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Holiday in Bulgaria: what is the weather and temperature in the month of January?

pogoda v Bolgarii v yanvare

Bulgaria is a universal state, perfectly suitable for year-round tourism. Picturesque country in the early years interesting active people, families with children and elderly travelers.

Weather in Bulgaria in January have to visit ski resorts. There is a real Paradise for lovers of winter kinds of sports.

What is the weather like in January in Bulgaria?

bolgarskie pogodnye usloviya v seredine zimy

The first month is the coldest. The average daytime temperature barely above zero, and in the highlands is 7-8 degrees below. The nights are cooler than days.

The temperature of the air and water

The average in Sofia in the afternoon on the thermometer 1°C. At this time, in the mountains cooler to -6 degrees.

A little warmer in the coastal zone. In Golden Sands, Varna, Burgas and the temperature rises to +5°C.

At night comes the real winter. On the coast the temperature regime remains almost stable, not falling below zero. Ski resorts the air is cooled to -15 degrees.

The water temperature in the Black sea reaches only +5-7 degrees across the coastline.

The particular weather conditions

In the coastal area is often cold, gusty winds. Due to this, it doesn't feel like it's warmer than in other areas. The sun doesn't Shine, much rain or snow in conditions of high humidity. The snow, smooth and dense layer. Dry only in the Central regions.

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Damp especially on the coast. The waves are small, slightly raised in the windy season. The average for the entire month 1-3 have a Sunny day and 1.5 weeks of cloudy and rainy weather.

Sometimes in the country are short-lived snowstorms, mainly in the mountains.

Vacation in the land of white swans

Picturesque Bulgaria offers a lot of interesting guests. Winter is not conducive to long walks on foot, but even in January there are some advantages and comfortable conditions for rest.

Where better to go?

kuda stoit sezdit?

The main attraction in Bulgaria in the winter – possibility of skiing. On mountain resorts real rush, they are busy and crammed with people. Here you can spend a holiday or new year holidays. Among the most popular places for skiing are the following:

  • Borovets;
  • Sitnyakovskaya Rock;
  • Vitosha;
  • Pamporovo;
  • Bansko.

Each has its own peculiarity and specificity, which are their customers.

Beach vacation

January weather does not spoil the warmth, not having to bathe in the lap of nature, but that is no reason to deny myself the pleasure to swim. Going on a journey, don't forget to fold into a suitcase or beach.

Almost all hotels have pools, Jacuzzis, saunas. There tourists can relax after the steep descent from the snowy mountain peaks.

Hurricane winds and high humidity are not conducive to walks by the sea, but if you are lucky enough to have a rest in Bulgaria, in Sunny days, there is a chance to breathe in the cool clean sea, rich of iodine vapors.

How to dress?

Cool climatic conditions require appropriate equipment. During the journey you will need a warm jacket, gloves, woolen hat and scarf. Shoes it is desirable to select durable that it does not get wet.

What to do this month?

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The epicenter of tourist life in January shifted towards the ski resorts, and the tour is not so busy as in the summer.

But Bulgaria is also famous for its landmarks and recreational complexes.

Excursions and entertainment

For those who came to relax with the whole family, there are special offers. In most of the hotels operate children's mini-centers. There you can leave kids in the care of animators and caring educators. At this time you are available:

  1. solariums and massage parlors;
  2. fitness clubs;
  3. cafes, restaurants and taverns.

Wishing to see something more offered one full day tour to the capital, where you can make a colorful photo in the Central square, near the Banya Bashi mosque, to visit the Mineral baths, Historical Museum. To get acquainted with the national colors better in the village of Shiroka Luka.

Holidays and festivals

In addition to the New year, January is marked by a string of interesting events. Affects the variety of activities offered to the guests:

  • ski carnivals in Borovets;
  • competitions skiers in Vitosha;
  • The feast of St. Basil on 1 January, accompanied by folk festivals, the festivals in his honor;
  • ice dance at Epiphany on 6 January in Kalofer;
  • Babyden – holiday on the pagan customs of the dedicated midwives.

Bulgaria in January is a winter Wonderland.

In this video you will be able to assess weather conditions on the coast of Bulgaria in January: