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Holidays in Jordan: what is the weather and temperatures in January in the Dead sea?

pogoda v yanvare v Iordanii

A good option in the winter vacation will be a trip to Jordan – a real tourist Paradise in the middle East, located on the coast of the Dead and the red (Gulf of Aqaba) seas. But the weather in January in Jordan depends on the region, so it is best to see these terms in advance.

What is the weather like in January in Jordan?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine yanvarya?

January weather in Jordan is completely different from our usual at home and occasionally can delight and disappoint pleasant unpleasant surprises.

The temperature of the air and water

If you do not treat fans exhausting heat and long hours of sunbathing on the sand under the scorching rays, January is one of the best months to visit the country.

Through the influence of the subtropical Mediterranean climate of winter in Jordan is quite warm and soft.

The average temperature across the country depending on the region ranges from +11 to +16 degrees by day, dropping to +2-4 degrees of the center (sometimes to zero) degrees. Most often it is the Central regions where at night there are frosts, and in mountain areas often have snow. The exception is the coast of the red sea in the North-West of Jordan, where the thermometer sometimes rises to quite a comfortable numbers above 20 degrees.

The temperature of the water in the Dead sea is on average +21°C, but in the Red sea off the coast of Aqaba, as in the warm sea it can get warm to +23°C.

Precipitation in winter falls mostly in the center and in the Northern part of the country (in areas Aglona and es-Salta), but in the South, near the Dead sea, there is dry climate. It rains on the territory of the country unevenly: in the West and East of the country in January, fairly dry, but in the North-East rains are not uncommon.

Windy in January is mainly only in the Central regions of the country, which is a feature of its sharply continental climate.

The differences of weather conditions in different regions

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Depending on which city is the final destination of your journey, you can encounter various features of the weather:

  • Amman. January is rather chilly month, and at night the temperature may fall even up to -5°C. However, average temperature of January is +10-12°C while at night the thermometer drops to +4-5°C. Although the city is located in the desert areas, January is the month when there is a high amount of rainfall of 69 mm, and sometimes even snow;
  • The average number of rainy days with heavy rainfall in Amman is five or six a month.

  • Aqaba. It is the southernmost city of Jordan, so the January weather is definitely milder and warmer than in other regions. Daytime temperatures usually reach 20-21°C, a few falling to +8-9°C In Aqaba, you'll be able to walk every day without fear of rain for the entire month in Aqaba often receiving no more than 9 mm of rain;
  • Peter. Here reigns the most inhospitable and cold weather. In the afternoon the temperature does not rise above +12-13°C, and at night quickly descends to the level of +2°C, and then falls below zero. With the rain here you are unlikely to encounter: the average monthly rainfall is 7 mm, but the cold wind can significantly spoil the rest;
  • The Dead sea resorts. The trip in January will suit those who love spring weather and cool. The average daytime temperature is +18°C, and after sunset it does not fall below +10°C. the Amount of precipitation, and rainy days, here are quite little (only a little more than in Aqaba).

Christmas vacation

otdyh v novogodnie prazdniki

When the window snow and frost, the rest of Jordan, with its pleasant climate is a great way to get a boost of health for the whole year.

Main advantages

The main advantages of a planned trip in January include:

  1. The low cost of tickets to Jordan in the winter season;
  2. The opportunity to book an inexpensive room in a good hotel without delay: places this time of year is always;
  3. The lack of crowdsif you prefer a secluded vacation;
  4. Moderately warm and not too rainy weather, if in extreme heat you feel bad;
  5. The opportunity to have happy New year.

How to dress?

During a trip to Jordan in January from too light and open clothes will have to give. If you are lucky, on the South of the country in the midst of the afternoon you can walk around in shirt, shorts or breeches or dress, but count on it not worth it: the weather is too changeable.

Be sure to bring sweatshirts long sleeve, sweaters, pants, jeans, waterproof windbreaker or a light jacket.

Do not interfere, and warm shoes type of shoes or sneakers, as well as an umbrella and a raincoat.

If you are often cold, you can even take a light cap.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v eto vremya?

To stay in the country was memorable, it is best to plan the itinerary depending on the weather features of the area in which you are going.

Beach vacation

If you go to vacation to relax on the beaches and swim in the sea, you'd better know whether it is possible at this time to bathe.

To get in the sea or relax on the beach under the warm sunlight you will succeed only when traveling in the southern part of the country near Aqaba and the red sea coast. On the Dead sea water temperature slightly lower, so to go in the water is recommended only resistant to cold travelers.

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In January in Jordan are celebrating several holidays: New year – 1 January, arbor Day is January 15, the birthday of king Abdullah – January 30.

During all of these holidays you will be able to participate in the celebration and festivities.

Also if the weather does not have to visit the beaches, you can go tour the country and visit the following attractions:

  • Jerash – one of the few cities that survived the fall of the Roman Empire;
  • Jerusalem and Bethlehem, with Shuttle service which will be provided to you along with English-speaking guide;
  • The place of baptism of Jesus Christ in the river Jordan;
  • Canyon of Wadi Hammad, where you can go trekking;
  • The ancient city of Petra will surely be the main event of your trip to Jordan.
  • It is remarkable that Peter, after 2007 became one of the New seven wonders of the world, alongside the Taj Mahal in India, pyramids in Egypt and the Indian city of Machu Picchu in Peru.

  • Wadi Rum is a place with a unique landscape: cliffs, pits, canyons and arches which have been created from rock under the influence of natural factors;
  • Hot springs Main Hot Springs.

In this video you can see clearly with the weather conditions in Jordan in January: