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Holidays in Tunisia in January what the weather, temperature of air and water, fruit?

pogoda v Tunise v yanvare

Perhaps someone will disappoint next statement, but Tunisia on new year's holidays are not meant for a beach holiday. Water is not heated to the optimum temperature and swimming almost impossible. Perhaps this fact is very significant for many tourists.

However, in this case Tunisia in January has certain tourism potential. Appear warm and bright days, and there is the opportunity for pleasant walks, and sometimes it is possible and to sunbathe. Take a look at the interesting tourist activities in this period.

The average temperature of water and air

This period of the year is the coldest and the most stable in terms of temperature. To thaw starts in early February and then gradually. The average temperature across the country is about 15-16 degrees, and the water warmed up to 13 degrees.

temperatura vody i vozduha v yanvare v Tunise

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Features guests at this time

In Tunisia, the January is the coldest period of the year. Of course the African cold does not compare with the Russian winter, but here you can catch a cool.

In addition, in January, the greatest quantity of rain, on average, every second day is rainy and this fact should be taken into account.

Fruits and other products

Tunisia is a warm country and then in the winter you can enjoy the great products that nature gives you. In particular in winter, a variety of Mature citrus:

  • lemons;
  • tangerines;
  • oranges.

In addition to the markets appears fresh almonds, apples and kiwi.

frukty v Tunise v eto vremya

We should also pay attention to olives. The feast of the olives takes place in November, respectively, in January you can enjoy fresh olives grown relatively recently. We advise you to bring a couple of liters (the largest number available for passage through the airport), fresh olive oil in metal (easier and stronger than glass) packaging.

What to do in the vacation?

Swim will, perhaps, only the most cold-resistant tourists. In such water swimming soft people very uncomfortable, but to walk on the beach more than nice. In addition, you can perfectly sunbathe if the day was bright and not windy, the conditions for an even tan is almost perfect.

You should pay attention to the thalassotherapy which is very popular in Tunisia.

It was not tourism you can get great service, the salons are not filled with tourists and the cost of services becomes more available.

Popular resorts in the country

In the resorts of Tunisia weather in January is not a resort. As a rule, temperatures of 16-17 degrees in the afternoon. And this does not every day, but only on warm days.

populyarnye kurorty Tunisa

In the morning, usually pretty cool. On the resorts you can only walk and sunbathe. The most popular tourist destinations:

  • Djerba;
  • Hammamet;
  • Mahdia;
  • Tabarka;
  • Suss.

They will be able to please you the water temperature is not more than 15 degrees and the air temperature is 2-3 degrees more.

Where better to relax?

Colder just in the vicinity of the Atlas mountains. Thus Northern and southern regions differ by certain characteristics of the weather.

So in the South, a day warm enough to 17 degrees, but at night significantly colder, up to 5 degrees in the North while the daytime temperature averages around 15 degrees, but at night and in the evening, not so cold and the temperature varies in the range of 10-8 degrees.

Tips for tourists on holiday in Tunisia - in the following video: