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Holidays in Abkhazia: what is the weather, temperature and what to see in January?

pogoda v Abhazii v yanvare

Abkhazia is a vivid and interesting country, which will impress any tourist, especially in the midst of the holiday season.

Thanks to the excellent climate and hot weather in the summer months, the beaches on the Black sea coast do not know a lot of tourists. But even in winter, many do not miss the opportunity to come here on vacation because of the frost here is rare.

What is the weather like in January in Abkhazia?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine zimy?

Winter in Abkhazia is much softerthan in countries with a temperate climate. This southern state is located on the same latitude with the French Riviera.

The mountain chain of the Caucasus, Abkhazia is closed from cold winds, so even in winter here the weather is excellent.

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The average temperature of air and water

January in Abkhazia – one of the coldest months of the year, but even at night the temperature drops below zero, especially on the coast. Most of the time clear weather and rainy days come only in the second half of the month. Just in January there are no more than 10-12 cloudy days.

The average air temperature is about 9°C during the day and +4°C at night, but because of the strong wind the impression that the street is much cooler. By the end of the month in Abkhazia becomes quite cold. In the daytime the thermometer rises to +7 degrees, and at night drops to +2°C. during this time, the rain and the wind intensified even more.

About swimming in the sea in January can't be considered as the water temperature warms up to +10°C. the Beach season in the country will begin no earlier than the end of April, but even in such a coolness in Abkhazia there is always something to do.

The particular weather conditions in different areas

Overall, in Abkhazia, the weather in January is much nicer than other resorts on the black sea coast. Despite the winter season, the snow on most parts of the territory are not expected, but is still everywhere will be incredibly a lot of green trees.

Hard to call January the resort a month, but if you want heat, it is best to go to Gagra or Sukhum. In these towns there is a pleasant and clear weather, and the day temperature warms up to +9 degrees. At night, it gets a little cooler and the air cools to +3°C. a few degrees colder than other resorts in the country – in Pitsunda, Novy Afon and Gudauta.

In the mountainous area is rain often snows, and the daily temperature does not exceed +4 degrees. At night the air cools to 0° and often there are frosts.

January holidays

novogodnij otdyh

Despite the holiday season and lack of hot weather, the flow of tourists in Abkhazia continues. During this period, be willing to change the situation, moving away from the winter cold in a warm climate.

The rays of the sun, of course, will not be warm, but the bright sun and abundance of greenery will noticeably raise the spirits.

The pros and cons of winter holidays

Trip to Abkhazia in January – is a great way to spend the new year holidays, a change of scenery and giving yourself the opportunity to spend time away from the hustle and bustle. At this time, come here to enjoy holidays in the fresh air. However, the absence of the beach season does not affect the travel, as many hotels offer visitors with indoor heated pools.

It is worth noting that holidays in Abkhazia in January is much cheaperthan in the summer. The price of tickets drop by 50%. In addition, during this period, the country begins a collection of citrus, and incredibly pleasant aroma noticeable everywhere. The markets also abound with persimmons and kiwi.

Such conditions seemed to be perfect, but rest in January has its drawbacks. Due to the lack of heating, many hotels are closed for the winter, so the choice of places to overnight are not as extensive as in the summer. Before you bookroom, should specify whether they are equipped with everything necessary.

At this time it is almost impossible to get out on tour, because almost all roads are washed away and the tour Desk suspend the activity. The only opportunity to have a good vacation – a leisurely walk along the coast on clear days, or improvement in boarding houses, which offer mineral water treatment.

How to dress?

Will have to put in a suitcase demi things, to feel comfortable on vacation, arriving to Abkhazia:

  • Jacket;
  • Sweater;
  • Warm waterproof shoes.

It will not hurt to take a leisure umbrella, but also about the swimsuit should not be forgotten.

Things to do this month?

The visit to Abkhazia in January promises to be incredibly interesting and rich, if it is correct to plan your trip.

Beach vacation

The lack of beach season is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure to walk along the shore of the Black sea. Even the low temperature of the water will not affect the chance to breath clean, fresh and healthy air, saturated with iodine and volatile.

abhazskie plyazhi v zimnij period

If you dress for the weather, the wind and have a nice healthy walk.

What to see?

Private guides in Abkhazia offer interesting excursion programs, if the day of the trip, the weather promises to be clear but also some attractions can be viewed independently. For active is ideal Sukhum, Gagra and Novy Afon.

In the winter it will be interesting to visit:

  1. Lake Ritsa;
  2. Blue lake;
  3. Canyon "Stone bag";
  4. The Gega waterfall.

Most exciting is the journey to the ancient temples and monasteries of Abkhazia in a rented car.

Holidays and festivals

In Abkhazia, as in Russia, in January to celebrate Christmas, Epiphany and Old New year, but the most vivid feast is considered a celebration of the creation of the world, which is celebrated on January 14. Everywhere are ceremonies, including sacrifice goats and roosters.

January holidays in Abkhazia attracted by low pricesand the opportunity to rest for a few days in a quiet and comfortable setting away from the Russian cold.

See what the weather in Abkhazia in January: