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Rest in Anapa: photo what the weather, temperature, what to look for in January?

pogoda v Anape v yanvare

Anapa – Russian balneological and climatic resort in Krasnodar Krai, located on the black sea coast. Particularly suitable for families with children.

The local fertile places began to settle in long before the birth of Christ. Not the last role played in this comfortable Mediterranean climate. And although the weather in Anapa in January is not the best of the year, the rest will still be great.

What is the weather like in January in Anapa?

pogodnyj rezhim v seredine zimy

This time in Anapa is like late autumn, as it happens in the middle zone of Russia.

Average temperature:

  • day - +4-8°C;
  • night - +2.5°C, but the history knows cases when the cold reached -20°C and below;
  • the water temperature in the Black sea - 8°C.

For the January weather in Anapa characteristic:

  1. strong winds, sometimes reaching 8-18 m/sec, they blow almost every day;
  2. high level of humidity of air, the average is 82%, and increases to 98%;
  3. rain or wet snow do not go more than 3 days, the snow soon melts, and total rainfall is about 50 mm;
  4. the calm of the sea in January is a rare phenomenon.

Sunny days in January, about 20, the rest of the time overcast, but the sun appears on a regular basis.

Christmas vacation - photos

foto novogodnih kanikul

If the leave is planned in January, is to be aware of the weather conditions and the possibility of entertainment.

Should I go?

As in most black sea resorts, the Jan here we have the off-season. This means that reduced prices on:

  • tickets;
  • hotels;
  • Wellness treatments in dispensaries and health centers;
  • excursion service.

But all this refers to the second half of the month because since the end of Decemberand the first week of January in Russia is widely celebrated the New year and Christmas. The long winter break, many tend to spend on vacation with the family, and Anapa suitable for this perfectly.

The city is beautifully decorated, in theater and at other venues arranged new year and Christmas performances. Restaurants, clubs, hotels and resorts – everything is prepared entertainment for their guests.

sleduet li ehat?

In nice weather you can:

  1. walking by the sea;
  2. breathe healthy air;
  3. to go on the tour.

Trips and excursions for sightseeing, swimming in the pools with sea water available, of course, throughout the month, and Wellness treatments at resorts and spas, and among the procedures are such that the most efficient both times in the cool weather.

It's all the advantages of a winter vacation in Anapa.

The disadvantages include the winds and not always good weather, but they are noted, perhaps, only skeptics.

How to dress?

Uniforms for the trip dictate the climate and the activities that are planned for the rest.

  • For walks you will need a warm windproof jacket and coat, and comfortable waterproof shoes.
  • On warm days you need to take something lighter.
  • If you plan to participate in the festivities, useful appropriate occasion outfits.

What to do at this time?

The most favourite holidays of the year Anapa offers a variety of entertainment events. But on other days he could find something to do.

What to do andwhat to see?

dostoprimechatelnosti i razvlecheniya

The entire first decade of the month dedicated to the celebration of New year and Christmas. The city is decorated with garlands, Christmas trees, and other elements of the celebration. The Santas ride around on roller skates, and flowerbeds blooming flowers.

  1. New year's eve the main events are held on the Theatre square. Grandfather frost and snow maiden with a retinue of fairy tale characters participate in the festive program.
  2. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants that are open for visitors the entire festive night.

  3. Romance celebrate the holiday on a boat or yacht in the sea and go to Anapa lighthouse is to meet the first of the year in the dawn.
  4. Will cheer up a glass of champagne Abrau-Durso, drunk in the same entertainment complex, there goes the show with the participation of the Cossacks and the gladiators.
  5. But in Anapa there is African village Sukko, where the residents are dancing to the sounds there-tamov.
  6. Fans of extreme sports like Quad Biking or scuba diving in special suits.
  7. In the aquarium Batiskaf live inhabitants of the black sea depths, to look at them interesting for both children and adults.
  8. Several times a day in the Dolphinarium are Navy seals.
  9. Friendly animals and exotic plants await visitors in the Park of nature of the Dodo.

Worthy of the attention of guests and attractions of the city: the seafront promenade, the floral clock, the lighthouse, the ruins of the ancient city, and others.

Holidays and festivals

January the main celebration is definitely Christmas. Believers flock to the beautifully decorated temples, where religious services held. These services can visit anyone.

Holidays continue until January 19, when celebrating Baptism. These days not subside, fairs, festivals, divination, and other traditional entertainment.

January is generally a very special month, and the one who will hold it in Anapa, receive a charge of health and positive emotions for the whole year.

See in this video, it looks like the embankment of Anapa in January: