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Holidays in Armenia: what is the weather, temperature and what to see in January?

pogoda v Armenii v yanvare

Armenia is located in the northeastern part of the Armenian highland and access to the sea has not. It is surrounded by the lesser Caucasus mountain chain. More than 90% of the territory is 1000 m rise above sea level, this is due to the peculiarities of local climate, and the weather in Armenia in January.

What weather and temperatures in January in Armenia?

klimaticheskie usloviya i temperaturnyj uroven v nachale goda

The average temperature in January in the country varies from +1,4°C during the day and -5,9°C at night in Yerevan to -4.5°C during the day and negative 11.6°C in Tsakhkadzor.

At lake Sevan at this time the average day temperature is -4,5°C, night - -10,3°C. the Average water temperature +3-4°C.

In January in Armenia is cloudy, but in different places for a month only 21.6% of cloudy days (in Yerevan) to 51% (in Tsaghkadzor).

Rain a little, the largest number in the region of lake Sevan (36,4 mm), and they fall only 2 days. In the mountains, a common phenomenon considered to be snow piles. In Yerevan no precipitation at all.

Clear Sunny days in January 17-20, but after 17:30 is already dark. Atmospheric pressure is 684 mm.

January holidays

yanvarskie kanikuly

The main feature of the January holidays – a large number of holidays in the beginning of the month.

In Armenia Christmas is also celebrated in January and the Christmas holidays last week. At that time, some attractions are closed to visitors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Road in the mountains covered with snow, so to visit the interesting places that are located more than 200 km from Yerevan, is difficult.

But that won't stop those who want:

  • to relax from the cares and bustle;
  • to see Yerevan and available in winter, ancient temples and monasteries;
  • view from the observation platform on mount Ararat (she's now in Turkey);
  • to drive on mountain skiing;
  • get acquainted with delicious local cuisine.

It is noteworthy that after Christmas prices on hotels and tickets are reduced.

Where and how to relax?

mesta i sposoby otdyha

Armenia is an ancient country with a rich history, and one of the activities in January is excursion tourism, including familiarity with architectural and natural sights. Overnights in the hotels of Yerevan, where the system "all inclusive" and there are spas.

Extreme sports attract climbing. According to the magazine National Geographic Traveler Armenia is among the top three for adventure tourism countries in the world. The highest peak here is mount Aragats (4090 m).

One of the most popular in January sports steel skis. For fans of this sports running ski resort in Tsakhkadzor (60 km from Yerevan), where the total length of slopes for skiing and snowboarding is 7,200 m and the highest point is situated at altitude 2819 m. from Here a fine view of mount Ararat. Another ski resort – Jermuk (180 km from Yerevan).

Developing in Armenia and paragliding, it can be done in January, as weather conditions allow. One of its centers is the village of Tsovagyugh to Sevan lake. There are special tours that include flight training and rental equipment.

For a family holiday is more suited to a resort on the lake Sevan. In hotels in new year's holidays organize performances for adults and children. There is a private ski resort, and near Tsaghkadzor.

It also organises excursions to the national Park and historical sites of Armenia.

How to dress?

It all depends on the travel plans. It is clear that we need warm clothes, warm and comfortable shoes. But if for excursions and walks enough, the extreme sports will require special equipment. Andparticipation in Christmas and new year events suggests the presence of something elegant and festive.

What to do in the winter in the country?

zimnee vremyapreprovozhdenie

Stay in the Republic of Armenia in January varied and interesting, everyone will find something to taste.

What to see?

You can book excursions or rent a car to travel to see:

  1. the temple of Zvartnots;
  2. the monastery of SV. Echmiadzin;
  3. the temple of Garni (pagan);
  4. the symbol of Armenia - the monastery of Khor Virap;
  5. the monasteries of Noravank and Tatev;
  6. the lake Sevan.

This time of year it's nice to engage in gastronomic tourism, including familiarity with local cuisine and famous drinks.

Very beautiful Yerevan, decorated for the holiday. Walking around the city and familiarity with its attractions will be a pleasure for everyone.

Holidays and festivals

Major holidays of the month – New year and Christmas, which the Armenian Church celebrates January 6th. This time is the most fun entertainment.

  • 7 January – Day of commemoration of the dead.
  • 23 January celebrates the feast of the patron Saint of lovers St. Sarkis.
  • 28 January – Army Day, in cities parades.

January in Armenia is a great opportunity, diverse, and memorable budget holiday.

To assess weather conditions in January in Armenia, you can watch this video: