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Vacation in the Dominican Republic: what is the weather and temperature in the Republic in January?

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Dominican Republic many travelers is synonymous with Paradise, dominated by endless white sandy beaches, sprawling palm trees and the beautiful sea.

But that's not all the country can fascinate tourists – here you can get acquainted with ancient architecture and island traditions, delicious cuisine or to experience a variety of attractions, and the weather in the Dominican Republic in January will contribute to this.

What is the weather like in January in the Dominican Republic?

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The Dominican Republic is typical for the tropical climate, but in the country the seasons change and the temperature drops is not very noticeable.

Soft and warm climate is observed all year round. The fact is that sea breezes blowing from North, soothing the heat.

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The average temperature of air and water

The Dominican Republic has a very extensive territory, so the weather in January in the South and the North of the country may vary, but in General, this month is considered the peak tourist season is high temperatures and lack of stuffiness makes this month very attractive for tourists.

January is considered the ideal time for vacation. This period is characterized by lack of rain, clear skies and warm weather. In the afternoon, the thermometer freezes at around +29°C, and at night does not drop below 20 degrees. Such conditions are ideal for beach holidays and for travel to tourist places on the island.

The water in the Caribbean sea in the winter is heated to comfortable temperature of 26°C, perfect for families with children. Kids will be pleased to be in the water and out on the coast, not worrying about cool. At seaside resorts you can enjoy swimming from early morning until nightfall, while on the coast will not start incredibly the party.

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Weather in the resorts of the Dominican Republic varies only a few degrees:

  • Santo Domingo – a day +29°C at night +20°C, water temperature 26°C;
  • Punta Cana – day +28°C at night +22°C, the water temperature is +26°C;
  • La Romana – day +29°C, night +19°C, water temperature – +27°C,
  • Juan Dolio – day +29°C, night +19°C, water temperature +27°C,
  • Adobe – day +29°C, night +19°C, water 27°C.

In January, the weather and water temperature in the sea is so warm and clean, in addition to beach tourism, leisure available diving – the main entertainment of the Caribbean.

The particular weather conditions

The Dominican Republic in January is perfect for "winter" vacation. On resorts of this country attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy new year and Christmas holidays surrounded by magnificent sandy beaches and a favorable climate. Unlike other months, in January in the resorts is almost no rain and cloudy sky, high humidity and a cool breeze.

January holidays

A trip to the resorts of the Dominican Republic in January – the fabulous journey to the most beautiful coast of the Caribbean sea. This trip will bring you incredible happiness for vacationers and maximum fun.

The pros and cons

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The main advantage of the vacation in January – excellent weatherallowing tourists every day to enjoy a relaxed holiday for first-class beaches. During this period, in the midst of the holiday season, so for vacationers provide maximum opportunities for adventurous tourism. Everywhere the available attractions, cafes with local cuisine and luxury restaurants in the most picturesque places as well as clubs and discos.

It is worth noting that in href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/kuda-poehat-otdyhat-v-yanvare/">January in the resorts of the island gathers quite a lot of touriststhat don't always suit those who wish to relax in peace and privacy. This might be a drawback, but due to the fact that the Dominican Republic has pristine beaches, tourists can find a peaceful place to relax.

Due to the large demand for tours in this period will be extremely difficult to purchase plane tickets or book a hotel room. Currently tourists have become incredibly popular to celebrate the New year and other holidays at this resort, therefore, to visit the Dominican Republic in January, you must purchase the tour at least 3-4 months.

Because of the popularity of this resort in January, the cost for all services, including tickets to the Dominican Republic significantly increased by 20-30%.

How to dress and what to bring?

For travel to the resorts of the Dominican Republic do not need to bring many clothes. Great weather allows you to limit bathing, a hat and light summer clothing with long sleeves.

Do not forget comfortable shoes – it is useful at the time of exploring the sights of the country.

What to do this month?

January and the weather this month offers great opportunities for a varied holiday. At this time there available for beach tourism and water sports, as well as different holidays and festivals that can turn into a spectacular event.

Beach vacation

plyazhnaya zona

In the Dominican Republic are incredibly a lot beach resorts in almost all the coast of this country is a pristine beaches marked with "Blue flag". In January, popular beach holiday, but diving in the Caribbean sea as well as Windsurfing on the Atlantic ocean.

For these purposes perfectly fit the following country's beaches, considered the best:

  1. Punta Cana is a tourist resort that has preserved the pristine natural beauty and plenty of palm trees;
  2. Boca Chica – a family resort, designed to be interesting and deep relaxation not only on the coast, but during the excursion programs;
  3. Samana is the ideal place for individual private recreation and observation of how humpback whales frolicking in the water;
  4. La Romana is a beautiful coast with its ancient monuments and history.

If you plan a family trip, you should opt for the beaches Uvero Alto and Samana, and if you want a noisy all-night parties, for such purpose, suitable to Boca Chica and La Romana. Beach tourism here starts in November, so in January the rest will be in full swing.

What to see and how to have fun?

The most popular activities on the island – active sports, such as jet boating, rafting, fishing and canyoning. In addition, tourists are diving, especially in the Islands of Catalina and Saona.

Near Punta Cana in the water you can find sunken ships and other treasures of the underwater world.

Of architectural structures will be of interest to the amphitheatre in the "city of artists", the Columbus lighthouse, where the remains of the great Navigator, the Cathedral Santa Maria La Menor, the Palace, El Alcázar de colón in Santo Domingo and many more.

New year in Dominican Republic

For those who have decided to meet New year in Dominican Republic, waiting for the colorful show with merengue and salsa, and traditional liters of the drink – rum. In the hotels for tourists offer special programs, including holiday table, but the cost of this pleasure will be high.

See in this video, what is the weather in the Dominican Republic winter: