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Holidays in Greece: what is the weather and the average temperature in January?

pogoda v Grecii v yanvare

If you are tired of the hot weather at the beach resorts and want something fresh and cool, a trip to Greece in January is exactly what you need. Winters are fairly mild with little rainfall. In January, Greece has many festivals and events, and the cold instead of the heat will allow you to plunge into the world of history and Greek myths.

What is the weather like in January in Greece?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine zimy?

Greece is popular at any time of the year because winter is evil and gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of the country.

The average temperature of air and water

Air temperature at night in some areas is often no more than +1°C, a day on average from 6°C to 12°C (depending on region), very rarely it may freeze in this case, the temperature can drop to -3°C. the Water in the Aegean sea warms up to +15°C, Ionian and Mediterranean sea on one degree warmer.

This month in Greece you can watch the gusty cold winds, frequent rains, sometimes with sleet.

Special snowfalls and strong frosts do not happen.

Weather conditions in different regions

In the South of Greece, the warmest. In Athens in the afternoon the air temperature rises to +12°C, at night the thermometer shows +8°C. the sea Water is +15°C.

Thessaloniki is one of the coldest regions, as it is located in the North. The temperature does not rise above +8°C, nights can range from +2°C to -3°C. Snow falls often, but not much precipitation.

On the island of Crete the day temperature is +14°C, night 10°C. the water in the sea does not exceed 16°C.

In Rhodes, the temperature +14°C, tonight +11°C. the water Temperature in winter reaches record mark in the form of +18 °C.

January holidays

zimnij otdyh

Rest in Greece is a pleasure. In the afternoon you can explore the sights (if no rainfall), and in the evening when the temperature drops to an uncomfortable level, to go to bars and restaurants.

The pros and cons

From pluses the Greek winter holiday note:

  • Cheap tickets;
  • A small influx of tourists;
  • Great discounts and seasonal sales;
  • For those who don't like the heat this holiday will be a real boon.

  • Different holidays and festivalsthat the Greeks celebrate on a Grand scale;
  • Breathe in the fresh sea air;
  • A huge amount of fun.

To cons consider:

  1. The inability to swim in the sea;
  2. Cold weather;
  3. The frequent rainsthat can go on without interruption for several days;
  4. In January, it is better not to take children with you on vacation, this month is almost no entertainment.

How to dress?

kak odetsya zimoj?

In January you are unlikely to need a swimsuit and sunglasses, because in the sea to swim unfortunately will not succeed. But if you plan to use the pool, the swimsuit capture still stands. Collecting suitcases on vacation, take only winter clothing: warm sweater, pants, jacket. Taking as boots that do not get wet, because this season the rains can be delayed a little bit. Don't forget an umbrella or a raincoat.

Where better to relax at this time?

If you are afraid of too cold weather, you should go to the South, for example, in Athens. There's quite a warm winter with virtually no precipitation. And when you consider that it is the capital of Greece, there are many places that are worth visiting, for example, the temple of Zeus and Agora. If youcame to rest with children, in Athens is a famous Park "Allou Fun Park", where you will not be bored.

The island of Crete — a Paradise on earth. Even Homer wrote about the unearthly beauty of his nature. Arriving on the island, it should not forget to visit the famous labyrinth of the Minotaur and visit lake Kournas.

Winter in Crete is fairly mild, but with strong winds and rains, forget about it.

Well, if you love the weather colder, it should go in Thessaloniki. Here the climate is harsher, the air temperature is lower than in other regions. The air is damp, you may fall of wet snow.

Whatever region of Greece you go to rest, in any case you will not remain without positive emotions and experiences for life.

What to do in this country?

CHto delat i chem zanyatsya?

Although winter weather does not Shine the sun, don't sit around the entire vacation at the pool of the hotel, and it is better to do something interesting.

Excursions and entertainment

January is the ideal period to visit museums and sites of Greece. It's time to delve into the rich history of this beautiful country. You can explore the ancient Greek temples, e.g. the Parthenon or the Erechtheion, which is located in Athens. Or visit a truly divine place, situated on the cliff tops — the Meteora monasteries.

Excursions to the Holy places of Greece are very popular, especially in winter. Should go to a mountain range, Pelio — the home of Jason, here according to mythology was inhabited by the Centaurs. It is not necessary to deprive of attention and the famous Olympus. Choose any place that I would like to visit and sign up for a tour. In Greece, you will show and tell about everything that interests you.

In the second half of January begin seasonal sales. Especially more discounts on products from fur and leather. Therefore, all trying to get to the factories to produce goods that are in Kastoria, here them the most. In this period, you can update your wardrobe while spending a small amount. And after a long day you can go to a cafe, where it will be uncrowded and comfortable.

Holidays and festivals

Greece in January is rich with holidays and festivals, which take place on a large scale. You should start with the celebration of the New year, which in Greece is called by St. Basil's Day. The celebration lies in the fact that preparing a huge cake, and everyone breaks off a piece.

There are cake stands carefully, as the Greeks hid in it a coin for good luck.

Prizes are delivered by Saint Basil, as we do Santa Claus.

The special relation of the Greeks to Christmas. This is a holiday home with family with a rich table, which was breaking from the huge variety of dishes. In this day to say goodbye to the passing year and leave all bad things behind.

8 January in Greece is a holiday in which men take on all the household chores of women, it is called Gynaikratia.

The weather is not always in Greece corresponds to the season as in this video: