

On Samui is quite a large variety of beaches. On the island there are pebble and sandy coast, gently sloping and steep descent to the water, scavenged beach and secluded coves.

The most attractive in terms of tourism and the beaches Samui:

  • Bang On the coast with shallow sea bottom;
  • Mae Nam beach is the most popular place among local residents;
  • Ban tai is a small beach with white sand and palm trees;
  • Bophut – a narrow stretch of land for privacy;
  • Choeng Mon Bay, the most popular place for swimming.

All these beaches are particularly suitable for tourists with children – waves do not disturb, on the coast a lot of interesting entertainment. Including the popular jet skiing, walking on the sea by boat or yacht, Thai massage and familiarity with the local cuisine.


Beach holidays in Samui can vary from educational tourism. To start the route is the island Fan, where is the Buddha statue. For vacationers are provided with a special ritual – the ability to write their name on the tile and then interact with the monks and the request of an unforgettable holiday.

The most striking attractions of Samui are:

  1. Wat Kunar – a Church with incorruptible relics of the monk;
  2. the temple of Plai Laem is a large cult relic;
  3. Ang Thong national marine Park;
  4. Buddha garden – landscaped attraction with a wide variety of shapes.

Children will love visiting the zoo and aquariumthat is located next to the Park of insects.

These places represent exotic animals, birds and marine life.


In Thailand celebrated the European New Year and Christmas, then Chinese New Year. On the beaches and embankments arrange lavish celebrations, especially such events can be found in Nathon or Mae Nam beach.

What is the weather like in Thailand in the winter, see this video: