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Holidays in Antalya: what is the weather, temperature and what to do in January?

pogoda v yanvare v Antalii

Antalya is one of the most popular resorts of Turkey. In January, the city no frosts, but on a beach holiday and other marine activities may not be considered. Despite this, January is a great month to visit the various attractions of Antalya and cultural holidays.

What is the weather like in January in Antalya?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine zimy?

Antalya has a typical Mediterranean climate: hot summers and warm, wet winters. January is one of the most rainy and cool months of the year.

Take a dip this month on the coast of Antalya is unlikely, but to spend time studying the history and culture of the city, it is possible.

The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature of air in January is about 15 degrees Celsius at night – not below 5 above zero. Water temperature in the Mediterranean sea in Antalya, it is about 18 degrees.

For Antalya in January is about the third part of the annual precipitation as rain.

Due to the lack of freezing temperatures the probability of occurrence of snow cover in the city is negligible.

Humidity and cloudiness this month already is the hallmark of Antalya and is caused by rainy weather and winds coming from the coast. On average, in Antalya in January, there are about 7-10 full days of rain.

In the city dominated by strong gusty winds up to 40 m/s, and on the coast, you may experience the storms and tornadoes.

The duration of the light of day – about 6 - 7 hours a day.

The particular weather conditions

Frequent rains and strong winds are typical for Mediterranean winter climate and Antalya in particular. Beach holiday and sun bathing at this time is impossible and even the most desperate tourists do not venture to swim in January. Before the walk along the coast, see the weather forecast – a storm or a tornado is a common thing.

January holidays

Many think that in this kind of weather in Antalya have nothing to do, but before you make such conclusions, you need to see the advantages and disadvantages of the winter holidays.

The pros and cons

Plus the January vacation in Antalya will undoubtedly be the availability of tickets, tours and hotels: January is considered low season, and travelers during this month a little. However, for the holidays prices rise several – many choose Turkish resort as a home for the holidays.

January is a wonderful month to visit and explore the various attractions. Strong heat and a large number of tourists will not prevent a comfortable pastime.

Many of the bazaars and shopping malls will make an enjoyable and profitable purchase.

The main drawback of the holiday in January is the inability of sun and sea activities, a fairly cool and windy weather and lots of rain.

preimushestva i nedostatki

How to dress?

A trip we recommend to take warm things: sweaters, hooded jacket, warm shoes. Not superfluous umbrella and a raincoat. Going to walk to the coast, take waterproof shoes, high humidity can spoil all impression of the walk. Depending on the forecast not superfluous scarf and hat.

But we should not forget about the easy stuff – despite the winter, the sun during the day in these parts warm in excess, and the temperature often rises to +20.

What to do this month?

Despite the rainy weather in Antalya also allthere are entertainment in abundance.

Excursions and entertainment

Antalya is rich in sights, beautiful landscapes, impressive ancient buildings and the best traditions of European style.

In the center of Antalya is an old city, Kaleici, with many mosques, museums, minarets and the famous trafaretnye gate. Here are year-round tours, you can learn a lot. Sunny January weather is conducive to walks along the waterfront – a haven and deserted beach will leave you unforgettable impressions.

Indoor water parks in Antalya there, so in the winter they are closed. Among the winter activities of the resort, Luna Park, built in the form of a castle.

At Luna Park a huge variety of rides for all ages, a Ferris wheel, bumper cars and even a cinema 5D, which is very popular among the population and tourists.

Outdoor enthusiasts can visit the ski resort in Antalya. The season here lasts from late December to late March.

Holidays and festivals

  • January 1 – New year. The local population, as well as European tourists celebrate the New year and the festive decorated streets and buildings. New year's eve most of the open bars and clubs that offer a festive concert and fireworks.
  • January 12 – Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. The festival is celebrated by all Muslims during the month. During this time on the streets solemnly highlights of the mosque, and every tourist will be able to try the cakes.

We recommend you to watch this video where you will see what the weather in Antalya in winter: