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Holidays in Montenegro: weather, temperature and what to do in January in Tivat?

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Montenegro is a country that can offer its guests many interesting places to stay. Weather in Montenegro in January will not disappoint travellers yearning to engage in mountain sports and those who want to experience the culture and history of the country.

What is the weather like in January in Montenegro?

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine zimy

In the midst of winter in Montenegro the weather is conducive to a memorable stay.

Even in the "off season" in this country the temperature is kept at a nice level and Sunny days, pleasing warmth.

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The average temperature of air and water

Montenegro is quite a large area – there is a coast lapped by the Adriatic sea, which in the winter opens the ski resortsand the plateau, where there is a own climate.

  • On the coast of Montenegro cool enough. In such resort towns, like Budva, Bar, Tivat and Ulcinj, the air temperature in the daytime reaches the level of 9-13 degrees, and at night drops to +3°C.

    Not uncommon are considered to be rain – they can last 3-4 days without the slightest hint of Sunny days. Such weather conditions are not suitable for both procedures, in addition, the water temperature cools to 14 degrees.

  • srednyaya temperatura na poberezhe

  • The most favorable weather occurs in the mountains of Montenegro. In January in the midst of a season of skiing and snowboarding. Winter in this region is quite soft – the day the air warms up to a comfortable 0 degrees, and at night the thermometer lingers at around -10°C. the heavy snowfall in the region, especially in Kolasin and Zabljak, is a quite popular phenomenon.
  • In the centre of Montenegro in January, the weather is not suitable for a comfortable stay. For this part of the country characterized by rainfall and wind, and fairly low day temperature – +6-8 degrees. At night, it gets quite chilly and sometimes freezing can happen.

But this country is famous for and other interesting features, which are available even in this period, as the Jan.

The particular weather conditions

Overall, in January the weather in Montenegro is perfect for a wonderful holiday, and the wind and rain will not be a hindrance to the tourist. They are raging mainly in the Adriatic sea, at the time, as in the mountainous areas are all conditions for active sports, and a mild climate captivates many tourists, especially those planning a holiday with children.

It should be noted that in the mountainous region in January, heavy snowfall present in Kolasin, while in žabljak snow falls in half. The same situation is observed in the resorts of the country.

January holidays - photos

zimnij otdyh

Winter journey in Montenegro open to tourists great opportunities for a fabulous vacation, and due to the fact that such trips come out cheaper than holidays in this country will be more profitable.

The pros and cons

One of the main reasons why tourists choose Montenegro for vacation in the winter – a very large selection of features at an attractive price. Compared to other European countries, where this period also affordable ski holidays, in Montenegro, the cost of the tour may cost several times cheaper. Thus, according to the numerous reviews of tourists, infrastructure and services in this country are presented at the highest level.

In addition to a ski holiday in January in Montenegro popular health tourism, which includes visits to Spa resorts.

The convenience is that such resorts are located in the immediate vicinityski resorts for recreation, so there is a great opportunity to combine several types of tourism.

Even despite the fact that during this period in Montenegro is not available to a beach holiday most associated with the name of the country, tourists can have a great time at the legendary SPA- based mud. In the winter time in such events are significant discounts, and if desired such resorts you will find not only mountains, but also on the coast, where at the same time you can enjoy pure healthy air.

Thanks to the excellent conditions, even such disadvantages as the lack of a beach tourism resort and not the weather, not affect the trip to Montenegro.

How to dress and what to bring?

Since the main reason for the visit to Montenegro in January – ski tourism, it is necessary to bring warm clothes. In the mountains the tourists provide all the necessary equipment, so you don't have to take a trip skiing and other heavy objects. Enough to warm jacket, sweater and comfortable waterproof shoes, hat, gloves and scarf.

The same things fit for the trip to the Central region of the country or on the coast. It should take and umbrellabecause of the overcast sky and sudden rains may descend unexpectedly.

What to do this month?

January in Montenegro is a great way to spend Christmas and new year holidays in one of the most beautiful countries with a great choice of entertainment.

What to see and how to have fun?

kuda shodit?

Swim and sunbathe in January will not work, but this country offers many other great alternatives to the beach.

For a start, you should pay attention to the resorts located in žabljak and kolašin – wonderful places, which attracts all the tourists in this month.

Here are some of the best ski resorts in Europe. The beauty of a stay at these ski resorts is that visitors don't have to go far in search of entertainment and interesting events.

In January on their territory hosts numerous competitions and is available nearby attractions and SPA centers. Don't miss the visits to these heavenly places where you can relax in the indoor pools with sea water, enjoy a Jacuzzi, sauna and Solarium.

The holidays are especially beautiful tourist destinations in Montenegro:

  1. Cetinje;
  2. Podgorica;
  3. Budva.

Particularly attractive seem to be the historical centers of Podgorica areas such as the Drach and the old town. Here it is possible to get acquainted with the ancient city's architecture – old churches, mansions and fortresses.

In addition, Montenegro in January is popular due to the exciting experience. This month, the cost of European brands across the country is much lower, thanks to sales and discounts.

Holidays and festivals

In January, Montenegro noted several interesting and unique events. These include citrus collection – this month we have a collection of oranges, lemons and grapefruit, and in honor of this in all cities, fairs and festivals.

During leisure, you can visit Virpazar – the city, which is popular all over the country festival of wine and bleak. Because of this bright event, tourists have the opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly products, made local.

Here you can find wine, olives, honey, raki and many other delicacies.

Montenegro is perfect for tourism, a trip to this country in January, will allow interesting and budget break in one of the most picturesque countries of Europe.

In this video you can see what the weather is in Montenegro in January: