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Prague in January: what is the weather, temperature and what to do on vacation?

pogoda v yanvare v Prage

Prague – Czech capital, causing the admiration of everybody, ranging from the old city architecture to the constantly busy streets, not fading even in winter.

What is the weather like in January in Prague?

Winter Prague is especially beautiful in January. Part of it is affected by great weather, and in part the festive atmospherethat is created around, thanks to a large number of events this month.

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The air temperature during the month

temperatura v novom godu

Despite the fact that January is one of the coldest months in Europe, in Prague is warm weather. The average daytime temperature here reaches +1-3°C, and at night the thermometer drops to -1°C.

It often happens that nature is dramatically changing the climate and day the air warms up to +7°C, and at night frosts are rare.

Sunny days here are not many – only about 4-5 for the entire month. The rest of the time in Prague overcast, and sometimes drizzling rain coming. Snow in January, there is much less, but during the first warming it melts. A frequent occurrence in the city is fog and strong wind. This phenomenon is associated with hilly terrain, which is located in Prague.

Overall, this month is considered to be the coldest for Prague, but tourists this weather may seem comfortable for walking around the city. The lack of severe cold and occasional rains promote a productive stay. If the weather will deteriorate and it starts to rain, the guests of the Czech capital is always a great opportunity to hide in one of the cozy cafes of the city.

The particular weather conditions

Of all the winter months that is January is the most favorable for a pleasant stay in Prague, although he is considered the coolest of all.

The average temperature here rarely drops below -3°C, and the day is often Sunny and windless. Sometimes it seems that winter is here and does not come.


novogodnij otdyh

Trip to Prague in January can turn into an interesting journey, during which it is possible to get acquainted with the amazing ancient city.


Prague in January is a classic vacation on Christmas vacation in the middle of winter tales. This month there are not as many tourists as in the spring and summer, so a great opportunity to walk around town and visit the local museums, which failed to get in the summer.

Influx of visitors is felt only in the first week of January, and then again becomes quiet and peaceful.

This month in Prague organize various activities, so the rest is hardly promises to be boring. The Czechs are everywhere, Christmas markets, sales , and eclectic celebrationsthat reflect centuries-old culture of the country. In January are significant discounts for shopping – prices in the shops go down to 60-70, including local Souvenirs.

How to dress?

Planning a trip to Prague, do not forget that it is winter, so on cloudy days can not do without waterproof footwear and windproof clothingand winter set of hat, gloves and scarf.

Shoes should be given special attention because it must be convenient to let a lot of walking around the city, and also stay warm.

What to do at this time?

Winter in Prague is decorated with Christmas lights and covered with snow, even more attractive than in the summer. At every step there is a feeling that there around the corner awaits a miracle.

What to see?

CHto posmotret v sobore Sv. Vita?

Especially bright and fresh experiences will bring walking around the city and familiarity with the primitive architecture of Prague. In the winter, in the first place, it is worth to visit the medieval Old town, old town square and its gorgeous antique watch, a New location and Wenceslas square, and Prague castle and Cathedral. Vita.

Due to the winter colors and the abundance of artificial lighting on elegant streets, all these sights look very fabulous.

Walk around Prague will be remembered for a long time, if you visit in January, the snow-covered Charles bridgethat connects both banks of the Vltava river from the XIV century. In daytime, this building is still crowded, and after 8 PM everyone goes home so you can without hassle enjoy the magnificent view of this architectural masterpiece.

Interesting will walk through all the important museums of Prague:

  1. National technical Museum;
  2. Chocolate Museum;
  3. Museum of torture;
  4. Aviation Museum;
  5. The Museum of alchemists and magicians of Prague;
  6. The Franz Kafka Museum;
  7. The city historical Museum;
  8. The Museum of ghosts and legends.

To learn about the history and culture of Prague was productive, you can buy a single ticket – the Prague card.

Excursions and entertainment

razvlecheniya na katke

Winter in Prague organizes traditional rides such as the many skating rinks, ski slopes, and a special area for families with children. The largest free ice rink open in December in the Old town opposite the Estates theatre, and pay in the gallery "Harp", the stadium Nikolajka, in the city centre Na Frantisku and on the ice of the hockey club Kobra.

In the city centre guests can visit Christmas markets and bazaarsorganized at the old town and Braclawski the squares and the square of the Republic.

Already in the morning here generously offer baked goods, sweets, cold sweets, various gifts and Souvenirs.

If you plan a trip with children, in Prague, a private zoo, "Zoo Praha" (one of the largest in Europe), as well as several existing parks and several children's museums.

Holidays and festivals

Colorful events in Prague begin on the first of January. This day is celebrated the traditional New year. It seems that none other city is not such a fantastic atmosphere, which is typical for the Czech capital. The ancient city is imbued with magic, not wallowing in illuminations, but from everywhere came the scent of mulled wine and the smell of sweet gingerbread.

On the same day the Czechs celebrate the Day of renewal of Czech statehood , a national holiday, an occasion for which was the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and creation of an independent Czech Republic.

January 6, celebrated in the Czech Republic Catholic the Epiphany or "three kings Celebration". Clearly the event is celebrated in Prague, where the main streets of the city in the evening there's a colorful procession. The feast recalls how the heathen kings (Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar) came to worship the baby Jesus. On this day children go from house to house and singing carols, collecting donations.

Weather in Prague in January is not very conducive to long walks along the festive streets, but with short breaks for a warming mulled wine in the cafe, this event can turn into a great Christmas holiday.

See the video on fabulous Christmas Prague: