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Weather in January in Tenerife-the climate, surroundings, temperature of air and water

pogoda v yanvare v Tenerife

In the Atlantic ocean in the Archipelago of the Canary Islands located Spanish island of Tenerife. Tourists come here throughout the year. If you want, here you can swim even in winter. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what kind of weather prevails in Tenerife in January.

The temperature of the air and water on the island of Spain

The water temperature in these places in January, higher than the air temperature. By day, the ocean warms up to +21 degrees. Sometimes the temperature can reach 23 degrees. At night the air thermometer shows about 17 – 18 degrees. In the afternoon the air warms up to 20 degrees.

Therefore you can immediately understand that even in the winter in Tenerife have a comfortable rest. Positive emotions to the pastime adds a mild climate.

temperatura vozduha i vody na ostrove Tenerife v yanvare

Clear days in Tenerife a little more than cloudy. Meteorologists said the rains, which in these places are only just three times in January.

Is it possible to swim and what to do on vacation at this time?

In January on Tenerife is not as warm as in other times of the year. Therefore, in winter, the sea , very few tourists. Basically, you can only see surfers and other lovers of water extreme.

If you feel yourself comfortable at a water temperature of +19 is 20 degrees, you can safely swim in the ocean.

As for clothes, recommended to bring a light sweater and closed comfortable shoes.

What you can do on vacation? If you love wildlife, be sure to visit "Laura Park". It is in the North, in Puerto de La Cruz. It's a giant complex that has a Botanical garden, zoo and aquarium. But the main is the show of sea lions and killer whales, which its splendor simply staggering.

chto delat na ostrove Tenerife v yanvare?

On the South of the island you can also visit the zoo called "Park of eagles". Here every tourist has the chance to see the animals, of which there are more than 500 types.

In addition, if you wish, you can climb to the volcano of Playa de La arena and make unique pictures in the background.

Regardless of the time of year, outdoor enthusiasts can visit night clubs where DJs play trendy incendiary news. As in January in Tenerife few tourists, it is recommended to go shopping in local shops. So in the winter provides for great discounts and promotions.

What is the climate in the South and in other parts of this part of the Canary archipelago?

In January in the South of Tenerife is warm and Sunny, the ocean calm, the rains are very rare and are of short duration. This is possible because of the bad weather the South is closed by a wall of mountains. The average temperature of 21.5 degrees. The nights are also warm, the average temperature is +19.5 degrees. In the warmest days the water can be 23 degrees.

Weather on the Western resorts (Playa de La arena, Puerto Santiago, Los Gigantes) is very similar to the South. The average temperature at night +18 degrees, day +21.2 degrees. The water does not drop below the level of +22 degrees.

On the North coast is the resort of Puerto de La Cruz. It is located in a valley and it has its own individual climate. The average number of rainy days in January up to eight. The temperature in this area on average does not rise above 21 degrees, but not lower than +15 degrees. The water temperature averages 19 degrees.

Vacation in Tenerife in January - watch the following video: