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Azerbaijan: weather and temperatures in January

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The weather in Azerbaijan in January is dry and Sunny, quite unlike the winter. Just for piece of heat in the middle of a cold winter and here comes many tourists from all over the world.

The weather in Azerbaijan in January

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January in Azerbaijan is considered the coldest month of the year, though the temperature here does not drop below +4 degrees Celsius.

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The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature in coastal areas is equal to 8-11 degrees, but in flat areas much colder here the temperature can drop to -10 degrees.

In Baku daily temperature is equal to +10 degrees, and night - from +5-7 degrees. In Astara even warmer: in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +12 degrees, and at night cooled to +8 degrees. In Naftalan the day temperature warms up to +7 degrees, and at night - +2-3 degrees.

In the mountains at any time of the year is snow, and the temperature here ranges from -10 to -20 degrees.

In Lenkoran, on the Caspian sea, the air temperature is equal to +9 degrees in the daytime and +5-6 degrees at night. In Goygol, which is located near the mountains of the lesser Caucasus, cooler: in the afternoon the air temperature is equal to 4-6 degrees, and at night the temperature falls to -2 degrees.

The water temperature off the coast of the Caspian sea is +6-8 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

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January is considered the driest month of the year precipitation here is rare, maybe once or twice for the entire month to rain. From the sea blows a gentle but cold wind, so in cold weather you will freeze.

On the coast of the Caspian sea there is high humidity and Sunny, clear weather.

January holidays

Even in the winter time in Azerbaijan is quite warm, comfortable weather, so many people come here in order to meet New year and spend the new year holidays.

Should I go?

To decide whether to go to this wonderful country in January, you must weigh all for and against.

The benefits of relaxation:

  • a small number of tourists;
  • comfortable temperature in the depths of winter;
  • low cost on tickets and services;
  • able pleasantly to spend new year holidays;
  • the opportunity to see interesting national cuisine;
  • the cozy atmosphere.

sleduet li priezzhat?

The shortcomings of the rest:

  1. windy, cool weather;
  2. the impossibility of a beach holiday;
  3. a small number of sites.

Where to relax?

The most popular city to visit in the capital Baku is a city located on the coast of the sea and has the largest number of attractions. Also popular are Sheki, Gabala, naphthalene and Lip. In Qusar you can ski or sleigh down the mountain, and in the Xinaliq to climb the mountain.

How to dress?

Going to travel to Azerbaijan, you should bring warm and windproof clothing:

  • insulated demi jacket;
  • gloves, hat, scarf;
  • warm sweater or sweatshirt;
  • demi boots.

Do not take an umbrella - when the wind is strong sense of it is not, moreover, rains are rare.

What to do in AzerbaijanRepublic?

chem zanyatsya v Azerbajdzhanskoj Respublike?

January in Azerbaijan is a real Oriental tale with cool, windy weather, but with a pleasant aftertaste after tasting sweets and tea beverages.

What to see and do?

In cool weather it is very nice to do a tea tasting and sweets - tea in Azerbaijan is extremely tasty. Worth a try local jams - he has an unusual, memorable taste. Varieties of these products you can buy as Souvenirs.

Among the attractions you can see the flame towers, Baku crystal hall, Aliyev cultural center, a Winter garden, architectural town "Little Venice" and many more.

The fans of ski resorts worth a visit or Gusar Shahdag.

Holidays and festivals

In the beginning of the month ongoing new year and Christmas celebrations in Azerbaijan in the New year to cope mostly with family. Everywhere there are decorated Christmas trees, go joyful, enthusiastic persons. Closer to the end of the month the fun is winding down and everything is back to normal.

Admire the winter landscapes of Azerbaijan you can in this video: