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North Goa on the map of India: photos, beaches, hotels 3 stars in Candolim

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Exotic India attracts tourists from all over the world. Especially popular among tourists is the state of Goa, which includes not a single attractive resort.

Candolim beach in Goa, located in the eponymous town, offers tranquility and comfort and is filled with a large number of hotels, restaurants and other establishments.

Candolim on the map of India North Goa in Russian language

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Candolim beach resort in North Goathat guarantee tourists the most calm and comfortable vacation on the sea coast.

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The city and Candolim beach is situated in the South-West of India in the Northern part of Goa, near the resort of Calangute. It is located on the sandy coast of the Arabian sea and 14 km from Panaji the capital of Goa state.

How to get there?

To get into town is by taxi or bus from the Dabolim airport, which is 45 km from Candolim. From Panaji to Candolim every half hour, followed by buses and taxis.

Also for the independent travel throughout the state you can rent a car.

To the nearby Calangute can be reached by bus, which run every 20-30 minutes. The distance between the points is 2.5 km.

But to get to Calangute from Candolim by bus, which goes twice a day. Distance between settlements much more is 25.5 km.

Information about resort photos

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Despite its small size the town has an ancient history and hides a lot of interesting sights.

General information

The state of Goa has long been a colony of Portugal, and Candolim was the first place the population of which was converted to the Christian faith.

In the 18th century there was a famous antiportals uprising, the head of which stood the clergy.

Now all of the city's population professes Catholicism. The population is about 9,000 people, most of whom were men. It is worth noting that overall literacy is one of the highest in the country.

The language spoken by the local population and most of the state is Konkani.


klimat poseleniya

The climate in Candolim tropical monsoon, so all the traditional tourist season (may to September) rains. The rain is prolonged, which can go for one or two weeks.

The temperature in summer is +23-25 degrees at night and 32 degrees during the day. Winter temperature is not much different from the summer - in the afternoon air is heated to 28-30 degrees at night to 21 degrees.


The main infrastructure of the town is the posh hotels for every taste, located along the coastline. Also along the beach are plenty of cafes and bars, among which stand out:

  • Inferno;
  • The Salad Bar;
  • Palms n Sands.

In institutions of good food, but prices a bitoverpriced compared to other resorts in Goa.

With regard to transportation, the town runs a Shuttle bus, but popular among the tourists use taxis, which cost quite a bit.

In the North of the town there is a Bank of "KANAR", which accepts ATM cards Visa and where you can exchange currency.


On the streets of the city also houses a large number of various stalls and shops, where you can buy cotton clothes and Souvenirs. The best products to buy in the local market, although in Candolim it is not very big. To see a real Indian Bazaar, it is better to visit the nearby town of Baga.

Of the shopping capitals of Goa is the Panaji - where you can buy branded items at two to three times cheaper than in Europe.

Candolim is in the most interesting shop "Fabindia", which sells high-quality cotton clothing and accessories. The largest supermarket in the state is also located in Candolim and is called "Newtons" - here you can buy many products from chocolate bars to inflatable boats.

pokupka tovarov

Saturday at Candolim - this is the day when the market comes alive, and savvy sellers put on their shop curious goods: ceramics, jewelry, fabric and more. To purchase the company's products "Patanjali" and other popular Indian brands of cosmetics in the following shops:

  1. Khadi;
  2. The Himalaya;
  3. Swati;
  4. Biotic;
  5. Patanjali.

Also the products can be bought in pharmacies "Trevisi" and "Farmaks"that are found not only in Candolim, but throughout the state.

Where to stay?

Candolim is a haven for the civilized European tourists, where the rest wealthy people of India and rest of the world.

Hotels 4 and 5 stars

In Candolim is a large complex of "Taj Group", which includes hotels such as "the lemon tree", "fortune select Regina", "resort and Spa", "Golden Tulip" and others.

Prices at these hotels are a bit higher than in less comfortable places, but the conditions much better.

otel Lemon Tri

Besides accommodation, the hotels provide the following services:

  • organization of excursions;
  • mealsincluded in the tour price or unincorporated, open bar;
  • ensuring guest's mobile phones and the Internet;
  • use of swimming pool and facilities on site;
  • advising guests about travel around the city and surrounding area, providing necessary escort.

Two - and three-star hotels

On the coast many hotels with 2 and 3 stars, they provide the conditions where much better than in hotels of the same level at other resorts. The most popular hotels in Candolim - "Sonesta Inn", "the Banyan tree courtyard MARRIOTT", "heaven".

Select and book your accommodation in hotels in the search form. Simply enter the resort name, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.


Candolim is considered to be quiet and luxury resort, the prices for which are slightly higher than in other areas of the state.

In and around the city have their own attractions to explore that owe any self-respecting traveler.


Clean sandy beaches is the pride of Candolim. Along the coast there are cafes, hotels and ancient buildings in the colonial style of the 17-18 centuries. Near Sinquerim beach tourists have a wide choice of entertainment on the beach - jet skiing, surfing, diving, yachting, parasailing, travel to the places of abode of the dolphins.

The beach starts from Fort Aguada and continues till Calangute is the longest coastline of beach of the entire state of Goa.

Entertainment and excursions: what to do, where to go and what to see?

razvlekatelnye i ekskursionnye programmy

Candolim is located at a point from which it is convenient to get to the most interesting places of Goa - Old Goa, Panaji, Baga, Arambol, Mandrem and, of course, neighbouring Calangute.

To save money on excursions by ordering them in local travel agencies or even to go to the above paragraphs in a taxi.

One of the most interesting excursions is considered to be visiting the plantation, which is located in 2 km from the centre of Goa. Also interesting spice plantation and butterfly Park.

5 km from Candolimis the water Parkwhich is very pleasant to children. The pool is popular for elephant trekking and climbing in the trees.

Attractions in the village and nearby

In the heart of Candolim are not so many attractions, so many tourists visit the nearby city to quench your thirst for knowledge. The most famous architectural monument is the Candolim Palace Costa frías, as well as Fort Aguada and St. Anthony's chapel, built by Portuguese colonizers in the 16th century.

In Panaji are science museums and exhibitions, which will give the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Indian culture. Old Goa a large number of religious buildings - Catholic cathedrals, the Church of St. Monica, Basilica of Jesus, temples dedicated to Shiva and other Hindu gods.

Candolim or Calangute - which is better to choose?

Candolim and Calangute are a bit different - the coastline and beaches are virtually indistinguishable. Calangute noisier, filled with all sorts of entertainments and parties, is the center of youth life of the state. Also Candolim is a peaceful quiet place where rest is mainly European retirees and wealthy Hindu family.

As for the cost, Candolim holidays cost more expensivethan in Calangute.

See the overview of Candolim in this video: