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Leisure and shopping in Barcelona: what is the weather and average temperature in January?

pogoda v yanvare v Barselone

Barcelona is very attractive for tourists. In the Catalan capital is a beautiful combination of ancient and modern attractions, a variety of and unforgettable fun for adults and children, as well as present delicious one of the best traditional cuisines in the world. Tourists come here at any time of year, even January is no exception.

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Kakie pogodnye usloviya v yanvare?

For this Spanish town typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild and dry winters.

The average temperature of air and water

Weather in Barcelona in January is the lack of sweltering heat and intense cold. Such climatic conditions are ideal for relaxing walks around the city with visits to interesting places and dive into the atmosphere of the city.

In the middle of winter here continues to dominate positive temperature.

Although January is considered the coldest months in Barcelona, but according to European standards it is still warm.

In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +13-15 degrees, and in the second half of the day drops to +3-5 degrees. If the street is cloudy, the temperature becomes a little lower. In the afternoon the air temperature does not exceed +11 degrees, at night cooled to +2 degrees.

Snow for this region of Spain is a rarity. He can only appear at night, and by morning completely melt. The number of days that it might rain, is limited by the number 7, and Sunny days just over 15. Even if the street is torrential rain, then at such moments, there is always the opportunity to look into the cafe, club or Museum. In this city of such establishments quite a lot.

In January, the Mediterranean cooled markedly, but does not freeze. The sea temperature is around 13 degrees a day, and at night the water is cooled to around +10°C. For this reason, the most popular Barcelona beaches are empty in winter, but on Sunny days you can come here to admire the beautiful sea scenery and fresh air.

The particular weather conditions

In General, the climate in January in Barcelona is a smart choice for travelers. Almost the entire month of dry and Sunny, rain, mostly coming at night. This weather is perfect for those who want to spend holidays in a pleasant temperature conditions, which in Russia is observed in late September and early October.


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Cool January weather kompensiruet excellent conditions for recreation, as of this month, increasing daylight, and dark only at 6 PM.


The main advantage of the vacation in January in Barcelona – low prices on all, starting with the purchase of travel vouchers and ending with the payment for entertainment.

If in the beginning of the month all prices will be even higher due to new year holidays, then in the second half of the cost will fall to 30%.

In January kicks off a series of exhibitions, festivals and sales, but the tourist flow in these places will be much less. In museums will be no long queues, so many holidaymakers will be able to slowly get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of the Catalan capital. Beautiful weather will contribute to a perfect vacation in the winter.

How to dress?

Planning to spend new year vacation in Barcelona, you need to consider that the weather in the month variable, so you should take a light jacket, hat, gloves and a warm sweater. Jackets and winter shoes not worth taking, nice warm weather will not allow tourists to freeze.

Warm autumn shoes have the way. As footwear suited shoes, light boots, insulated shoes or sneakers. If you do not want to carry with them so many attributes, you should know thatafter January 10 will start in the city of sale, so you should subotici not so much the wardrobe, as the size of a suitcase.

Since January, in Barcelona held an interesting and rich activities is to take a holiday or evening dressesand also a simple jacket and pants.

What to do at this time?

January is a perfect time for excursion programs. In clear weather in the streets it is nice to be in. In those days, the air warms up to +20°C, so walking here is incredibly comfortable.

Beach vacation

The Mediterranean sea is absolutely not suitable for swimming in January. It is too warm even on Sunny days.

Zimnie plyazhi

The main beaches of Barcelona are closed until summer. Among them, in the summer season there is demand:

  • Barceloneta Beach;
  • Bogatell;
  • Mar Linen;
  • Nova Icaria.

Beach season in Barcelona ends in late September, but this city without its beaches will find something to surprise tourists.

If you want to swim, then you can grab a swimsuit and pre-book a hotel that features a private heated pool. In such favorable conditions will be great to swim that will provide a great opportunity to diversify your vacation.

Book your accommodation in suitable hotels in using this form of search. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


The middle of the winter in Barcelona is almost no tourists, so a visit to the historic and cultural places will be a pleasant event. In the beginning of the month still works zoosituated in Park Ciutadella. Winter landscape very well this place, containing about 400 animals of different species. Here is the largest aquarium in Europe.

In good weather in Barcelona, many tourists go to get acquainted with the main architectural attractions of the city:

  1. Sagrada Familia – the most famous landmark in Barcelona is the best great work of the talented architect Antonio Gaudi;
  2. Casa Mila – a house with very unusual exterior, built by Antoni gaudí;
  3. Park Guell – a beautiful Park with a rich history that combines a living area and a garden whose creation belongs to the same Antonio Gaudi;
  4. Cable car to Montjuic hill – climb the famous mountain, located in Barcelona.

Barcelona is very interesting in terms of historical architecture.

On the streets of this city you can spend a lot of time admiring the immortal creations of A. Gaudi and other architects, which the city received its appearance.

Holidays and festivals

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Winter in Barcelona is quite a lot of bright events. In the night from 31 December to 1 January are traditionally very colourful and noisy celebrate the New year.

5 January, the Catalans spend an important holiday, called day of the Kings Magi, where the main characters of the holiday are the three Magi – Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. In honor of this occasion, the Catalans will organize a March along the main street of the city.


Sales is one of the main events of January in Barcelona. This month in the city starts Christmas discounts, which causes many tourists to bring here another suitcase for shopping.

Fashionistas can enjoy very low pricesand also discounts on branded items, price tags which fall to 80%. Holidaymakers also have the opportunity to buy not only clothes and shoes, but also different Souvenirsand food.

Shopping in Barcelona is no worse than in the famous Milan or Paris. The city is a trendy, stylish and affordable shopping to do which is very advantageous and exciting. Most branded items can be purchased at the Boulevard Passeig de Gracia or Rambla de Catalunia.

Barcelona of interest to tourists at any time of the year. It is equally a good rest in summer and winter.

See this video tips on the Barcelona shopping: