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Holiday in Bali: what is the weather, temperature and where to relax in January?

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On the island Paradise of Bali tourists tend regardless of the time of year. Local fabulous climate and excellent conditions for recreation provided the opportunity for a vacation as well, so it is memorable.

What is the weather in January in Bali?

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Tourists who are planning a holiday in January, it is important to know about all the features of the weather conditions awaiting them on this Asian island.

The average temperature of air and water

Weather in Bali in January, as in the rest of the year, warm so perfect for rest, but in that case, if the holidaymakers will not deter a large number of cloudy and rainy days.

This month falls in the middle of the rainy season, but in the first half of the month the weather is better than in the last days.

Daily temperature in January in different regions of the country is different, but on average its performance is +28 to 33°C. At night the thermometer drops to the level of +23°C, but high humidity and heat can interfere with sleep if in a hotel room no air conditioning.

The water temperature is pleasing indicators in 29 degrees, but because of frequent storms it can be muddy and dirty. However, if the weather is not lucky, in such cases in many of the hotels provided by the pools.

The particular weather conditions

The climate of Bali is gradually changing, for this reason, even in the midst of the rainy season, you can catch the moment when the number of clear days exceeds the cloudy. Moreover, the rains come mostly at night. Therefore, despite this weather, many do not miss the opportunity to spend new year holidays on island Paradise.

January holidays

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The number of tourists choosing Bali as the place for holidays in January, is constantly growing, because in addition to beaches, in this region quite a lot of fun.

The pros and cons

Winter in Bali, holidaymakers are still quite a lot of tourists gather to celebrate New year in exotic environments. In connection with such demand the cost of the hotel rooms is growing, as the price of ancillary services – excursions, entertainment. This is especially noticeable in the first half of January.

Also of the minuses is worth noting that the holiday in Bali in January is to choose those who have no health problems.

Not everyone is able to withstand hot and humid weather that occurs here everywhere.

In the winter months, Bali will be pleased with Wellness programs, which cost less than the rest of the time. You have the option to surf, riding the waves of the Indian or Pacific ocean.

How to dress?

To comfortably spend time in Bali in January, enough to put in a suitcase light summer clothes made of natural materials. Do not forget about hats and other protection from the sun. After 2-3 rainy days can be a tropical sun under which there is an opportunity badly burned.

An umbrella won't help on the rest, because the showers are so powerfulthat it is better to wait for them in the hotel room or in a café.

Where better to relax?

In the winter months, tourists choose the place depending on preference. For example, if you want activity (surfing, kite surfing), it is better to go to the East coast at Nusa Dua or Sanur. On popular summer resorts of Kuta and Uluwatu in January, the sea and the beaches contain a large amount of trash, which simply do not have time to collect.

What to do?

The island of Bali is rich in all kinds of entertainment even out of season, so the relaxing time spent here will be rich.

Beach vacation

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January is not suitable for swimming in the oceans surrounding the island of Bali, but this does not negate the ability to walk along the coast or a bit of sunbathing on the beaches.

For a stay in January are great beaches Bali:

  • Seminyak is a place for respectable rest with a sea of possibilities;
  • Nusa-Dua – beaches with plenty of entertainment and a large choice of services;
  • Jimbaran is a quiet place suitable for relaxation;
  • Sanur – here the sea is relatively calm compared to other regions.

The main reason why in January choose the beaches of Bali – a great choice of recreational activities.

Excursions and entertainment

In January because of the rains, almost all the roads to the most beautiful sights of Bali are blurred and it is difficult to get to numerous Buddhist temples, or the main asset of the island is a luxurious nature. If you are lucky, you can visit the temple of Pura Petit Tengetlocated near the beach, or visit the parks birds, reptiles and elephants.

Holidays and festivals

During this period, the inhabitants celebrated several events, among which the most popular are New year and Christmas. And at the end of January is the festival "Pager Wesi", the biggest representation of which is "the Expulsion of evil spirits."

In January of Bali in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The island has a rest from the influx of tourists, so those who prefer a secluded getaway and the opportunity to change the cold to heat, this month stay promises to be enjoyable.

In this video you can see what the weather can be in Bali in January: