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Greece in January: weather, temperature, what to do and see in Athens?

pogoda v Afinah v yanvare

Athens – capital of Greece. This is one of the most famous cities on the planet, whose history is closely connected with the history of European civilization.

The climate in this part of Europe, semi-arid subtropical, so the weather in Athens in January is quite comfortable for travel and leisure.

The weather and temperatures of air and water in January in Athens

pogodnye i temperaturnye usloviya v stolice Grecii

More than 9000 years the city of Athens in the land of Attica, and no natural and political upheavals, had been unable to shake its significance.

Air temperature in January is almost always above 0°C.

Average temperature:

  • day - +10 to 13°C, however, happens to be enhancing to +22°C;
  • night - +5°C.

Water cools less than the air and the average water temperature in the Mediterranean and the Ionian sea is +17°C. In the Aegean sea a little warmer - +18-19°C.

Snow, for obvious reasons, in Athens in January is not expected, but rainfall, an average rainfall of 56 mm. of Rainy days a bit, about 3-4.

Morning fog, and the average humidity is 69%. Daylight lasts in January 10 hours and 20 minutes, but the sun is quite often covered by clouds. The average wind speed of 2 m/sec. Storms almost never happen.

January weather in Athens is good for those who want to see unique monuments of history, to plunge into the capital's night life, and go on interesting excursions.

Christmas vacation

novogodnie kanikuly

January in Greece refers to the "low" tourist season but that doesn't stop a few tourists to enjoy a vacation.

Should I go?

The number of guests in January decreases significantly, which leads to a significant reduction in the price of the tickets.

The weather in January is comfortable, a pleasure just walking in the fresh air.

The sun at this time do not bake, and gently warms, sometimes it is even possible to remove a jacket or sweater and stay in the shirt.

A trip to Greece always involves a large educational programme with visits to museums and world famous attractions. So, in the winter to do this:

  • easier (no long lines);
  • more comfortable (not sweltering heat);
  • cheaper.

However, winter in Athens is a lot of fun activities this is a capital with a rich private life, so the prices for hotels here are almost not reduced. This, of course, the downsideto them can be attributed to the inability to swim in the sea, and not always good weather.

What to go and how to dress?

kakie veshi brat?

To relax and get a lot of impressions in Athens in January, you must have:

  • rainproof jackets;
  • sweaters and jackets;
  • scarves and umbrellas;
  • comfortable shoes.

In the rain you can visit museums, a lot of them in the city. If the weather is comfortable, you have a lot of interesting walks.

What to do at this time?

In the capital of a centuries-old Greece, surely there is a lesson at any time of the year.

What to see?

Athens is a real Museum under the open skyto explore all of his "exhibits" not enough years, but there are places where you need to go.

It is particularly convenient to explore the city in winter when it is cool, and tourists are much less.

The Acropolis – the heart of the city. In addition to the famous the Parthenon here you can visit museums, which presents the most interesting made at the hill archaeological finds. The price of the ticket (and it is valid for 4 days) also includes access to:

  1. the temple of Zeus;
  2. the theater of Dionysus;
  3. Hadrian's library;
  4. Greek and RomanAgora.

The hills of Lykavitos and filopappou – excellent points, with which the city appears in all its glory. On philopappou better to rise early in the morning to see the incredible beauty of the Acropolis and surrounding ruins in the first rays of the sun.

chto mozhno uvidet?

A luxury night lights of the city to watch with Likavitos. Lycabettus – the highest point of Athens (277 m), there are many attractions such as the ancient theatre that often hosts repose.

Plaka and Monistiraki – residential areas near the Agora:

  • Plaka – the oldest district of the city where the oldest street in the evening. All homes in the neighborhood have ancient foundations, and in some places preserved parts of the ancient walls. This is the place for leisurely walks and visits to wonderful restaurants;
  • Monastraki is the oldest residential area, where many shops with Souvenirs, home restaurants, monuments panticeu Greece, from the middle ages to the early twentieth century in the Evening the buildings are illuminated, the streets of the saleswoman of flowers and musicians. On weekends, the area transforms into one big flea market.

Holidays and festivals

The Greeks celebrate Christmas on 25 December but January for the holidays rich:

  1. 01.01 - New year or Valentine's Day. Basil when baking a cake with coins for good luck and prosperity, and eat it at the family table.
  2. 06.01 celebrate Baptism.
  3. 08.01 celebrated Gynecocracy, it is similar to our March 8, when men do household work.

The entire month are humorous carnivals and festivals, which are accompanied by various entertaining events.

Vacation in Athens in January can be pleasant, exciting and memorable even more than summer.

See in this video, what is the weather on the Aegean coast in January: